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FriDAILIES: I Don't Always Dress Like I Robbed A Bank... (Read 78 times)

    Rick, cool shoes! How do they feel?


    Shari, enjoy your eight-miler.


    Kay, have a great run, no matter how long it is.


    flarunner, sunrise is coming earlier? Sweet!


    Ah, Luke, it's this weekend!!! Enjoy your  SRD.


    Dave, eight miles at 7:22? Very nice.


    Scott, have a refreshing SRD.


    Tom, I hope that you can work the runs into your busy weekend.


    Beth, feel well soon.


    No school today. Later, three easy miles on the TM to test my new Intuition 1.5s. Also, ab work. I've already done push-ups. (I've taken to dropping and giving myself twenty-five to thirty as soon as I'm out of bed.)


    I usually dress in head-to-toe black. My preschoolers have seen my shoes, Camelbak, waistbag, water bottles, etc. because I sometimes head out after work. Some have commented on why I dress so darkly. Yesterday, I showed one of the girls my new Altras. She proceeded to tell all the other girls, who refused to believe that I would wear anything with bright color.


      LRB: Love the new kicks and gear!


      Shari: I hope the 8 mile run goes well.


      Kay: Rock those 3-5 miles.


      Luke: The race is tomorrow, right???  Talk to me: how are you feeling?  What are you targeting?  Strategy?  RACE DAY OUTFIT???  ZOMG - that is uber important, you know!  Big grin


      D2: Oh, you know it was an extra good run because of the news you got - no doubt!!!  I am glad it went so well!


      Sparker: Enjoy your rest day!


      Beth: It sounds like you might need a well deserved break!  You are due for one anyway, with all the running/swimming you've been doing.


      Tom: If you do decide to run, I hope the EZ miles go well!


      Kristin: Enjoy the rest!


      13 tonight. I need to watch the pace on my running tonight and tomorrow AM because I have a Sunday MP run (18, w/10 at MP) where I am testing out the new pace (7:15) and I don't want to go into it trashed.


        Good Morning, Friends!


        I cannot tell you how glad I am that today is Friday!!   Hopefully the work part of the day will go quickly for all of us!!


        LRB – Those are some crazy shoes!!  Love all the pics!   Thanks for starting us off today!


        Shari – I hope that the run goes well this morning!  Have a fabulous day!!


        Kay – Thanks for the coffee!   That’s just what I need to start my day!   Have a great run at lunchtime!!


        Flarunner – Pink runs are the BEST!!   I’m so glad that you had one this morning!   I hope your whole day is Pinktabulous!!


        Luke – Rest up!    Your race is coming….    Good luck!!


        DaveP – I hope your run after work goes very well!   I would love to see pics of LRB in that outfit with his sweet shoes – great idea!!


        Dave – Great run this morning!   We were all relieved to hear that you didn’t break anything, but I’m sure not as much as you were!   If you decide to run again later, enjoy the sunshine!


        Scott – I hope that your day is restful and refreshing!


        Jay – Happy Friday!   I hope your day is Pinktacular!!


        Tom – If you’re able to sneak the miles in today, have a great run!!   Be safe driving home on Monday!!


        Beth – I’m thinking a rest day might be just what you need.    I’m excited for you and your Princess vacation already!   I can’t wait to read all about it!!   Have a Pinksational day, Beth!!


        Kristin10185 – I hope you have a completely wonderful weekend with your boyfriend!!  Be careful while you’re driving and have a safe trip!


        Basya – Have a great run later!   I’m interested to hear how you like the Intuitions so let us know.


        Heidi – You are so incredibly fast!!  And, you just keep getting faster all the time!   I hope you’re able to restrain yourself on the next 2 runs – that Sunday run sounds more than a little challenging!!   Good luck!


        Rest day for me, and I needed the extra sleep this morning so that worked out nicely.   :-)


        Happy Friday - I hope your day is Pink-mazing!!    And, may your next run give you the determination to stick with your plans and make your dreams come true!!


        - Sarah

        But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.


        5K Specialist

          I plan on running tonight. Somewhere between 3 and 6. It depends on what I feel like running. My last run was Sunday.

          Personal Bests:

          800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)

          delicate flower

            Good morning!  It is PASTA AND BALLS FRIDAY!  At least, that seems to be the standard Friday dinner for me and the spousal unit.  Big day for me today...I am venturing out to the post office and grocery store!  First time behind the wheel since surgery.  Our mailbox got destroyed by a plow in our recent three foot snow dumping, so I need to go get our mail.  Apparently mom-in-law sent me a care package that the post office is holding.  Oh goody!  I'm getting my cracked windshield replaced this afternoon (house call).  My day is EXCITEMENT.


            Have a great Friday, muchambos.



            Team TJ

              Overslept this morning.  I think I'm taking the day off to get ready for a weekend onslaught of fat boy miles.  Due to the rain I have only 8 miles for the week so far.  I want to end the week with >20 so I need to get after it Saturday & Sunday (or just kick out 12 on Saturday...which I can't see happening at this time).


