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Do you remember how to write? (Read 213 times)

    I'm left handed, and therefore, I've never been comfortable pushing my pen, so I've always printed, and never did cursive.


    With that being said, my printed notes at the office could easily be mistaken for cursive in that the "lifting of the pen" from letter to letter is all that differentiates my text from cursive.


    (It's a right-handed world we live in....)

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      The bigger difference is in the printing. The cursive is similar but the printing is completely different. It is also REALLY hard to teach a kittle kid D'Nealian printing because most typically developing kids do not have the motoric ability to make all those slants and curves by age 5/6 when printing is generally taught....and the kids I work with have delayed motor skills as it is, so trying to help them learn D'Nealian is a nightmare. Anyhoo...



      Well this shows them side by side - still not much of a difference to me!

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        Well this shows them side by side - still not much of a difference to me!


        That comparison basically said to me, "You write like an effing slob, you uneducated, unpracticed buffoon."



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          Well this shows them side by side - still not much of a difference to me!


          I write in comic sans.


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            I write in comic sans.


            Wingdings FTW!


              Easier to print lol

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                  My cursive growing up (we just called it "handwriting") was never any good, I switched 100% to printing at a relatively early age & never looked back. I certainly do plenty of writing for meeting notes; basically printing with a lot of connected letters, and of course minimum legibility for anyone but me. I can print more neatly when needed (e.g. filling out forms, greeting cards). Of course I have a cursive signature but that is pretty much just muscle memory. I have two versions -- one completely illegible one for signing most things, and one when I need people to actually make out the name (I have to really slow it down for that one). DW still writes some things in cursive, with excellent penmanship.


                  I just tried writing some cursive for sh!ts & giggles, it made me laugh out loud at myself. I felt like a complete moron, like I was just learning to write, and kept lapsing into my normal semi-connected printing. Then by about the 4th line my hand started cramping up. Pathetic.


                  My kids (teenagers) learned cursive in school, but I think both of them have pretty much switched to printing. To me that's good enough, as long as you can write something by hand legibly enough to get your point across when needed. I don't think cursive is such a necessary life skill. Maybe grandma's recipes to them will look like Chaucer's Middle English does to us, but the world moves on.



                    yes. that is the question.  Smile

                    I can write it.  Can anyone read it?

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                      Yep, I write frequently.  Notes, lists, I even mailed a card to my aunt recently (with a hand written note inside), for no reason.  She replied that it made her day.  Of course, she replied to me by email. Smile


                      As to the holiday cards with printed names and labels ~ years ago I did some office work for a friend.  She sent out a few hundred of cards every year, both friends/family and business.  She would go to the store to order them.  She picked them up, checked the engraved signature, and handed them to me, along with pages of returns address labels.  She never even removed them from the bag.  I at least hand addressed them.  I often wondered why she went to so much expense.


                        In one of our storage rooms, I came across old board meeting minutes from the 1930s.   They were ledgers full of script handwriting...writing that was so beautiful and regular it looked like printed calligraphy!!   Pages and pages of beautiful handwriting.   I assume that was the final copied over verson and not the notes while the meeting was on, but still.  We have lost that art for sure.


                        I think some elementary schools have stopped teaching cursive writing.


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                          My memories of learning to write in cursive in elementary school is it was a nightmare because I am dyslexic, and made the letters backwards.  So it was incredibly difficult.


                          I print neatly.  Sometimes still making certain letters backwards if I don't pay attention to what I am doing.  Smile


                          As far as signing my name goes, my signature like that of many attorneys is an illegible scrawl.

                            Long ago, I had to take copious notes in the sciences by hand, and fast cursive was mandatory.  As a lefty, no one can read that shit but me.  Therefore, anything I have to write by hand at work is printed, since it usually needs to be read by others.

                              I'm a middle school teacher and we don't teach it. Some kids have learnt it before they came (not sure if it's at home or elementary school), but many do not seem to know it. Do I care? No, but I may talk to my students about developing their own signature.


                              I'm kind of okay with the idea that cursive has been replaced by the keyboard.  After all it was really just a way to speed up written communication, which the keyboard does even better.


                              I am a bit peeved that printing is dying as well.  Proper printing that is.  They actually aren't teaching kids to print anymore!  My 8-year old has horrible penmanship.  I realized he had the strokes all wrong and at his age he has the wrong habits deeply ingrained.


                              I guess such things are hard to evaluate on a standardized test, so they just don't care to keep it on the curriculum.  Sad.



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                                I usually write in cursive.  I probably could still write most of the letters, as I had that drilled into my head in 3rd grade.


                                But, yeah, grocery lists on memo app on phone.

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