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Parkland 5 Mile Holiday Run RR (Read 309 times)


You may be right

    Great job and congrats on your new PR and running with no inhaler!     


    Don't believe everything you think. 


      Congratulations on setting another PR!

        Congratulations, Damaris!

        Lynne's Kids 5K 11/22/12 - 25:22

        Jerusalem Marathon 03/01/13 - 4:53:34

        Cambridge CityRun 5-Miler 04/07/13 - 42:21 (8:36.9 improvement over 2012)

        Boston's Run to Remember Half-Marathon 05/26/13 - 2:10:48

        Newton 10K 06/02/13 - 57:01.9 (9:12.1 improvement over 2012)

        B.A.A. 10K 06/23/13 - 1:03:24

        Lynch/Van Otterloo YMCA Firecracker 4 07/04/13 - 45:24

        Weston 5-Miler 07/18/13 - 52:16.6

        Mass Ave Mile 07/21/13 - 8:07

        B.A.A. Half-Marathon 10/13/13 - 2:13:54

        Bill's Pizzeria 5K 10/27/13 - 27:53

        Fattman Chilly Cup Half-Marathon 11/10/13 - 2:28:39


        Upcoming Races

        Marine Corps Marathon 10/26/2014


          Great news! Well done! Cheers to many more races without inhaler.


          Fear is a Liar

            Good job on the PR! Hopefully the asthma is finally on its way out - sounds like you have improved a lot.

            I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


              Shocked  Congrats Mistress D on the shiny new PR!


              FWIW - I always thought the Wave Precisions were too light (at least for me).

              I AM WEEZER.

                Nice work and a PR!


                karate girl

                  Sah-weet!!  Congrats on an excellent PR!


                  more miles = more beer

                  Miles to go

                    Great PR and also really promising that you've successfully ran a shorter race without your inhaler as well!

                    PRs: 5K: 25:35 / 10K: 53:03 / 10mi: 1:26:15 / HM: 1:55:02


                      Grats D.  I'm glad that was a good race for you. 








                        I'm always impressed with your races, but I'm even more impressed that you were able to race with a migraine.  And get a PR!  The migraine would have sidelined me for sure.  Nice work!

                        Do you even run?


                        Hammy Tear

                          Wow, great race.


                          It's so good to see you understand your daily conditions and control them so well.  You seem to be managing yourself really well which portends itself into a great upcoming 2013.  Keep up the good spirits, always looking forward to your RR.


                            Congrats on the PR and on making it through the race without an asthma attack!  Sounds like you really ran a smart race.  And 4th in your AG!  WTG!

                            Up next: ???


                            Barking Mad To Run

                              Congrats on your successful test race, Damaris!

                              "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


                              Super B****

                                Congratulations on the PR AND on running medication free ... I'm not sure which is more exciting!