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RR - Don Zetnick Arlington Winter Run 2 Miler. Running for the Penguin (Read 244 times)


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    Time: 13:00

    Overall: 9/466

    AG: 1/16.







    10 days ago I got relegated from being a starter to an alternative in a marathon relay. I was ticked off for about 5 minutes, but then excited. I heard of this 2 mile race after I had already committed to the relay. The reason I was so excited about this race is that I hadn't run a 2 mile race since junior high and the penguin prizes are awesome.


    The bad thing about switching gears from a 5 miler to a 2 miler with 10 days to go is the inability to properly train for it; therefore, I set my goal about 9 seconds slower than McMillan said I could run. My goal was 13:00 and my stretch goal was 12:50.


    This morning was a panic. My Garmin beeped at me right when I was getting up. There was no battery left in it. Why? I have no clue. I charge the thing after every run. I think it hooked up to the satellite last night. Anyway, I ended out leaving my house at 7 instead of 6:30 to get it up to a half charge.


    The weather was nice. 65 degrees in a little windy. Since it was a 2-miler, I basically ran the course as a warm up. It was well marked. I noticed some slick turns from dew caused by high humidity. I was able to scout the break between the 2-miler and 10k. I knew I would have to stay left later. I also made note of the penguin marking the 6 mile point for the 10-k race. This would be my planned location to go into my final kick.


    The race:


    First half mile (3:13)


    I started out in the third row of the pack on the left. There was a sharp turn after about .1 miles. I got a little too far over to the left. I tried to avoid being boxed in but got slightly boxed in. There was a front group of about 20 runners. I stayed behind them and focused on my pace. I was still running a little fast for the first quarter mile. My pace was around 6:00. I made sure to stay on the left side because I knew the break was coming at around .3 miles. As the runners broke, I counted the ones that were running the 2-miler. I was in tenth place.


    I slowed down a little too much the from about .3 - .5 miles. I was trying to keep my first half mile at about a 6:20 pace. I ended out at a 6:26 pace.


    Second half mile (3:17)


    My goal here was to hit a 6:30 pace and hold it between miles .5 and 1.5. I did a decent job. I passed by the 1 mile marker and the person called 6:29. I was thinking that I was right on pace for my goal. I was still about 5 seconds slower than my stretch goal.


    Third half mile (3:27)


    For some reason I have problems right after the mile mark. This has been an issue with my 5k and it carried over to the 2 miler. I knew I was losing time here. I did the math in my head and was thinking I was getting about 12 seconds behind. I was thinking that it would be extremely difficult to hit my 13 minute goal at this point.


    I started focusing on passing the runner in front of me towards the end of this half mile. I thought he was going to challenge me as I passed, but his tank was on zero. That guy completely tanked at the end. His final time was 13:46 and he would be passed by another 6 runners.


    At this point it was a time trial to the finish. The eighth place person was way ahead of me. He would finish in 12:22. I was comfortable that no one would be passing me from behind because I've always had a great kick.


    Final half mile (3:01)


    I picked up my pace and focused on running a 6:30 pace for the first .3 miles. As I passed the six mile penguin, I started increasing my pace and getting into my final kick. I took a wrong turn soon after I stared my final kick. This raddled me and I dropped out of my kick for about .03 miles. At this point I was thinking there was no way I could get my goal.


    I restarted my kick at about 1.9 miles. At this point I could see the clock ahead of me. As the seconds ticked toward 13, my speed continue to pick up. By the time I hit the finish line I was at a 4:02 pace. I crossed the line at 13:01. I knew that I wasn't in the very front of the starting my. My chip time ended out 13:00. I hit my goal. I was very happy to make up 12 seconds in the final half mile.


    Future plan


    I need to get mentally stronger if I am ever going to maximize my ability. I can't continue to take a break at the start of mile two. My plan is to bring back intervals into my workouts. I haven't done any speed work since injuring myself in January. I just do tempo runs which are endurance work.

    Personal Bests:

    800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)


      Nice race Danny.  Congrats on the AG placement and also on the awesome penguin!

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        Awesome Dan.


        Friday morning at my DD track club I had several parents prodding me to run that race. But I am good to just hang and wait for the Marathon. I would have had zero clue how to run a 2 mile.


        Glad you got your penguin! Cool award.

        Bad Ass

          Congrats, Danny!  I love how you have grown into the train slow and train smart and you're breaking distances you never thought you could.  You are still mighty fast and I cannot wait to see what you can do in 2013.



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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

            Great job!  That award is just awesome. Smile


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              Congrats, Dan!


                Nice race! I love the penguin award too! Congratulations for finishing first in your AG!


                  What a crazy fast race, Danny!!!!  You are getting so speedy and you got an AG win and freaking top 10 overall????  Booyah!  You rock.  Nicely done.  How cool is the penguin, anyway?????  Pretty sweet.  I'm proud of you!


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                    Thanks Jenny, Dave, and Baboon.

                    Sly - It was a fun race, but I think you were better off to skip it. Your prize is next week.

                    Damaris - I think my body has caught up to my legs. Also, I am doing more core work now and training smarter.

                    Mickey - Yes, I love the penguin. It was a huge reason in me picking this race.

                    Heidi - I will admit that I never thought I would run a race at a 6:30 pace. This was the first time I did that in my life.

                    Personal Bests:

                    800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)

                      How can you not love a race for a penguin?  Great job today!  And amazing that you could salvage any sort of a race taking a wrong turn in a two-miler!


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                        Zelanie - The wrong turn only cost me a few seconds. Someone shouted at me very quickly. I may have taken five steps before I figured it out. I cut through the grass to get back on track instead of backtracking.

                        Personal Bests:

                        800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)

                          Yeah, but a few steps in a two miler still counts.


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                            Yeah, but a few steps in a two miler still counts.


                            12:58 would look much better than 13:00. At least it didn't cost me in placement. I was 38 seconds behind 8th and 22 seconds ahead of 10th. The 10th place person was in my AG. It is weird, but I tend to race in a bubble.

                            Personal Bests:

                            800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)


                            I AM running!!!

                              Congrats, great job!!! Love the penguin!

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                                Thanks Tweaky.

                                Personal Bests:

                                800M - 2:38 (5/28/13) | 1 Mile -5:54 (5/28/13) | 3K - 11:55 (12/29/12) | 2M - 13:00 (12/1/12) | 5K - 20:00 (4/12/13) | 13.1M - 1:37:24 (2/3/13)