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Multi vitamin question (Read 90 times)

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    I have the same nausea reaction to One a Day vitamins.  My SO can take them w/no problems, so I keep re-trying them about 1x a year - nope, still make me feel like I'm gonna be sick.  Even on a full stomach.  It has to be something about the coating or how fast they dissolve.  It would be a lot more convenient to not have to buy different ones for me.  I now am using the GNC brand Active multivitamins and I really like them.

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      When I decided to try and get pregnant with my last chld, there was one type of prenatal vitamin that made me vomit almost immediately. That had never happened before.  Like Mandy mentioned, my body might have settled down, but I needed that folic acid, so I switched, I forget the brand And I kind of thought it was the coating.

        I take gummy vitamins since swallowing pills makes me nauseous. They're tasty, too. Smile

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          I take gummy vitamins since swallowing pills makes me nauseous. They're tasty, too. Smile


          I used to do that too but I would eat them like candy (yum!) and then I figured the OD on vitamins was probably not very healthy.... lol



            Adult vitamins like the One-A-Day's or the Kirkland brand equivalent give me a pretty bad stomach ache as well. So I take the Costco brand Children's Chewable "complete multi-vitamins with essential minerals".  These have never bothered my stomach. My 107 lb DW can take the adult vitamin pills with no stomach problems.

            delicate flower

              I use the huge Costco Kirkland brand bottle too.  I've been using them for years, and so far they have not killed me.  They do make my pee bright yellow, so they must be working.



                My stomach is made of steel. I can use anything. I usually don't buy the cheapest thing out there, and usually not the one that advertises the most. Anything in between is fine with me. At the moment, I have Jamieson multi-vitamins. It's a Canadian company, so it must be good, of course. Big grin

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                  Thanks everyone for the responses.  I'm switching back to what I know works for me.

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                    I used Kirkland vitamins with pretty good results.  I purchased a bottle recently of the mature ones and then discovered they do not have iron. My diet is pretty light on iron, so I bought a small bottle of Nature Made ones which have iron.  They bother my stomach, but eating something helps with that.  When they run out I'm going back to the Kirkland ones.