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Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year (Read 205 times)

    This has been making the rounds for a few weeks, but I wanted to make sure everyone has seen it. Conner and Cayden are triathletes and wonderful examples of what it means to be sportsmen.

    delicate flower

      What about Biingo?


        Very cool. I found a link out to the story:


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        They'll tell you that failure is not an option.  That's ridiculous.  Failure is always an option.  It is the easiest and most readily available option.  It's your choice though.

          Bingo is 2013. Duh.


          You may be right

            They are like a young Dick and Rick Hoyt but brothers. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.


            Don't believe everything you think. 

              Really inspiring, what great kids.


              More cowbell!

                Good stuff!  Thx for sharing.

                STILL HAVING FUN!!!


                  Great story.  What great kids.