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Fear is a Liar

    I don't own them but I saw a runner using them last night. It was kind of foggy and misty but they were highly visible and I knew exactly what they were. They made a unique pattern from the swinging of the runner's arms. Don't know if they were the originals or version 2. Looked like they lit the fairly well also.

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    Gator eye

      Intil it gets below 30 degrees and the dang things shut off and won't turn back on.


      Hopefully they fixed this problem with the new version.

        I got shipping notification of mine a few days ago. They should be arriving any time now. They will be version 2, so I'll have to post once I try em.


        delicate flower

          DW just bought me a set!  She's a good wife.  I am going to look like a Christmas tree, between the knuckle lights, headlamp, and reflective vest. 


          Not quite right

            DW just bought me a set!  She's a good wife.  I am going to look like a Christmas tree, between the knuckle lights, headlamp, and reflective vest. 

             better to look like a Christmas tree than road kill Big grin

            YAYpril - B-Plus

              I've had my pair for over a year and I love them. My RP actually got a pair because she liked mine so much, so every Tuesday night we run around with quad-bobbing lights. We've had quite a few comments/compliments on them while out running.

                I was going to buy myself a set, but realized that I don't like running with anything in my hands.  Opted for a $3. strobe light that clips to my shorts.  I've also discovered that in cases where there aren't sidewalks, no matter how much 'lit up' I am or how far to the side of the road I am on...asses still will not give an inch to veer around you.


                  Love my Knuckle Lights!  I've had mine for a year and ran down to 0F last winter.  No problems with them going out in cold weather.  Well, once I do remember losing the light in one of them and thinking the battery was dead, but when I went to change it, it was fine.  But that wasn't in the coldest weather, and it came back on as soon as they warmed up.  So ... fluke?  I don't know. 

                  Canadian princess

                    I don't even notice them in my hands. I live in a rural area with no street lights and all houses are set back away from the road. I was doubtful, but they worked great!  It kind of felt like I was running in a spotlight or chasing one.


                    Barking Mad To Run

                      I wonder if they will fit over the fingers on gloves?  I have some arthritis in my hands so I wear gloves all year round when I run.  Not sure knuckle lights would fit over those.

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                      Canadian princess

                        I was wearing gloves, thin ones, but the strap is adjustable.


                        Not a dude

                          I think I need to buy a set. I run early in the morning and some of the areas on my routes are very dimly lit. I didn't see a patch of ice and almost fell on my ass this morning. Plus, I had to leave the sidewalk and run in the street due to a lot of ice.  I hate running with stuff in my hands, but that is better than hurting myself or getting hit by a car!


                          never runs the tangents

                            I told Santa about these things a long time ago. Right now I'm just wrapping a camping headlamp around my hand.


                            I had some little red light thing and well ok it wouldn't stay on and then there was this sidewalk with a tree root making it stick up and a crash and the light may or may not have been thrown with all the force of a former juvenile delinquent with a damn fine rock throwing arm shattering it against a tree.



                            yea that's one sentence 

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                            Canadian princess

                              Here is a picture. The strap keeps them on your hand.


                              Not a dude

                                That probably wouldn't be too bad since it straps on the outside. I tried to run with a handheld once, but I didn't like holding it in my hand even though it had a strap. The water sloshing around in there drove me nuts too.