Beginners and Beyond


Thirsty THURSDAILIES need to hydrate! (Read 225 times)


    20 miles, starting at 2:30 PM.


    On the route I ran today I mixed in some road sections with some greenway sections.


    The first 1.5 miles outbound on the road is tough because of the traffic pattern you have to navigate.


    I made it through and began to settle in to an easy pace and realized that I had no Gels.  I turned around to head back to the car - it's not as bad going back.  Then I loaded up with Gels and went back through the 1.5 mile gaunlet again.


    Some of the greenway regulars gave me funny looks since I was decked out in reflective gear & a headlamp.  And one of them whose husband is a running buddy specifically asked how far I was going since she noticed the gear. 


    Pizza and beer tonight.. 


      Great job on the 20 miler, tinman11.


      6.25 miles for me on the treadmill today, followed by a cool-down walk.  Now its time to dig into the ropa veijo we've had going in the slow cooker all day.

      PRs:  5K (26:35); 10K (53:55); HM (1:58:53); FM (4:20:20)

        Enjoy the pizza and beer tinman. You earned it! 11.1 @ 8:14 with some fartlek. It's getting cold here.

        Wickedly Average

          Nice run, Tinman. Chickamauga Creek greenway by chance?


          Had a work meeting this evening, then shot pool. Lost my 9-ball match, but won the 8 ball match 4 ganes to 3. A tough opponent. It was basically a matter of who made the most mistakes. We both played well.

          Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

          5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

            10.3 for me.

            "I wanted to push that bitch right into the flame pit and watch her burn alive." - DeathRunnr


              I'm late tonight and didn't get to read everything, but Scotty, those pictures are beautiful!


              8 easy miles for me today.  I either never completely got over being sick before Thanksgiving or am starting to get sick again.  Either way, I feel kinda crappy.


                8 easy miles for me as well after a long day at work.  Good to finally be out there today.  I didn't even mind running in the dark.