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WednesDAILIES Presents: Headlines - 1st Edition (Read 64 times)



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    Anyone and everyone can post your runs, cross-training, abdominal work, rest days, race plans, training questions, etc.. The only stupid question is the one you did not post. There’s a great mix of beginners and veterans, runners and walkers, and maniacs and returners (from injury, to running, to RA). We're all a little crazy here, too! While this thread is a terrific source of motivation for runners and serves as outstanding accountability, you’ll quickly find this remarkable group to be highly supportive of all life experiences. So, come on in, put your feet up, and stay awhile (not literally!) And whoever is up first is welcome to start the thread and we definitely keep some weird hours around here.

















      And finally:


        Rick, thank you for the early-morning laughsSmile


        Good morning, everyone!


        I'm going for eight tempo miles and push-ups at the gym before work. I'll do ab work before bed.


        Oh, my. I might get a decent night's sleep tonight.

        Just B.S.

          Morning LRB & Basya!!!


          Yesterday was 5.5 miles.


          Off to swim 1,000 yards and 7 miles this afternoon.


          Have a good Wednesdaily everyone!!


            3 miles at race pace today.  I'm a little nervous, but I'm going to give it a shot.


            But someone, please... pour me a cup!


            Do you even run?


            Wickedly Average

              Morning, Rick, Beth, Kay, and the rest of the Dailies!


              Rick, LOL - love the morning chuckles.


              SRD for me. 5 runs in a row and my calves are crying for a break. Might attack the hills tomorrow depending on the weather and how early I can get out of training class.

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                Mornin' All Y'all!


                LRB- those are funny, sad, but funny.


                Did 10 miles this morning. The temps were about 15 degrees warmer than what it's been the past few days. Felt like I had tree trunks for legs until mile 7, then I finally was able to get into a groove.


                Have a good day everyone!


                  Rick, thanks for waking me up with laughter! Better than coffee! Big grin


                  13 miles easy after work.


                  Have a great day!

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                    Morning, LRB, BasyaSpiliakos, Beth, Kay, Tom, flarunner and all that follow.


                    I have a SRD but I might move my 12 that I have scheduled for tomorrow to this afternoon and then do a 2 day mini taper and run a HM time trail on Saturday. Or I might not. That's just the crazy unpredictable type of guy I am! Woot!

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                      Good morning gang, I'm doing a 30 minute tempo run today.


                      have a great day!

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                      Skirt Runner

                        Morning! Those headlines are hilarious!


                        Hold Keurig is making that fabulous hissing is about to be ready let me get a cup....


               in hand....mmmm. Just got back from spin class. Back in my apartment a little earlier than I usually am after I go to the gym, because the class ends at 6:45 whearas when I do my own thing I'm usually there til a little after 7, so I'm taking a few moments to sit, enjoy coffee, and watch the news before I have to get ready for work. I kinda like it...hmm....maybe I should start getting my butt out the door a little earlier every day and not just when I have to make a class on time..... Anyway spin class went well. Last week, my first class ever, happened to be the once-a-month "race day" which almost killed me was still an amazing workout but slightly less intense. Today was "endurance day."


                        Finally have my orthopedic drs appointment tomorrow morning. Hoping he will say I'm doing everything right, that I can resume a more rigorous running schedule, and that it's not more serious than ITBS.


                        Have an amazing day everyone!

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                          Good morning Dailies!


                          LRB - Thanks for the morning chuckles - love those types of headlines.


                          BasyaSpiliakos - Hope you have a good tempo workout today!

                          Just B.S. - You're still amazing doing the double-life training for the tri. Enjoy your swim & run today!


                          KayPS - Don't be nervous about those 3 @ race pace today ... you gots magic shoes!!!


                          RunTomRun - Enjoy that SRD today. Hope the legs lighten up on your day off.


                          flarunner - Great job on getting in those 10 already this morning. Funny thing is I initially read your post as it was 15 degrees when you ran ...


                          happylily - Have a great 13 easy miles after work today.


                          ImNotScott - That's it ... keep 'em guessing! Enjoy your SRD 12 today.


                          Sparker1606 - Hope your tempo run feels great today.


                          I had 14 on the schedule for today but I'm stuck in DC for work and had to use the treadmill early this morning at the health club across the street from the hotel. I ran just short of time but managed to get in 13. Oh well, 13 on the dreadmill should count as 20 anywhere else.

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                            LRB: Good morning!  Silly!


                            Beth: 1000 yards swimming AND 7 miles running?  You are amazing, lady!!!


                            Basya: Ohhh, a 7 mile tempo is no joke.  Good luck on that tough work out.


                            Kay: 3 miles at what race pace?  5K?


                            Tom: Take it easy today - rest those calves!


                            Scott: I like that!  I'm kind of the same way, doing things on a whim, depending on how I feel.  Good luck whatever you decide to do!


                            Flarunner: Great work knocking out the 10 already!  Yes!


                            Bruce: I'm pretty sure 13 on the TM equates to 20 somewhere.  Nice job banging it out, though!


                            Julie: Have a good run/enjoy the 13 easy today.


                            Sparker: I hope the tempo run goes well!  Lots of tempos a happening in the group today!


                            Kristin: Awesome job at spin!  I've never gone, but I've heard it's an incredible work out.  I hope you get good news at the doc's office as well.


                            12 miles tonight, including 6 x 1 mile cruise intervals at threshold pace (first time trying these).  A big shout out / thank you to Scrape for all the speed work/pace help.

                              Good morning all.......recovery run on tap for me today. Happy Wednesday!





                                My biggest fear when I was still working for newspapers: that something I wrote would end up on Jay Leno's "headlines". Thankfully, nothing ever did.


                                7 miles on tap today outside. It will be cold and there's a fair amount of snow on the streets, but winds are calm. Then a day of coffee and desk work at home.