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The viewpoint of husbands vs. wives. (Read 172 times)

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    I can't argue with that.  Ice baths my ass.  Give me a steaming hot shower - especially after a cold run.


    It's not unusual for me to take a shower and then just sit in the tub for a good 15-20 minutes after a cold run.

    Hip Redux

      When I met the DH, he was a nutty runner.  I knew crazy was part of the deal when I married him!   It's really only gotten worse though.... lol




        Really?  I just put any I find into the tequila bottle....


        Worms are sometimes found in bottles of mezcal, not tequila. The more you know, the more you grow Wink




          It could be called the viewpoints of husbands vs. wives or maybe better runners vs. non-runners. I get back from my run and my wife says, "Are you going to take a shower?" I reply, " No, I just ran over 7 miles in the rain and I'm rinsed off". She say's back, "You smell like a wet farm animal and you have dirt and leaves, and what is that - a dead worm on your leg?" I say back, "I don't think I stink and the worm looks like he's still alive."  She says, "Ugg. Get that thing out of here and get in the shower." 


          Later on she says, "I know you like to run, but you do it in the rain, when its freezing cold or hot out, or in the middle of the night. I'm not telling you that you've lost your marbles, but there is definitely a hole in the bag."


          LMAO!!  I love this post!!  Hi, Gus!


          more miles = more beer