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Training for Chowdah Challenge - opinions? (Read 26 times)


Fatty McFatFat

    Hey guys -


    I signed up for the Chowdah Challenge (HM Saturday/Full Sunday) - .  Now I'm trying to decide on training.


    I have been running ~3 years.  I've finished 5 HM, 6th this Sunday, 7th in October (BAA).  The 7th is two weekends before the Challenge.  I ran my first marathon this past November, and finished it well (IMHO).


    I work well on canned training programs; I think I would tend to cut runs short without one.   My most recent training (for the HM coming up) was a 16 week plan, Level 2 HM from Run Faster.  I did miss some training there due to travel + dental surgery, but came back quickly to 50 mile weeks.


    I'm thinking ahead to my next training cycle.  I was looking at the 20 week Level 2 Marathon plan from Run Faster, which I used for my first marathon.  I also was looking at Pfitz 18/55 or maybe even 18/70?  I love training to higher miles, but I wonder if I might be jumping too quickly to a higher base.  Any plan I used would be modified to do back-to-back medium-long/long runs on Saturday/Sundays.


    Opinions? Questions?


    Bad Ass

      I didn't do much specific training for the two Goofys I did (which are the same type of race) but my base was high enough to allow me that.  What I would do is to do as many MLR/LR combinations as you can Saturday/Sunday, with 10/20 being the highest to try.


      As to the race, make sure you take that first day easy.  These races are not usually done for PRs, although the PRs might happen (I PRd on one of the races in 2012 and almost PRd the marathon portion in 2013).  The idea is for Saturday to leave good enough to run on Sunday.  As to rest, I never rested after the HM; in fact, we went shopping all day, but make sure you hydrate, eat, and relax throughout Saturday so you can feel fresh on Sunday.  If you can find a hot tub where you're staying at, have a nice beer or two (or wine, etc.) while in the hot top for like an hour on Saturday night.


      lilflute showed me this race and I might do it one day, so let me know how it goes.  The only thing I don't like about the race is the chowder, since I'm allergic to shellfish and I won't get to enjoy the post-race foods!



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        I'm not sure it matters all that much as long as you do a few things.


        1.  Run as many miles as you can run without getting hurt.  Only you can determine what that means.

        2.  Do some speedwork at least once per week.  It doesn't have to be anything formal but do something different than just going out and jogging every day.  You'll reduce your risk of injury, it's fun, and you'll race better.

        3.  Don't sacrifice everything to the god of the long run.  Your total mileage matters much more than getting in a few 20+ mile runs.

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