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La Jolla HM RR - Four Minute PR... YEAH, BABY!!! (Read 113 times)

    way to go man. That taking that hill to the wood shed and kickin its ass.


    BTW- all this time I thought you were the dude from sinefeld in the avatar Smile

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      I ran a 3:45 and your HM time is a hell of a lot better than mine.




      3:30 - 3:40 sounds about right...just let it marinate for now though.  As for your next half think one thirty one!


      Congrats man, that is one scary ass looking mountain!  And the DW is not chopped liver either!  Send her some props from the B&B!


      Go figure

        You were awesome Jack!  For this course, I don't think you could have done much better as far as strategy.  Getting the pace back up after that hill must have been nearly impossible, but you really did it.  I might have stopped to go see Torrey Pines had it been on my race route...I'm glad I've never had that temptation ha.  Way to let it all go on the back half.  Nice run by your wife too.

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          There is no way not to have crazy ass splits on a course like that.  At the Charleston Distance Run, there is one mile where my pace will slow to around 8:00 and another where it's nearly 6:00.  Keeping the effort is what matters.  I don't think you went out too slowly.  You have to keep something in the tank to handle big hills later in the race.  Going out too fast is what kills so many people in Boston and it's why you saw a lot of folks walking.  Looks to me like you ran a really good, intelligent race.

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            Congrats Jack Big grin

            Good Grief!

              Nicely done and nicely run! You should get the sub-1:40 next time out as long as you don't pick the Pike's Peak HM.

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                Beautiful race!!   You did so well, and I loved that you and your DW finished together!   Enjoy the PR today and then start planning to obliterate it in your next one because you can sooooo DO IT!!!

                But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

                  Congratulations to both you and your wife.  You ran an awesome race on a brutal course.

                  Hip Redux

                    Sweet!!  Excellent PR on that course!



                    Smaller By The Day

                      Jack - No more telling me that you're not that fast alright...LOL  You ran a hell of a race on a really challenging course.  Awesome job buddy.  Congrats!


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                        Wow Jack, you are fast.  Great job!


                        And your wife is also pretty fast.


                          Jack, this really is amazing.  I knew you were fast, but jeez, this is just smoking.  You and your DW both are quite the athletes.  And that hill-- what kind of sadist thought of incorporating that in the middle of the race?  Congratulations you did fantastic, and Yay@ no face plants while speeding down that hill!


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                            big congrats. that was an excellent time and much quicker times are ahead. congrats to your wife too.

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                              4-minute PR, way to go!  Congrats to you and DW, Jack!


                              Good look a lot shorter in your avatar....  Wink

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                              Jack K.

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                                Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, everyone! You really know how to keep a guy motivated! Smile