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June goals (Read 107 times)

    Didn't see a June thread, so here ya go.




    Now that I'm past my piriformis issue, it's time to get back on track, while trying to make sure I don't overdo it.


    1. Stay healthy!

    2. 200+ miles

    3. PR the OK5K (secondary goal sub-19, not sure if that'll happen in the heat tho)

    4. Speed work, seriously

    5. Get below 185lbs


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    Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon

    delicate flower

      My main goal is to continue my rehab without having any setbacks.  It'd be nice if I could:


      -Run 100 miles

      -Introduce a little speed to my runs

      -Hit double digits on some runs

      -Run a decent 10K on June 23

      -Get all restrictions lifted when I see my knee doc for the final time on June 25

      -Not die



        Stretch goal of 150 miles running, will be tough but is do-able.

        Hit all 8 Quality workouts per the training plan.


        8 hours + on the bike

        Keep up the swimming, log at least a couple of miles over the month.



        No racing until July for me.

        5K  20:57  (Vdot 47.2)   7/15/17

        10K  44:06  (Vdot 46.3)  3/11/17

        HM 1:38:20 (Vdot 46.0) 10/29/16

        FM 4:24:33 (Vdot 33.6) 11/8/14


        Fat & lazy runner

          1. Stay alive.
          2. Stay injury free.
          3. 150+ km.
          5. keep my training plan.

          Andy G.

          Dad on the run.

            1. 100 miles

            2. Lose at least 8 lbs

            3. Body workout x3 a week (minimum)

            4. HAVE FUN!

            My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!


              I gotta wax my vehicles.  Been putting it off.  I hate leaving stuff like that to other people.


                1. Get to overweight BMI (1lb to go)

                2. 60 miles for the month.

                3. Run in the oven more (outside).

                4. Maintain 15 mile weeks.

                Just B.S.

                  1. Do sprint tri #2 (pool swim) on June 9th faster than I did the first one two years ago.

                  2. Survive sprint tri #3 (first open water swim) on June 16th and live to tell the tale.Big grin

                  3. Start training for marathon #7 by end of June.

                  4. Have a hell of a lot of fun doing whatever I do.


                  Team TJ

                    Stay healthy!


                    Get my running back on track, the way I should be doing it.


                    90 miles.  I'm off to a damn good start on this!

                    Running for TJ because he can't.



                      Ah summer!


                      Stay injury free.

                      Keep to my training schedule.

                      Stay injury free.

                      Get to the start line of my HM on the 23rd injury free.

                      PR my HM on the 23rd.

                      Finish my HM with a smile because I made it to the start injury free and finished with a PR!


                      Smaller By The Day

                        Well, I already got my one race out of the way, and the RR is up.  I kept my PR streak alive (every race EVER lol).


                        The rest of the month is just base building.  I'm hoping for at least 180 miles.  I think I can do better than that, but last month's miles were down and I'm going to try to be smart about it.


                        Weight 100 pounds lost

                        5K 31:02 Sept. 2012 / 23:36 Sept. 2013 (Same Course)

                        10K 48:59 April 2013

                        HM 2:03:56 Nov. 2012 / 1:46:50 March 2013

                        MARATHON 3:57:33 Nov. 2013


                          Continue rehab from my ankle surgery.  I'd ideally like to be running multiple miles consecutively by the end of the month, rather than doing the run/walk thing that I'm stuck to now.


                          I need to make sure and take it easy and build back slowly so that I don't hurt something else - I didn't run for nearly 4 months, so I know I've lost a lot.  I have thus far been pleasantly surprised by how decent I've felt running, though.

                          My wildly inconsistent PRs:

                          5k: 24:36 (10/20/12)  

                          10k: 52:01 (4/28/12)  

                          HM: 1:50:09 (10/27/12)

                          Marathon: 4:19:11 (10/2/2011) 

                            I'm starting my debut marathon training plan. So, my goals? Health and consistency. Oh and to stop eating like a cow.

                            They'll tell you that failure is not an option.  That's ridiculous.  Failure is always an option.  It is the easiest and most readily available option.  It's your choice though.

                            Boss of the Mangoes

                              Rehab my knee enough that I can start running again.  It's going well, I'm hoping to be running again, at least a little, in about a week or so.  And then, of course, the goal is to stay healthy and build back up again.

                              "...You have to have faith, to know that you can do what you want to do."  -Joseph Nzau


                                Establish a summer running schedule (this means mornings!)

                                Stick to my training plan

                                If we need to put a number on it, let's say 80 miles.



                                July 27 - San Francisco marathon