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MILES GAME Nag List 01/07/14 (Read 29 times)

Susan,Queen of the Crocs

    <caption>Missing Runners</caption>
    UsernameMissing Weeks
    EatsFood (4midable) 2
    ktsmitty21 (4midable) 3
    lagrandegazelle (4midable) 1
    waterskimmer (4midable) 2
    ZackCB (4midable) 2
    pygzilla (Corredores) 1
    wcrunner (Corredores) 1
    kentuckian (Free Agents) 1
    mo'miles (Free Agents) 1
    Cyrus12 (Happy Feet) 1
    KnitAndRun (Happy Feet) 1
    lateStarter (Happy Feet) 1
    RoxieRuns (Happy Feet) 1
    SlowNUnsteady (Happy Feet) 1
    BCinNM (Hillkillers) 1
    BruceD555 (Hillkillers) 1
    garyper (Hillkillers) 3
    paulajmcd (Hillkillers) 1
    runslikeagrandma (Kickin' Asphalt) 2
    TR_Penguin (Kickin' Asphalt) 3
    huenix (Luckylegs) 2
    Othlasgn (Luckylegs) 1
    bbqden (M.R.T.) 1
    jeb6294 (M.R.T.) 1
    Joe in Raleigh (M.R.T.) 1
    MothAudio (M.R.T.) 1
    bunk60 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    Ed-ssrd? (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    FlippyNoodle (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    lilredfiat (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    RunJZ (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    Sunshine7388 (Margaritaville Miles) 1
    countrycruiser (Pavement Pounders) 2
    kimbalion23 (Pavement Pounders) 1
    lilac_jive (Pavement Pounders) 1
    running_coder (Pavement Pounders) 2
    glasspak11 (Phoenix Rising) 1
    tym2run (Phoenix Rising) 1
    ACRC (Sole Train) 2
    ebrindle9 (Sole Train) 2
    irakanji (Sole Train) 1
    Jblackjr (Sole Train) 3
    Kathleen 145 (Sole Train) 1
    mtbbaboon (Sole Train) 1
    runninggirl30 (Sole Train) 1
    Runny_babbit (Sole Train) 2
    aponi (Triple Digits) 2
    bingo_jenn (Triple Digits) 1
    LakeShoreMadRunner (Triple Digits) 1
    ooligan-rw (Triple Digits) 1

    Dad on the run.

      How am I missing 3 weeks? I just got back from being on IR this week, and I'm not even on the nag list for last week... Smile

      My parents said I could be anything when I grew up, so I decided to be Awesome!

      Susan,Queen of the Crocs

        Sorry.  I just now saw this.  There is a glitch in the system that makes a player who's coming back from IR look like a 3 week non-poster if the nag list is run before the person has a chance to post.  Sorry about that.