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NRR: Apps for tablets (Read 100 times)

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    DW bought me an Android tablet for Hanukkahmas and I'm just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for cool apps (free or not free, Android or otherwise).  I've got all the basics:











    I've downloaded a couple of games and a couple of running apps as well, but for the most part my tablet is pretty much empty.  Just wondering if anyone has any interesting apps or games that you like.


    YAYpril - B-Plus

      There's an app called [WordHero] (typed just like that) that I'm COMPLETELY addicted to. It's one of those "search for a bunch of words" games but it's multiplayer. Very fun.


      I also have Netflix on mine, and both the Nook and Kindle apps.


      Enjoy it. I have the Nexus 7 and I LOVE it.






        If you like music, Pandora is good. I also downloaded an app to my bank so that I can pay my bills online with my tablet. It's not the most thrilling app in the world, but I use it a lot.



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          I am a newsie, so I like CNN, ABC news, and USA Today. For weather, I like The Weather Channel app, although Weather Bug is awesome for accurate & detailed radar images of precip. TouchCalc I use often for math stuff. I use my Wahoo Fitness app to upload watch info to Garmin Connect. iTV for what is on the tube. Kindle and Stanza for book readers.  Big10network and TWC live streaming apps for TV. Pandora for music. TuneInRadio for local & national radio stations(inclement weather, sports broadcast, etc).


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            You don't really want to see my list do you?


            ok just the fun ones:

            Elixir widget (make your own shortcuts and widgets)

            AdFree (Adblock Plus for the non rooted)

            Androidify (awesome little app to make cartoons of all your friends as Androids)

            Craigslist mobile

            Draw Something (Pictionary)

            HBO Go (get ALL the HBO on demand content)

            Pulse (news app)

            Shazam (identify music)

            Slice (tracks your shopping and notifies you when things ship etc)

            Smart Tools (measuring tools)


            Titanium backup (total system backup for rooted users)


            April Runner we bought the Nexus 7 for our niece for xmas!!  Hope she loves it too!


              ESPN ScoreCenter

              Jump (remote desktop app for iPad)

              TuneIn Radio

              HBO GO