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Jess runs for bacon

    LRB, 250 calories on the elliptical in 30 minutes, damn!


    Scotty, I'm jealous! Beautiful pics!


    April, good luck on your 5 miler! Weather looks to be warm but a little drizzly.



      Phil: FANTASTIC speed work out there!  Great job!!!


      Bob: I understand the busy factor.  You are a college prof, right?  What do you teach?  Have a great run today!


      Shari: Enjoy the rest day and weights today!


      Lilac: I hate those days! Bah!


      Scotty: Look at those lights!!!  Gorgeous!  I love the pics. 


      Lily: I hope the birthday dinner goes well!  Tis the two year old has a bug too....  Yuckers.


      D2: Another blazing fast run from you!  You have talent!!!!


      Basya: Nice work on the cross-training; I hope the run goes well!


      I'm getting REALLY good at this resting business.  We went out for burgers, fries and sundaes last night - such a treat and something we never do when I'm running.  St. Nick came this AM and left the boys treats/trinkets and we have a family Star Wars birthday party for my just-turned 4 year old and my soon-to-be (tomorrow) 6 year old.  Shew!!!!  It's been a crazy week! 


      I'm re-thinking my plan for training and just think I'm going to take it week by week (I start 12/17).  I'm still going to do Pfitz and run a good amount of miles, but maybe not as many as I was planning and I might run on the 7th day, I might not.  I don't want to get hurt and I feel like running 80 miles every week and running 7 days a week might be pushing my limit and might be why I needed a breather this week so badly.  It's that fine line...doing as much as I am capable of, but not so much that I get hurt/burnt out.  I added a tempo and intervals the last two weeks I ran 80 miles and I my legs were pretty trashed.  I don't think it's coincidental, either.  Anyway, that's that.  I'm going to start training and just re-evaluate as I go along and adjust week to week.


      Go figure

        Okay, so I was supposed to meet a group of people, but nobody was there.  Boo, sad face.  I felt kinda dumb about it, but just went out and did 11.88 at an easy pace on my own anyway. I was already thinking that one group run a week was enough for me, so maybe people not showing up was just a sign that it wasn't meant to be. 


        Gustav...perhaps you should bring a little paper fan for yourself on the bike!  Good job with the weights.'


        Weezer...Another day, another starts to feel like that after a while huh?  I hope the 8 went well.


        Makk..I'm right with ya on missing summer.  Why I don't live somewhere tropical, I really don't know.  Good job with the mileage. 


        Eddie...No idea how to respond to your no idea!


        Kay...You're quite the shoe and boot gal huh?  I guess it's just extra strength training for your legs.  Have fun running, or resting.


        Bertha...Sounds like you just have to let those old paces go and focus on building on the ones you're running now - easier said than done!  I hope your husband feels better, and have a nice TM run.


        Vegan...Yep, ipad kills the paragraphs.  It drives me batty.  I've never tried spinning either, but I'm always tempted by it, especially now that I'm starting to ride some.


        LRB...Thanks for the coffee, but I don't do warm drinks.  A cranberry juice would be fine next time.


        Boon...we were talking about this on one of my other daily threads...isn't it odd how when you do intervals with active recoveries, the overall pace tends to match right up with your easy run pace?  That's a good workout you did.  Is it taken from a plan or magazine, or just what you plucked out of your brain?


        MtnBiker...I have day confusion too.  I've been convinced that my birthday coming would be on a Thursday....guess it's actually a Tuesday.  doh.


        Bob...Enjoy the hills...I prefer December to be turned off, personally.


        Docket...Nothing hurt because of that big hug I was sending you way haha. 


        EatRunLiveHapy...Hi...You'll be doing workouts that would shock your old self in no time.  Just take it slowly and ease into it.  Have a good 5.

        Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


          Kay...You're quite the shoe and boot gal huh?  I guess it's just extra strength training for your legs.  Have fun running, or resting.


          I am, a good pair of shoes can change your entire outlook.  At 5'6", some of my highest heels make me nearly 6' tall.  I feel like I'm on top of the world when I wear them. Smile

          Do you even run?

            Good morning peeps! I really crashed hard on the couch last night. It must be this commuting nonsense. At least it's only for 3 days. I ran a double yesterday. 3.6 @ 9:00 a d 7.6 @ 8:10. SIAR - To answer your question from yesterday, and I'm assuming you're talking a about paces in general (i.e. tempo, interval) as opposed to the opposite ends of easy paces, I do find it more difficult to lock into the faster paces. Sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow. It just takes me a while to lock into a rhythm, likely because I run so many easy miles like yourself. I'll be running another 91 minutes tonight.

            delicate flower

              SIAR, it is a little weird that a real hard effort like that doesn't really show it in the overall pace.  I know I had a good workout though.  I didn't come up with it on my own...I just pay attention to what some of the experienced runners here and RW do and just sort of learn from them.  I do quarter mile intervals because I figure that's about equal to once around a track.  If I was doing a track workout (which I have not done), I'd do one lap hard, one lap easy, repeat.  I've also done half mile intervals but I can't run them as hard.  I tend to to those workout intervals at HM or 10K+ pace.



                Morning Dailies~


                Headed to the community center to help out today, which I do every Thursday morning.  Then to the gym for some upper body work and an hour on the bike. 


