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US Largest Cemetery Race- RR (Read 95 times)


    I don't often write race reports, as I'm so slow and I don't remember much.


    Short version- I ran 33:24 chip time, which is a 1 minute 15 second PR Smile My first 5K was 37:20 November 2012, second one was 38:5X in December (why was it so hot in December?!) so I'm very happy with how I've improved.


    Longish version- The race was in New Orleans, and it had been rescheduled. We drove down the first time (160 miles!) only for it to end up being cancelled due to flooding and lightning strikes.



    This morning, I REALLY didn't want to get up. I went to bed at 1am, and tossed and turned until 5am when I got up. Last week I was considering DNS'ing due to some knee pain, and the projected temperature was 76. My knee started feeling better, and the race time temp ended up being 60F with low humidity. If it wasn't for the sun it would've been great!


    I'm not a morning person, I was ready to roll back into bed when I remembered another forum member talking about never DNS'ing a race. And I was considering it because I was sleepy? Psssh!


    We left at 6:20am, got there around 8:30am. Milled around for a little while just admiring other runners. I never see runners.



    Everyone lines up, and people are crammed in. The first half mile is pretty slow dodging people. The cemetery is beautiful, I love the old NOLA cemeteries. My legs felt pretty good, but my throat was very dry. I skipped the first water stop, but grabbed a mouthful of water at the second.



    Mile 1: 10:16

    Mile 2: 10:36

    Mile 3: 11:11

    Last 0.16: 9:41


    My splits are never great, but these are better than other ones. I get tired of hefting my body around after a while, lol.




    There was a band at the post race party, plus doughnuts, pasta, kettlecorn, beer (bleck), chips, sno-cones, bananas. It was probably my favourite post race experience, everyone was very friendly.


    It's highly likely that I am done until cooler weather gets here. Hopefully by the autumn, I can get a sub-30? I can dream!

    Hip Redux

      You can totally get to a sub-30, looking at how much you've improved!   No doubt.


      Great work and congrats on the PR!   The race looks pretty cool (when it's not flooded!).



        WTG, Coralie!   I'm glad you wrote a RR.  Good for you for making yourself get up after a sleepless night and do this race.  You are showing improvements and you will definitely make a sub 30 one of these days if you keep running.  I"m jealous that you got to run in New Orleans;  it looks so pretty there!  BTW, who is that normal sized person in the picture?  Joking


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          Oski- Thank you! My goal is for the anniversary of my first race, so in November. It's taken me 6 months to take off 4 minutes, so hopefully another 4 minutes in the next 6.


          Cherie- Thanks! I love New Orleans, it's one of my favourite places to be (and I don't drink!) And, normal? Haha! I'm still obese. 3lbs to go to overweight. But thank you!


            Excellent job Coralie, that was a great report and sounds like so much fun.  It find it intriguing to run a race in a cemetery.  I am so glad that you didn't give in to the urge to DNS and made the trip and ran.  Again great job!!

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              I'm glad they rescheduled this race, since you said before that you were really looking forward to doing it.  Glad you made the effort to do the long drive, despite lack of sleep.  You did well, cutting four minutes off your time.  That's huge.  Congratulations.

                CoralieT, congratulations on your PR! I enjoyed your RR. I'm proud of you and how hard you work.


                  Congratulations on the PR!  The differences in your splits look similar to mine. I can pace myself in longer races, but haven't mastered 5k pacing yet. If you find the secret, let me know.  Great job!

                  Bad Ass

                    Congrats, Coralie!  Love your socks (I have them!)



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                    It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                      Rondog- Thanks so much! It is an interesting place to run, there are some HUGE mausoleums in there. I sound horribly lazy, but our day generally starts at 9-10am, we're night owls. I'm always amazed at people with very early days.


                      Ginny- Thank you! I'm glad I went back down for it too. The RD caused a bunch of local drama though, rescheduled the race for the same day as another local race, lol.


                      Basya- Thank you, it means a lot to me that I have so much support in this forum. Running started off as a means to weight-loss, but it's becoming much more for me.


                      Workinprogress- The only secret I've found is a crowded start that forces me to slow down, lol. My first miles lately, I can get around 10mm pace, then I crash. This one was much more stable, despite the positive splits.


                      Docket- Thank you! I have no idea where I got the socks from. I remember buying them years a go and my calves were too fat. I only wore them today because my favourite Balega socks were in the wash, but it worked out well!

                        Congrats on the PR. That looks like a really neat place the run. I think I'd PR for sure from being afraid of ghosts and zombies Joking

                        Jack K.

                        uʍop ǝpᴉsdn sǝʇᴉɹʍ ʇI

                          Great stuff, Coralie! You may need to become a morning person if you don't like the heat; it's the best time to run. Keep it up and a sub 30 will be a piece of cake. Well done!!

                            Glad you found the motivation to not take the DNS!  Way to go!  And I hope that you enjoy summer running more than you think you will. Smile

                              Congratulations on your PR!  I've never heard of a cemetary race until your RR.  However, the last two photos just look very cool and looks like fun.

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                                Congrats on running a strong race and crushing your old PR! I have no doubt that you'll be able to get a sub-30 5K time.