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    I've been chasing 1st place in my age group and never have hit it.  Plenty of 2nd's & 3rd's............


    Not a huge field today but that's ok.  Before the start I was checking out my competition and noticed one guy in particular who looked like he was fit..........but was he fast?  His sweat pants on this sunny morning made me wonder.


    Sure enough, when the gun fired he took off fast and he was gone.  Oh well, I guess I'm fighting someone for 2nd again, I'll just settle in to my pace. 


    As I approached the 3 mile turn around point I decided to measure the gap between me and the other age group competitor ahead of me.  It was a 54 second gap.  But I was supposed to be picking up the pace at this point, and gee it sure is hot out here.  I wonder how he's doing in those sweats?


    Well, I settled in behind him by the end of mile 5.  As we worked through some walkers (from the 5 k) who were slow to move over, I decided to make a move to test him at mile 5 1/4.  He kicked it in and was right on my heels in no time.  Now I knew we had some sharp turns at the end of this mile before one final turn heading to the finish. 


    I was just hanging on to keep him behind me heading into these turns.  I was really hurting at this point, partly because I did a very long run on Thursday and this is my 6th race since October 21st.  My engine was fine but my legs felt like jelly.  Again, images of LTH came into my head because I just wanted to stop and walk it in.  But I could visualize LTH coaching me and he wasn't using words like buttercup!


    I beat him through the first of three final turns, then the next.  On the final left hand turn, he was right on top of me and we were both breathing hard. 


    I could see more walkers between us and the finish.  I gave him plenty of room at the turn to go low, but he took the outside while I shouted to the walkers "PASSING ON YOUR LEFT"  and they squeezed together as I went to the inside and he went outside.  I guess the walkers thought the crowd was cheering for them because they seemed surprised that a couple of people were out here racing each other.  Oh well.   


    I kicked hard for the final 1/10th mile.  I could hear the crowd cheering and someone said "You're gonna get him!".  Hey that's good right?  But were they talking to me or him?  I didn't really know but I did know I was in front of him so I just kept on kicking.  When I reached the line I don't even know where he was because I was about to collapse.  I walked over to the curb and caught my breath, then saw him about 5 minutes later.  I went over to pick up water and bananas for both of us and we chatted about the race.  I was pretty sure I came in 1st in the age group, but after a few minutes I realized that I finished 3rd overall.  Wow, that's never happened before. 


    The other guy was happy to learn that he jumped up to 1st out of the 8 others in our age group.


    So I still don't have a 1st in my age group, but I'll take the 3rd overall any day.  Official time 47:27. 


    Thanks for reading. 




      Wow, what a great finish! 3rd place over all is fantastic! Nice trophy.


      I love reading these race reports from speed demons like yourself. I've gotten first in my age group once, but I've never had a great rabbit chase finish like yours. It sounds brutal, but also lots of fun!

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        Congrats on the race and the award!  Great picture.



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        It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          An overall award beats the hell out of an AG award any day.  Sounds like a terrific race.  The reality is that one of the limiting factors in any race beyond a 5K is your body's ability to cool itself.  If you're just going to go jog, then sure, dress up.  But, if you're going to race, it's always better to be too chilly than too warm.  I have started races in 30 degrees wearing shorts, a singlet, and gloves.  Big congrats on the overall award.

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            Wowzers!   I felt like I was right there, witnessing it go down.  What an exciting race!!!! Congratulations on a great race, a fantastic time, and on scoring 3rd place OA!  What a great shot of you, too, w/your trophy!!! 

            Jack K.

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              Cool RR, Tinman. I enjoyed the "play by play." Congrats on the award.


                Great job.  Congratulations on 3rd overall!


                Wickedly Average

                  Great run, Tinman! Third overall - that's great.


                  Something about a close competitor brings out the best in us. You did great!

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                    Wow, now that was a race!  Sounds like you did the smart thing in letting him go at the beginning and I wonder if that cost him the overall award?




                    Wickedly Average

                      Oh, out of curiousity, are you running the Karen Lawrence 4 mile on New Years' Eve?

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                        Thank you for all the comments. 


                        kitteh - I think that was my first 'close finish' too.  That was fun.  Usually I'm just trying to sprint to save an extra few seconds, but today was a different situation.  I didn't know what was going to happen.


                        Docket - Thank you.  Always inspired by your RR's for sure.  I don't know how you do it with these marathons but it's awesome!


                        LTH - Thanks for being on the side of that trail telling me not to quit today.  Seriously, that's what popped into my mind with .2 miles to go.  And I agree with you on the overheating.  Although I'm overdressed in this pic, I raced with shorts and shirt and shoes only.  Had to bundle up afterward though.


                        runmomto3boys - Thank you!  I haven't been this excited about a race report since I read your account of the 26.2 that amazed all of us! 

                        I appreciate your kind words and encouragement and look forward to your RR's in 2013.


                        Jack Klompus - Thank you for reading.  I never thought I'd have any 'play by play' commentary to deliver but today sure was different.


                        workinprogress - Thank you too!  I've enjoyed your RR's too.  I really appreciate your comments.


                        Tom - Thanks man, I appreciate it.  To answer your question from yesterday, I put Thursday's long run near the Collegedale Greenway.  Had to start several miles away since it's such a short course.   I'm not sure about the Karen Lawrence race this year, but if I go I'll let you know.  Right now I don't think I'll be able to make that one.  I do wish you luck in that race!


                        zelanie -  That's what I kept telling myself, run your own race, run your own race.  Then when I saw I was getting close it was time to go.  But wow, did I really have to earn it from this guy.  I appreciate your comments.

                          If you had to bundle up afterward, you dressed appropriately for the race.  I have frequently heard the "dress as if it were 20 degrees warmer" guideline tossed out but I think that's more for easy runs or marathons.  For shorter, more intense races, you'll dress as if it were 30 or 40 degrees warmer.  You should be uncomfortably cool at the start and maybe for the first mile or two.  Of course, you have to make allowances for individual differences.  Poor circulation in the extremities runs in my family so I wear gloves at any temp under 50.  I honestly think your decision to wear fewer clothes is the reason you have an overall award rather than an AG award.


                          We don't frequently talk about your body's ability to stay cool as a limiting factor in races but it is critical.  Warm up too much and your body will simply refuse to recruit the muscles needed to run at the same speed.

                          Short term goal: 17:59 5K

                          Mid term goal:  2:54:59 marathon

                          Long term goal: To say I've been a runner half my life.  (I started running at age 45).

                            What a really well written RR. I felt as if I was right there. Congratulations on third place.

                              I knew how this report was going to go once I saw the pic with the trophy. The report was still worth the read, however. I felt like I was right there watching the race. Great report. Congrats on your 3rd place overall. Smile

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                                Congrats on the award. Nice RR, it was like we are at race ourselves. Nice bling too.

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