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Fools Five Road Race - RR (Read 63 times)


    April 7, 2013 — Fools Five Road Race 8k, Lewiston, Minn.

    38:02 gun time


    I went into this race knowing that I was not 100% and that it would not be a PR. My primary goal was to get a slight confidence boost that I haven’t lost too much speed and to see where I might be in terms of a goal for the Fargo Marathon in 6 weeks. For the last few weeks I’ve struggled with a recurring injury to my right ankle, and the last two days I’ve also had some soreness and tightness in my left hamstring.

    The ankle felt fine during warm-up, and while the hamstring was sore then, once the race started I had no problems with it (those would come the next day, apparently).

    My 8k/5-mile PR is from this same event last year when I ran a 37:21 gun time. This year, I just wanted to be solidly under an 8:00 pace.

    I was well ahead of that for the first half-mile, as the race has a downhill start, and fell into a fairly comfortable pace of 7:33 for the first mile. Mile 2 was 7:36, and Mile 3, 7:32, all feeling like I was working, but still comfortable. As Mile 4 started, however, I could feel that I have not done as much continuous tempo work as usual this winter, and my pace faded to 7:40 for that mile. I started picking the pace back up a bit as I moved into Mile 5, wanting to finish strong, but I didn’t plan to push it to the limit as there was no one within striking distance ahead of me. Then, with a couple hundred yards yet to go (all uphill, by the way), I could hear a couple people coming up behind me. By the breathing I knew one was a man, but glanced over my shoulder to see the second was a woman who was probably in my age group (she was). Time to tap into my finishing speed. I picked up the pace by about 30 secs/mile, I think, and stayed ahead of her all the way across the finish line, finishing 4th in my AG.

    Overall, I am encouraged that I was able to run this faster than I had expected, but I’m not sure it points to a potential BQ. At least not this spring.

    And as I know I’ve mentioned before about this event, even a terrible day running it is worthwhile. Hosted in a town of about a thousand people, the 8k and 1 mile had a total of more than 3,000 runners and walkers who raised more than $83,000 for local cancer research and support. And I got to hear from two-time cancer survivor Gabriele Anderson, who after her first battle with cancer set a University of Minnesota school record in the 1500m, and after her second battle qualified for the 1500m finals at the US Olympic Trials, finishing in 4th, just one second short of being on the team for London.

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      Great job, overall.  And for a good cause.  Congrats!



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        Shit that's not bad at all for all the crap you have been through!


        And I don't know that I would call 8 seconds a fade, that could have simply been a lack of focus.


        Still, I think you did well for where you are.  Now take care of that busted hoof and go rock Fargo!

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          Wow, not far from your PR!  That's impressive.  Nice work!



            Great race.  I like the part where you looked back to see a woman in your AG and were like "oh, hell to the naw", and kicked it up a notch.








              Great race.  I like the part where you looked back to see a woman in your AG and were like "oh, hell to the naw", and kicked it up a notch.



              I think my actual words were "Do NOT make me do this."



                I think my actual words were "Do NOT make me do this."


                LOL...I know the feeling








                Go figure

                  Looks like a very strong race to me!  Your pace didn't really fade too badly, and the fact that you were able to increase your speed at the end is a positive sign.  Just from seeing your training on the dailies, it seems like you've gotten in plenty of medium-long or longer runs.  Maybe your endurance will be ahead of your speed and you'll still have a shot at that BQ.  I hope your ankle and hamstring behave for you.

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                    Great job!!!

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                      Great job.  Congratulations and good luck on your BQ pursuit!


                        That is an excellent pace, Shari! You know, I could run 3:40 before I could run that pace over 5 miles. So you definitely have the speed in you to BQ. With some work on the endurance, that BQ is yours. Congratulations on such an encouraging result! And it sounds like it's a great event, it's good that you get to do it every year.

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                          Shari, congrats on beating last year's course time. That must be a huge event for such a small town! Good cause too.

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                            Congratulations, Shari! You ran a great race despite the ankle and hamstring issues. I hope those heal up for you fast.


                              What a great tempo run/race for your marathon training!  Congratulations for such a good time, and for holding on to your place all the way to the end.  You're really fast to me.   So wonderful that they raised so much money for cancer research.


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                       were not 100 percent but still did 7-something minute miles? I'm not worthy photo thenotworthy.gif


                                Congrats on your race!

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