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WEDNESDAILIES, Coffee or Tea? (Read 61 times)

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    Just B.S.

      No time for coffee or tea, headed out the door ! How about some chlorine infused pool water!


      I realized on Monday morning when I entered the pool building and inhaled a lovely

      whiff of chlorine that I am addicted to the smell.Big grin


      A nice 6 miles last night. Will try to get in 1,500 at the pool this morning and 5 miles tonight.


      Have a good day all!

        Beth, that sounds like a great way to start your day!


        Enjoy your swim and run.



          Hey ladies!


          I am going to take my first run in the dark this morning.  It is something I never thought I would do, but running outside last week (before the time change made it pitch black dark again) spoiled me.


          There is a light coating for fresh powder on the ground, but with temps around 28 degrees, I cannot pass up the chance to run easy outside.  The only question will be if I will wear my jacket or not.


          Stay tuned....

            Morning all!


            I have the same weather as LRB, but I think I am going the other direction. Yes 26 degrees is not too bad, but we also have 15-20 mph winds. (Dude, I think you may want a jacket.) I have been running outside all winter, but by this time of year, the novelty has worn off. Planning for 6 on the treadmill today.


            Beth, I truly admire you. I have tried swimming, I hate the smell, I hate getting into a cold pool first thing in the AM, I hate the water getting in my eyes. Oh yeah, and I can't really friggin' swim, at least not well enough to consider it exercise. Or maybe it is more exercise, what with all that flailing about.



              Mornin' Dailyers!


              Did 10 miles relatively easy this morning.



              Have a great day everyone!

                Wow, I slept in this morning. Must've needed the extra sleep.


                i have 8x400 intervals tonight.


                Happy Thursday everyone!

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                delicate flower

                  Wednesday!!  El pollo loca, kiddos!  Coffee for me...I already downed my daily 20 ouncer, though that's not to say I won't get a reload at some point this morning.


                  Good PT appointment yesterday, though I am still not allowed to pedal the spin bike.  I have to wait another week.  Oh well...more recumbent.  They did start me on some lateral strengthening, which left my knee feeling beat to hell after.  My IT band is acting up a little too, so PT Girl went to work on it.  Frikkin OUCH.  It's tough love at the PT office.  I tell her massaging the ITB hurts, and she tells me to stop being a baby.  So, more pedaling at a higher intensity planned after work today.


                  286 shopping days until Christmas.  Plan accordingly.


                    Total B.S.- Awe, does that mean you're not a princess anymore. Sad I hope you have a fabulous swim this morning and 5 miles later on tonight. Funny thing about the chlorine smell is that it always makes me hungry for pepperoni pizza. (Long story but when I was a kid we had a family pass for the community pool and sometimes after spending a long summer day swimming we'd pick up pizza at a local restaurant on the way home - for some reason it always tasted best after that chlorine soak)


                    BasyaSpiliakos-I hope you have a fabulous day ... regardless of what you have planned.


                    LRB- Be careful out there, fresh powder tends to hide the death ice underneath, especially in the dark. Hope you're jacket free for all your runs.


                    DaveP MI- I completely agree with you ... this winter novelty has definitely worn off. I don't so much mind the cold/cool temperatures - it's the slippery conditions that is old. (Oh, that and cold rain)


                    flarunner- I so wish I was in Florida this morning ... nice job on that early morning 10 miles.


                    Sparker1606- Have a good interval workout this evening ... it feels good to get the legs turning over and run fast.


                    Baboon- For some reason I picture your PT girl as German interrogator as she works over the ITB  ... "vee have vays of making you talk" Have a good workout tonight and take it easy.


                    I have 14 miles planned for later on today. The current "feels like" temp is 6 so it looks like I'll be running this afternoon when the sun is finally out and the winds have picked up to 15 mph or so. At least there's no snow in the forecast for today so I'll take that as a win!. BTW, make mine dark roast coffee ... preferably Sumatra ... with just a splash of half/half. (though I will also drink tea in the evening or when I'm feeling particularly British)

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                      Hmmm, maybe it's time to switch to decaf? Joking


                      Good morning everyone!