              LRB, love the new kicks!

              Running for TJ because he can't.


              Ball of Fury

                Morning Dailies!  Got in 4 easy miles this AM, somewhere around 9:35-9:40/mile (didn't look at Garmin before I came to work).  I was feeling pretty good until mile 2 and then had quite a bit of tightness in hip, which eventually spread all the way down to the knee and even my medial ankle...yuck!  Had no choice but to finish the run because it was 5 AM and I was 2 miles from home.  On a positive note, I did my first run in the NB 1080 v3 and I really like them.  They are light but cushioned and felt really nice on my feet, so since I got them for my recovery runs, I would say it is a success.  Also used my knuckle lights for the first time and they work pretty well.  The only bad thing is that I felt pretty hey, here I am....come kidnap me!  Hope you are all having a great Friday!

                PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15

                Bad Ass

                  Morning!  Recovery run tonight.


                  LRB, love those shoes.  And the ninja outfit.


                  Very happy about my race this weekend.  Feels like 36F at the start with 18mph headwind.  And the race is down here.  It's 82F as the high today and in two days we're going to have what?  If there is going to be a Winter day in South Florida, might as well be marathon day.


                  Although wind of 18-23mph throughout with no shade and nothing blocking the wind once we hit the beach....Shocked



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                    Happy Friday!    4.7 recovery pace this morning for me. Planning on doubling up with another run tonight. No run yesterday as my wife is still sick...diagnosed with pneumonia....yikes. That plus both kids needing to be in different places last night pretty much squashed my run plan.




                      Morning all.  Love the new shoes & outfit LRB!


                      I have 11 w/ 6@HMP  on the schedule. Today is a busy day but I should be able to sneak that one it at the indoor track before picking up DW from work.

                      Train smart ... race smarter.



                        Supp Crew!


                        I had a meeting with Miss Myrtle this morning giving her a jaw dropping 50 reps with the blue band, which was a goal I set for myself way back in December when I started doing them without any band, so it was nice to finally achieve that total.


                        I also did walking side lunges, standing side lunges, walking front lunges, front and rear monster walks and single leg squats, all for 50 reps.


                        Today was the first time I was able to successfully do walking front lunges.  Usually, I stagger and fall all over the damn place and just give up, but this  morning, I was determined to do them and they were relatively easy once I got going.


                        Though I originally loathed to do these "girly man" exercises, the cumulative of effect of them 8 weeks in is really starting to show. 


                        Me a happy girl boy!



                          LRB - Do you do the walking lunges with weight? Or use the band somehow? I find that having weight helps, but I am still a weeble-wobble on a lot of lunge type moves. Our strength instructor likes to find different angles to work, so we end up doing lots of lunges to 12 o'clock, 2 o'clock. 4 o'clock, etc... And those monster walk/squats - ouch.



                            LRB - Do you do the walking lunges with weight? Or use the band somehow? I find that having weight helps, but I am still a weeble-wobble on a lot of lunge type moves. Our strength instructor likes to find different angles to work, so we end up doing lots of lunges to 12 o'clock, 2 o'clock. 4 o'clock, etc... And those monster walk/squats - ouch.


                            I personally do not use the band for the front lunge, as those are longer strides.  I do use it for side lunges though.  In my case, I was not bending my rear leg deep enough to do the movement effectively.  That one simple thing made all the difference in the world for me.  You are now likely to see me doing them up and down my block, as I love challenges!


                            D, isn't there a ninja race down there, ha-ha!


                            Basya, there is a definite difference.  I could feel and hear my heels grazing the belt (on the treadmill yesterday) with each stride as they are much lower than what I am used to.  I will make the necessarily adjustment in that regard.


                            They are light and incredibly airy, and I could feel air flowing through them indoors no less.


                            The big test will come when I get them bad boys outside for a real run.  And I don't have to tell you, I cannot wait for that!

                              Happy Friday, dailies!


                              It's going to be a gorgeous afternoon here, so I'm planning a long run.  I may try going to a different location than from my house though, because a lot of our pathway system was never cleared of snow.


                              LRB, nice robber outfit.  The bandana is definitely the finishing touch.


                              5k: 25:05 (Sep 2011)     10k: 51:57 (Aug 2012)     half: 1:56:46 (May 2013)     full: 4:09:46 (Jan 2016)


                                LRB: Amazing work with the exercises. I think the hip strengthening stuff I am doing has been a huge help for me.  I'm sure the same is true for you!


                                Basya: I hope the new kicks work out well.

                                Sarah: Enjoy your rest.  I love your shout outs.  You are always sooooo darn sweet!


                                Robert: Enjoy  your off day and get ready to dig in and nail the miles this weekend.


                                Dan: I hope the run goes well!


                                Phil: Exciting!  I hope the first drive goes well.  It will be nice to get out, at the very least!


                                Paula: Enjoy the LR!!