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Santa Anita Derby Day 5k RR with pics in living color. (Read 106 times)

Jack K.

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    Short version: 20:21, 1:12 PR, 103/3735 overall, 8/168 AG, 98/1686 M.


    A bit longer: Today I ran in the Santa Anita Derby Day 5k. DW and I are training for a HM and this was a nice tune up. It was at the Santa Anita race track and the finish was on the track. The last 400m or so were on the wet dirt.

    We got to the race about an hour before the start and did some stretching and strides. It was cool but not cold. I started in the first wave and that was a good idea as there were many baby strollers, walkers, and dogs.  I looked at my Garmin twice during the race. The first time was at about the 1/2 mile. I knew I was going too fast and I was going at a 5:40 pace!! Really, I didn't even know I could do that. I slowed down and found my groove and went.


    The race started in the big car park and went out to a main road. We made a left into the Arboretum/ Botanical Gardens. There were lots of Canadian Geese in there. There were lots of turns and the course was very "curvy" through here. We came back out on the main road and back into the track area. As we got on the dirt track I immediately noticed it was soft. I saw some other guys go to the outside a bit so I followed and the footing was more firm. This is when I looked at my watch again. I was close to 3.11 miles but the finish was much farther than what my watch showed. Does this happen in every race? In any case, I didn't care, I just kicked and went to the end. Even my DD said my kicked looked good (though my arms were bad).  Sure enough, my Garmin said the course was 3.18. DD got 3.15 on hers. Whatever, I got a 1:12 PR so I was happy. DD ran a 24:13 and I am proud of her.


    It was fun and there was free beer after the race. That was nice.


    Messing about before the race. DD suggested the green and black sleeves.


    They used a starting gate for the start.



    DW, our mates, and me after the race in front of the Seabiscuit statue. That is in the paddock of the race track.


    I am usually a better writer than this, but I am done for the day. Thanks for reading and have a good day. Feel free to comment, mock, or tease. Smile

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      Great job, Jack. And you guys look great!



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        Jack, congrats on the PR. Nice pics too.

          Congratulations on the PR!  The starting gate was cool for the start.

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          Go figure

            Congrats on your big PR! With that much of a faster last mile you may even have a bigger PR ahead of you. Way to pull off the multicolored socks. Nice job by your family too. Keep up the good training.

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              Congratulations Jack.  You and your wife both did great.

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                Jack and the Amazing Technicolor Sleeves!


                  Congrats on the huge PR, Jack!


                  That's pretty wild that they used the horse starting gate, did they actually have the doors spring open at a bell?

                    Holy cow, you are getting fast!  Congratulations!



                      Damn dude that's impressive!  That big of a negative split means good things in the future!


                      Running through those gates had to be different.

                        Great race and very cool they used the starting gate.

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                          Jack, congratulations to you and DW!


                            What a great finish time and PR, Jack! And your DW did great as well, congratulations to you both, you are a speedy couple! Love all of your pics, you both have the accomplished runner look. Smile

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                              Congrats on the PR! Congrats to the entire JK crew.

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                                Congrats on the PR! Nice work.