                      5-6 easy miles on tap for later, stupid taper.  Smile


                      Hope everyone has a great day!


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                        Definitely tea for me, can't stand that nauseating coffee stuff.   May rest today or may go to the University gym and do an easy loop of 3 miles around the campus.  I currently run/walk on Tues-Thurs-Sat-Sun, but am thinking of adding a day to my schedule, going to Tues-Wed-Thurs-Sat-Sun.


                        Congrats on the 6, Beth.  Hope your pool workout went well and good luck with the miles today.


                        Welcome to the Dark Side, LRB.  Running in the dark here in Texas in summer is 'old hat' for a lot of we Texans, we have to get out there early to beat our excessive summer heat.  Even if we wait until sunset, the temp around here often stays well into the 90s up until 10 pm or so.   Good luck with your run in the dark.  As DaveP said, if there are any winds, you may want to take that jacket!


                        Good luck with the 6, DaveP.


                        Congrats on getting 10 miles in already, flarunner! You must get up way early!


                        Good luck with the intervals, Sparker!  Umm, isn't today Wednesday?


                        Good luck with the rehab, Phil!  Sorry you can't spin yet, but enjoy what you can do.


                        Hope your 14 goes well for you, Bruce.  6 degrees! Shocked  Can't wrap my mind around those kind of temps anymore, lol.  It's now been 19 years since I've seen any snow in person.  I don't miss it at all.


                        Dave, behave yourself for your taper!  Good luck with your miles.

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                        Ball of Fury

                          I am a tea girl myself and I REALLY, REALLY need some!  Looking like a 30ish hour shift for me today but I did get a bit of sleep last night so hopefully will be able to get in 5-6 easy miles when I get home.  My ITB is still pretty tender from the race so I will see how it goes!  Hope you all have a fabulous day!


                          Beth:  Enjoy the swim and run!

                          Basya:  Good morning...have a good day!

                          Dave:  I hate those winds....I would be on the TM too!

                          LRB:  Enjoy it out there...almost all my runs are in the dark.  It's not too bad!

                          Flarunner:  Nice 10 early this morning!

                          Sparker:  Glad you got the extra sleep you needed.  Enjoy the intervals!

                          Baboon:  Sounds like PT is going really well....that damn ITB massage/Graston stuff is serious business, but at least it works!

                          Bruce:  Enjoy your 14 in the sunshine...even if it is super cold!

                          Dtothe2nd:  Enjoy your 5-6....your race is super close!

                          PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15

                            Rick, run well.


                            flarunner, awesome ten. How do you do so much so early every day?


                            Scott, enjoy the intervals.


                            Phil, happy biking.


                            BruceD555, have a great run.


                            Dave, have a refreshing easy run.


                            scottydawg, enjoy yourself, whatever you do.


                            I didn't do speedwork. I just played with the speed on the TM. 6.31 miles in 1:00:30. 9:36 pace. Not hard, but not easy, either. Meh, actually.



                              Hmmm, maybe it's time to switch to decaf? Joking


                              Good morning everyone!


                              5-6 easy miles on tap for later, stupid taper.  Smile


                              Hope everyone has a great day!


                              Feeling a little like Ren about now?


                              Taper Madness

                              Train smart ... race smarter.


                                Coffee, please and thank you. My pot is almost gone already, since I started in at 5:30.


                                It's still cold here. Temps in the teens and a breeze. But I am hopeful there will be some sunshine toward mid-morning and I can get out then for 10 miles. If the roads allow it (we're in the freeze/melt/freeze cycle, which I detest, plus lots of sand they put down during the freezing rain last weekend), I'll try to make the last 3-4 miles a progression to GMP.