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50-miler race report (surprise over an hour) (Read 423 times)


    That's a huge achievement! And I loved reading about it. Keep it up!



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      Hi Katrina...good to see you.


      Grats on a great race.  As always, an entertaining report.  Thanks for sharing it with us Smile








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        However, I will say that I don't think that it sounds crazy.


        Oh yes it does! And you are totally nuts!  But in a good way. Big grin


        Congrats on your race, your PR, and your award!  You never cease to amaze and inspire me, Katrina!


        Glad you found your way over here to this forum!

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          Wow, just incredible. It sounds like it could have been a lot better organized, and I totally get the whole getting lost worry. But you still PRed, freaking amazing. And you placed second Smile



          Go figure

            I love that you did a relay event by yourself...made me smile very broadly.  Congratulations on such a great effort and your new PR.  I completely agree that not all runs will be good, but there's a big reward for just continuing on until it comes together again.

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              Congrats on your 50 mile PR!!


              And thanks for the awesome RR.  Great read.  This distance is on my bucket list and I hope to be crossing it off soon.  Smile

              Reports like this give me a glimpse of what might be in store for me.

              Just B.S.

                Awesome job!! Congrats on the huge PR!!!!!


                That was really nice of Dizzy!


                I would so love to do an ultra. They just aren't available where I live but I really want to

                do one someday. You make it look like so much fun!


                  Fantastic job, Katrina! I would have been freaking out about the possibility of getting lost so you are far braver than I am. And your one picture is great - you look like you're really flying along!


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                    Great doesn't have to be fun to be fun will be echoing in my head forever...awesome.

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                      That is pretty freaking awesome. It wasnt long ago that I was doing 50 miles in a month....and you do it in a day. Keep up the great work.



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                        Wow, I had anxiety just reading your RR. You really should've gained a lot of confidence after conquering this! You did excellent and it sounds like that RD will likely listen to your suggestions. Great photo! I'm glad you're here on RA, tooSmile


                          I will testify to the brutality of that course (I have run and ridden almost all those miles and they are not easy, I rode leg 5 back and forth on Saturday to cheer the runners on), the fact that RedSparkle set an hour pr on it just shows how amazing of a runner she is.


                          And Sparkle I would have totally have tried to sneak onto SR-18 and run on the shoulder to avoid the roller coasters, my running coach has tried to get me to run those as I am a notoriously bad uphill runner haha.


                            Incredible job Katrina! As always, you simply amaze me. Congrats on your ginormous PR!



                            Bless your heart.

                              Great report, Katrina.


                              Congrats on the finish (which is stand-alone awesomeness), but even more so with limited support.

                                Downright incredible, seriously, way to go!