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ThursDAILIES: Hey Mother Nature.... (Read 46 times)



     It felt so naked and liberating.


      Phil, super spinning session.

      SIAR, I'm only doing two sessions of weight training this week. (I usually do three. The way Passover falls this year, there's no way I can do three sessions this week and have a day in between. Next week will be no problem; Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, instead of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Shuffling running and cardio is a breeze.

      DaveP MI, nice 9.01.

      Damaris, great seven.

      B-Plus, bravo on the doubling.

      Sarah, come back! 


      The double dose of ab work is done. Dinner was lazy: two small yogurts and a pear. I wasn't hungry. I had to force myself to eat.


        It felt so naked and liberating.

        Pics. Or it didn't happen.

          Big grin


          Pics. Or it didn't happen.

            Hi dailies, 12.9 with 18x(1 minute at 5K pace, 30 seconds easy), 7:11 overall.