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I Did It! My First Sub-20:00 5k! (Read 125 times)



    Note: my Garmin data does not correspond with my official time, or mile splits.  So I had to fudge the numbers of my last split in my log.  I actually don't know what the hell I ran, but apparently it was fast.


    I ran my first 5k of the year today finishing with a time of 19:57, a time that came with much frustration.


    The Meteor 5k is a part of the The Martian Marathon, which apparently is fuckin' huge!  I had no idea that this event attracted so many runners (someone said 8000+), but it didn't take long to find that out.


    I would say about 10 feet after tip toeing across the starting mat, I started to realize that there was no way my goal of a sub-20:00 was going to happen.  There were people everywhere, shoulder to shoulder, front to back.  Walking, jogging, skipping, but not too many racing.


    I played a game of dodge the one in front of you for over a half mile, while running a blistering pace of 7:10!


    Now, that is not to make light of any of the runners who I passed, as they had just as much right as I did to be there.  It was just so disheartening that all my training and goal time hopes were being tossed out of the window as I navigated seemingly hundreds of people mere seconds after the event began.


    I was finally able to dip below seven minute pace at the mile 1 marker checking in at 6:55, some 30 seconds off goal pace.  I wasn't really sure what to do at that point, but I was finally free and in the open and rather than try to make it all back up, I just decided to gradually increase my pace.


    I spent the bulk of this mile running around a 6:37-6:40 clip, a pace that while challenging, did not hurt.  I probably could have ramped it up quite a bit more, but was still trying to get my head right.


    Indeed, I checked in at the mile 2 marker at 6:36 all the while passing people in droves, which not only speaks to the sheer number of participants there were, but also how stupidly far back I was in the corral.


    It was at this point that I decided to open it up a little bit just to see how it would feel, and other than an increase in heavy breathing, I was cruisin' right along picking off runners.  Only now there were not as many left.


    I continued a gradual increase in pace the entire mile, and checked in at the mile 3 marker at 6:15 I was beginning to hurt pretty good at that point, but the adrenaline of the impending last tenth of a mile took over.


    Unbeknownst to me at the time, this is also where I likely sealed my sub-20:00.


    I always look to find a rabbit at this point in a 5k that no matter how far ahead of me he or she is, I pick one then try to go get his ass and today, my rabbit was wearing orange.


    Dude probably had 50 meters on me when I crossed the 3 mile point, and it took me to finish line to pass him, but I did, running the last .10 at a 4:24 pace.


    My thoughts on today's race:


    • Despite my pace being all over the place, once out and into the open, I kept the intensity pretty even.  This is a huge change for me as my first two years running I was that guy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, spittin' all over the place, clenching my fists and racin' like a mad man.  Now with Daniels as my guide, I have learned to race loose, smooth and effortlessly.  Just kind of gliding along. Oh don't get it twisted, I am still running my ass off.  Just dare I say, more efficiently so. 


    • One thing Daniels stresses is not to get caught up in where you are on the course at any given time, just race.  Surprisingly, this came relatively easy for me today.  Whereas in the past I would spend the entire race counting down to the end so to speak, dreading every God awful step left, today I didn't really look at the distance traveled at all.  I also never looked at the overall time, a first for me during any event. 


    • During a run earlier this week the thought occurred to me that my coveted sub-20:00 5k goal time may just be a glass ceiling, and that it was entirely possible that I might be able to run much faster than that.  I would have never guessed in a million years after that first mile debacle that today would be that day, but I kept my head, didn't panic and it paid off in the end! 

    For now, it's back to the training lab and back to getting my ass kicked.  It truly is remarkable though, that no matter how tough those speed sessions are, somehow, someway, the shit all comes together on race day.


    Thank you for reading.



      Oh yeah, here is the obligatory 'ho pic....


      Because well, Imma 'ho.  ; )



      Bad Ass

        Congratulations, ho!  Awesome job.  I can see the weight loss in the pic.  How much have you lost again?


        Well deserved victory!  Congrats!



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        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          Dang you're fast, great race LRB. Just think what it could've been if you didn't have to weave around those folks at the start. Nice pic too.

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            What an awesome race! I guess it goes to show never count your goal out after mile #1. Phenomenal finish and I too look for my rabbit to reel in on the last kick home .. all the while hoping I'm not somebody's else's rabbit.

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              Congratulations, Rick! I am super impressed. You ran a fantastic race despite all the neighbors you had on the course. Wonderful job. Smile


              Love the pic. You look great!


              Beer-and-waffle Powered

                A start and pacing like that and you still had 8 seconds to spare? And since it was only the first race of the season it seems like you've got a lot of good things coming. Congrats!

                In the words of my late-coach : Just hang in there, relax... and at the end of a race anyone you see.....just pass them

                  That is friggin awesome!  All I can say!  Congrats ! ! !

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                    Woot, woot Speedy.


                    I missed seeing you run for sure then as I got the the finish when the clock said 35 minutes.  I too didn't expect so many folks and didn't account for parking time

                    Ball of Fury

                      Holy speed LRB!!  Awesome job!  Way to stick with it and not get frustrated!

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                        Congrats Rick, that is a milestone that I will never make. My hat is off to you!

                          Wow, friggin' awesome dude!

                          I thought about going over to the finish line to look for you, but probably would have been too late by that time. And I would not have been able to see you anyway, since you were nothing but a blur at that point.

                          Readers should be aware that photo in singlet & shorts was taken at about 38 degrees, 30 wind chill.


                            Great job man.

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                              Great race LRB!





                                A tip of the hat to an oustanding race, great job!!

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