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It is safe to do more than one race a month? (Read 121 times)

Jack K.

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    I have a half marathon on April 28 and I am training properly. My goal is to PR and run a sub 1:40. Here is my problem. I would also like to do a 5k on April 6. It is at the Santa Anita Race Track in Arcadia, CA and the race finishes on the track. They even have free beer after the race. That is reason enough to sign up. If I sign up for the 5k I would want to race it to PR and not just go out for a jog. Is three weeks between races enough time? I think it is but I don't want the 5k to screw up my HM.


      My marathon plans always call for a time trial race three weeks before goal race. Something between an 8k and a 15k. I'm pretty sure you're ok doing a 5k three weeks before your half. Have fun!

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        I don't think a 3.1 mile quality workout at 5k pace would harm your goal for a half marathon three weeks later.  In fact, you may even benefit from it depending on what you do between the two events.

          I think you'll be fine, unless you take a long time to recover.  But the 5k will just be like a day of good speedwork.  I'm doing the opposite next month, a half and then a 5k two weeks later.


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            +1 to all the replies so far.


            BTW, you avatar, it's Cable Mountain in ZNP isn't it? I have got that on my list of things to see this summer. I've done observation point a bunch of times, but I've always wanted to head the other way at that fork In the trail.


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              You should be fine, the recovery from a 5K isn't that long. And with the increased mileage training for your half-marathon you might be in PR shape.

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                I do a race every single weekend all the way through December, I sure hope that it is safe to do more than one race a month :-)


                I agree with all posters so far.  Doing a 5k at max pace a full 3 weeks out in front of a half is no problem, and the 5K at max pace could indeed benefit the half 3-weeks later.  Plenty of time to fully recover if it is worked into your training schedule properly.  Have fun!

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                Jack K.

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                  Thanks for the advice, everyone. I think I will go for it. Who knows, perhaps I will PR in both?  Smile


                  Birdwell: Yes!! That is Cable Mountain. You definitely need to get up there. DW and I did it last month. What a hike!! It was about 18 miles (we had to change our route because of snow and mud) and took most of the day. Like Observation Point, you look down on Angels Landing. What a sight! It takes most of the day, but it is well worth it. Be sure to go to Oscar's for dinner. After an 18 miler, the burgers and beer are amazing.

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                    Take this with a grain of salt because I race 2-3 times a month but you shouldn't have a problem with the 5K affecting your HM within the timeframe you posted.



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                      I think the free beer pretty much answers that question.

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                        I think the free beer pretty much answers that question.


                        You should be fully recovered from an all out 5K within 3-4 days.  If you really want to run that 5K all out, something I think is a great idea BTW, then don't do any speed work 3-4 days before the race and cut back a bit on your mileage so you are able to race it really ready rather than trying to race it on tired legs.  If it was two weeks out, I'd be a bit hesitant as it could interfere with your final race specific workouts.  Three weeks is good.

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                          just out of curiosity (and  I could google it), what's the footing on the track at SA?  Be careful if it's too soft!  Super cool that you get to finish on the track, though....I was wondering about that on the Penguin thread.

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                            Doc: I think they have that "synthetic dirt." I don't know what it's called, but I'm sure you know what I mean. There were a lot of accidents there a few years ago and they decided to change from dirt to the fake stuff.

                               In fact, you may even benefit from it



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                                Kick both races in the nuts.  Good luck, Klompus!