                Happy Thursday


                Go figure

         you know that song by the Black Eyed Peas where the line goes, "step by step like an infant new kid?"  Every time I see your name on here, I sing it!  Sincerely, thank you for that. grrh.  That's a great attitude you have about the weights.  I go so hot and cold with lifting it's not even funny.


                  Dtothe2nd...Those are some pretty quick miles you're putting in.  Do you do runs at an easier pace as well?  It's tough to pick the right amount of clothing with the temps constantly up and down like they have been everywhere.


                  Basya...Good morning to you too Smile  I haven't used an arc trainer before.  Is that pretty much an elliptical?


                  Lilac...I hope the time trial goes well for you.  Is this your first virtual race?  I think the concept is neat, but haven't tried it myself.


                  Tom...Enjoy your rest.  I'm on a 10 day, 12 run streak too...that's about the point where it gets hard to let them go.


                  Lrb...When are we going to start hearing about your yoga efforts?  Good job on your elliptical.


                  Scotty...Wow, beautiful!  I've only ever been to Plano, TX, and it didn't look like that!  Nice job on the 4.2.


                  Aprill...I guess the group made the choice for me by not showing up!  RPs are definitely different than running groups, and better in my opinion.  Breakfast after the group run does sound good though.  Nice job making the most of your lunch hour.  I haven't done a 5 mile race either...sounds fun.  Good luck!


                  Lily...Enjoy the rest, and have a great time with your family and the tree.

                  Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

                  Bad Ass

                    SIAR, there is no hugging.  And my iPad does not screw up the paragraphs.  Must be that yours received too many hugs.


                    Heidi, plan on doing the plan but know that you'll modify it as you feel like.  You are already running a ton  of miles, which I love to do too, but feel free to change it if you need to.



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


                      Morning Gang,


                      SIAR...I'm jealous you have a running group. I have nothing like theat near me, so it's always me, myself, and I.

                      Scotty...awesome photos, I need to get my kiddos down there this Christmas. It's only a 2hour drive.


                      SRD for me...legs are tired. I rearranged my schedule to be able to take a portrait photography class today. My other passion and I'm lucky enough to make a little money too. I'll never make money running...LOL!!!! 


                        Lrb...When are we going to start hearing about your yoga efforts?  Good job on your elliptical.


                        +1  And pics?

                        Do you even run?


                          Thanks Heidi!


                          SIAR, I guess I would call today's run a moderate pace, I wasn't pushing it, but I was conscious of my pace.  I classify 99% of my runs as easy, because I just go out and run at whatever pace feels comfortable, which usually ends up being around 8:00-8:20 lately.  My recovery runs will sometimes dip down to 8:45-9:00, that's about as slow as I can go anymore.  I want to start working in tempos and some intervals.  Today was going to be my first attempt at a tempo, might try again tomorrow.  It was 57* yesterday morning and 30* this morning, crazy.  I knew I should have gone lighter tho for the tempo run, since I would be working harder.  But when I was already hot after warming up, I knew I'd be dying doing 3 miles at tempo, so I decided to just pick it up a little and not overheat. 


                          My running blog

                          Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!


                          Go figure

                            Rmt3b...I honestly don't think your times would suffer with a little reduction in your overall mileage, and they may even improve by keeping your legs fresher.  Plans are definitely just tools to help you, so using it as a guide and making your own adjustments sounds like a great plan.  You've trained enough now to trust your instincts.  Your dinner sounds awesome - do you have a local burger joint?


                            Kay...nearly 6', phew, I've still got an inch on ya.  I'm all for clothes changing your outlook.  My motto has always been "look good, feel good, play good."  (with poor grammar for emphasis ha)


                            Bplus...Great job on your double.  I'm just starting to adjust to them now so that when they're harder double efforts for me they won't impact me as badly.  I guess most of us probably struggle with the faster paces.  I usually think I need to run harder than I do, sprinting when it's not necessary.  Way to earn those points with the 91. 


                            Boon...I didn't mean to say the effort wasn't tough.  It just seems to be that the recoveries make it average back out to easy pace.  I think you'd have fun on the track.  Most of the time if I do quarters I'll do them with a 200m recovery jog, but it's just a different type of workout than doing them with 400m recoveries.  I bet blend intervals would work well on the TM, something like 2000m (or 1.25 mi) at 5k pace, then 2minutes jog, then 200m at 25 seconds under 5k pace.  That one is good with three sets of those, doing 4 minute jobs between sets. 


                            EasyMiles...That's awesome that you're able to volunteer like that.  Have a good bike and lift.

                            Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                            Jess runs for bacon

                              Heidi, glad you are enjoying your rest week! I'm one of those who need a solid plan, but I think you've got the drive and the knowledge to succeed.


                              I'mARunner, yes, this will be my first. I have another New Year's Day too!





                                MBC, the guys can wear jeans whenever we want but there is a buzz in the office on denim Friday's!


                                Supp T-3!


                                Nice choice Tom, I spend my free calories on alcohol! 



                                Glad you like it Baysa!


                                D, you're welcome!


                                Lilac, calories burned are deceiving because the heavier you are the more you burn.  So my 250 = Bloof!


                                SIAR, Starbucks has a hibiscus berry caffeinated drink that is yum, yum!  I have not done any yoga yet. 


                                Kay, no pics yet sorry.


                                Nice pics Scotty!