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Frustrated and totally whining thread (Read 212 times)


    So my running had been going very well, then I got deployment orders.  Again.  Ok, fine.  I've run through that before, but of course running was spotty as I was packing and putting my household goods in storage.  Then my right knee started whining on some of my runs.  I noted that it was a lot worse running downhill and would stay aggravated after a downhill.  Eventually, I got smart and started walking all the downhills and was able to increase my run distances from 2 up to 5 miles.  Had been averaging 5-8 miles/run before the deployment orders.  Tuesday night I went for a run and decided to try running the downhills because my knee had been doing better.  Bad idea.  Really sharp pain, really annoyed knee.  I ran and walked a bit more and then settled for all walking for a total of two very uncomfortable miles.  So now I am back to square one and I am deploying pretty much now.  I am SO frustrated!  I want a new knee!


    Ok, end whine.  I feel better now. As you were.

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      Susan, glad to see you around, but ugh.  Hope the knee gets better.  Hugs.



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        Whine away.   We're the one group that understands.  And hope this next deployment goes well.

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          If there was no whining about injuries on this forum, traffic would be cut back 50%. Take away complaining about the weather too, and we got nothin'.



            You've always been my she-hero. When I think of strength and bravery, I think of you (and of Jenny). You have been an inspiration to me, as a human being, since I met you 5 years ago. I haven't been able to run at all for a month now, and I limp when I walk. When I want to break down and cry, I think about you, about your deployments. It puts everything back in perspective for me. You are so gifted in a thousand ways, forgive your knee for showing a little weakness. I wish I had half the strength and intelligence you have, woman. I'd trade you two knees for that (don't worry, my injury is with my heel. The knees are still worth something on the trade market Big grin)



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              So sorry you're going through this!  My knee has been crummy too and a week ago I felt like I was back to square one.  But since then I've had a good week of running and am hopeful that I'm improving.  Downhills are an issue for me too and I've been taping my kneecap to help.


              Hoping that you get a couple of good runs in when you can!


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                You should really see a doctor!


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                  That sounds exactly like my ITB/hip stuff.   I'm sorry, I know it's frustrating!  Whine away!


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                    I know a good doctor who's helped me in the past. You should listen to her advice. Her name is.....SusanRachel. Hope you heal soon and can run pain free.

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                      Most of us can relate, I know I can.  I don't even drive down hills anymore!  It's not an admission of weakness, it's an acknowledgement that they are not good for me.


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                        Hope your knee feels better.  Stay safe on your next deployment.



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                          Very sorry to hear this, Doc!   I agree with the others, sounds like an ITB/Hip issue.  Downhills can be especially hard on the ole ITB.


                          Hope you figure it out and are back to 100 percent in no time!


                          BTW,  PM me your snail-mail address whenever.  I want to mail that sign to you from the race I did that had the sign with your name on it.  If you want to wait until you get back from your deployment for me to mail it, that's cool too.  No rush, I know deployment, packing, moving is very hectic.

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                            Thanks y'all and sorry for being out of the loop.  I am at Ft Benning at deployment train up right now.  Average wake up time: 0430.  Average length of day:  12-14.  Tonight's homework task: try on a few dozen clothing items issued today and inspect them and inspect all non clothing issued items for any damage, then pack as much as possible.  My plan is to take three bags: my carry on and two duffle bags.  One of those will be the "shit I am required to bring but will never actually use" duffle bag and the other will be the "shit I need in theater" duffle bag.  That is probably how I will tag them too.  Wink


                              Where you are going there won't be too many downhills to run, right?  {{Susan's knee}}


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                                Average wake up time: 0430.  Average length of day:  12-14. 


                                That is where the similarities between you and I, end lol!  Stay in touch!