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I just set a 10K PR on a training run (Read 254 times)

delicate flower

    My plan for today's run was to run 8 miles and just to keep it under 8:00 pace overall.  A steady state run at a strong effort.  I parked at my gym so I could change there, then ran a mile on the paved bike path to the local 10K race route.  It's a nice route to run.  8 miles overall.  Some rolling hills...about 300' elevation gain total.  


    I felt good right from the start.  Two miles into my run, I realized I was running faster than my 10K PR pace but certainly wasn't running at what I remember was that effort (I set the 47:48 PR a year ago and have only run one 10K since).  I decided at mile two that since the 10K was the only distance I did not PR in this year, I felt good so I was going to do that today.  I did not push too hard...a strong effort but certainly not 10K race effort.  Maybe an 8 out of 10 effort.  I have more miles to run this week and didn't want to ruin myself.  So, I just kept it under 7:40 pace.  I felt great.  I kept the pace just under PR pace and did not push much faster.  I did not want to burn myself out.  I just wanted to beat that 47:48 time.


    Mile 1:  7:37

    Mile 2:  7:29

    Mile 3:  7:35

    Mile 4:  7:40

    Mile 5:  7:30

    Mile 6:  7:41

    MIle 6.2:  7:23 pace


    Time:  47:09.  7:35 pace.  Unofficial PR by 39 seconds.  Pretty comfortable margin and with far less effort.   


    I know I've been running well lately and this really shouldn't surprise me too much.  Still, it does.  It makes me wonder what my real 10K race pace would be right now.  I've been doing a steady dose of speedwork the last month and will continue with that through the winter.  I can't wait to see what I'll do in the spring races.  


    Too bad this PR doesn't count!  Big grin  



      That's a great time, Phil, for a 10K and is only further proof that you have gotten crazy fast in the last few months!  Woot!


        Hey, don't worry, for some people elsewhere, it counts. Big grin 


        That is a great training PR, Phil, congratulations! You will kick ass in your next 10k race!

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        Jess runs for bacon

          Lol, oops?


          Congrats, that's awesome. I'd be interested to see how you do in a race as well.



            Whoa! That's awesome, Phil! Congratulations!

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              Nice job Smile

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                  No pics?

                  delicate flower

                    Heh...thanks!  Smile


                    It's worth mentioning that I did not warm up, either.  This was the first 6.2 miles of my 8.17 mile run.  I also ran 10 miles yesterday.  



                      I'm not surprised Phil. That's great! 

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                        that's awesome! If you eat a donut as a reward, it counts. At least, that's how I do it. You will murder a 10k in the spring. Extra months of speedwork behind you? Fuhgettaboutit.

                          What a waste of a PR Joking Lol, jk. It must be all those 50 and 60+ mile weeks you strung together. You'll kill your next race.

                            I would say you could go sub 45 min in a race.

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                              Great job!


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                                I for one am super impressed that you can do that on a run by yourself.  I have so much trouble pushing myself when I am alone.  I spend the entire run arguing with myself on whether I should just stop and walk.  Great Job!