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                                                                Big grin WELCOME TO THE DAILIES THREAD! Big grin

    Anyone and everyone can post your runs, cross-training, abdominal work, rest days, race plans, training questions, etc.. The only stupid question is the one you did not post. There’s a great mix of beginners and veterans, runners and walkers, and maniacs and returners (from injury, to running, to RWOL). We're all a little crazy here, too! While this thread is a terrific source of motivation for runners and serves as outstanding accountability, you’ll quickly find this remarkable group to be highly supportive of all life experiences. So, come on in, put your feet up, and stay a while (not literally)! And whoever is up first is welcome to start the thread and we definitely keep some weird hours around here.




        Mornin' All Y'all!


        Oh, LRB, that's grrreeaat!


        10 miles this morning. It was 20 degrees warmer than it was for the past few days.  Confused


        Have a grrreeaat day everyone!

          I've got a 40 minute tempo run tonight.

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          Bad Ass

            Morning!  I have 5 recovery miles tonight.  Off to court.


            LRB, LOL.


            flarunner, yeah, the cold front is gone.  Next week we'll be in the mid 80s again, boo.


            Sparker, hope your tempo run goes well.


            Have a nice day!



            "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

            It's always fucking hot in Miami!


              HaHa, Rick, just what I needed this morning! Big grin


              I'm upset because I did my 12 miles with 5x1000m at 5k pace last mile. I was happy with my run until I noticed that I was supposed to do 6, not 5, intervals. GRRRRR! Should I include one interval in my MLR tonight? The OCD me is itching everywhere...


              15 easy miles tonight.

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                Thanks for the morning smiles, LRB!

                Lily - Let it go. 5 is still plenty, especially since you've been under the weather.

                Damaris and Fla - You guys confirm my belief that I could never live somewhere that only has two seasons: summer, and might-as-well-be-summer.
                Sparker - Have a good run!


                Enjoyed yesterday's snow day, but our 7 inches is all cleared away now and everything's back to normal. I'll double-check the quality of snow removal after taking DS to school by getting out for 5-7 easy miles around town.


                Skirt Runner

                  That's hilarious LRB.


                  Enjoy your runs everyone!!


                  Just got back from spin class. Happy I called early enough yesterday to get on “the list” this week because there was a cat fight this morning! People showed up off the waiting list and people who weren’t on any list at all and hopped on bikes…. instructor had to take attendance and kick people out.


                  Have a great day!

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                    LRB- I never trusted that tiger as a kid ... now I know why. Thanks for the morning laugh!


                    flarunner- Sorry you're back to normal temperatures but nice job on getting in your usual early run.


                    Sparker1606- Have a great tempo run later on today.


                    Docket_Rocket- Enjoy your recovery miles tonight.


                    happylily- I am SO much like that regarding OCD runner's pain. I know it really doesn't matter in the long run, but I'd still throw in that one interval into tonights MLR ... just to be able to mentally check it off my list. Enjoy those 15 miles later on today.


                    StepbyStep-SH- Be careful out there ... there are sure to be some slick spots on the roads. We got about 7-8 inches as well but our roads were terrible on my drive into work this morning. I'm going to wait until later this afternoon so the warmer temps can hopefully help clean things up.


                    Like happylilly, I have a 15 mile MLR planned for this today. We're supposed to get to a high of 34 degrees so I'm going to wait things out and hopefully get to enjoy some decent roads & temperatures for an afternoon run.

                    Train smart ... race smarter.

                      Ahahahaha, Rick, that's awesome!


                      flarunner, great ten-miler.


                      Scott, enjoy your tempo run.


                      Damaris, have fun with your recovery run.


                      Lily, I hope that your fifteen-mile easy run goes well.


                      Shari, enjoy your run, however long it is.


                      kristin10185, brava having worked out already. Fights over bikes? Oh, my:/


                      BruceD555, I hope that your MLR goes well.


                      At the gym, I did my thirty push-ups, ab work, twenty minutes on the TM at an 8.0 incline and 1.3mph, and lots of  rolling with my MuscleTrac and stretching.


                      An easy run with the group from my LRS is the plan for tonight.

                      Ball of Fury

                        Happy hump all!  Got my speedwork done on the TM this morning (we got about 4 inches snow last night)...4 x 1200M @ 7:13/mile pace with 400M recoveries.  Total 7 miles with wu and cd.  This was a pretty tough workout for me...legs just felt kinda dead and I am still just really tired from  yesterday, even though I slept 11 1/2 hours!  On the last interval, I wanted to quit so bad but I practiced my mental toughness (really trying to improve here!) and kept going!  I had 0.15 miles left to go and had that wonderful feeling of knowing I was going to make it.....and the damn TM shut off!!  I was so mad I think I yelled out least the gym wasn't very crowded.  Anyway, I did re-set it and finished the interval, it just lessened my feeling of accomplishment a bit!  Start the strength workouts next week and I am excited but scared all at the same time.  Have a great day everyone!

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                        Barking Mad To Run

                          Used one of the San Antonio YMCA's yesterday after work as my 'base', left from there and got a very nice run/walk int through and around Brackenridge Park, near the San Antonio Zoo.  Somebody loves me, the 35 - 40 mph winds died down by 4 PM to a very pleasant 15 mph, the skies were blue and sunny, the temp was 68 degrees and the humidity was a very low 14%.  I had planned on doing 3 miles but felt so good I took the longer way back to the Y and ended up with 4.2 miles done.  Rest day today, get my haircut after work.   Funny, when I was in high school I was one of those 'long-haired hippy freak" types, lol. Now, after a 24-year career in the Air Force, my hair begins to touch my ears and it starts driving me crazy!  Isn't it odd how our 'tastes' change over the years.


                          LOL, LBR.  Reminds me of the very hungry lion who came across two people camping on safari.  One was writing, the other was reading.  The lion decided to jump on the guy reading and eat him...cuz everyone knows readers digest and writers cramp.... Wink


                          Congrats on the 10 miles, flarunner!  Dang, you must get up awfully early to get those kinda miles in before work.


                          Good luck with the tempo run, Sparker!


                          Happy court time, Damaris!  Hope you don't get 'motion' sickness..


                          Congrats on your miles, OCD Lily.   As Step said, let it go, let it go.. you are sure to make that up down the line somewhere, you being you.  Big grin


                          Hope your miles went well, Step, and the snow-clearing was sufficient for you.

                          Hope the weather cooperates for you, Bruce!  Dang, that's South Texan standards anyway.



                          OK, today is a rest day for me...good thing...I got tired just reading your workout, Basya!  Joking  Have fun at your group run today!


                          Congrats on getting through your tough workout, AmiK!   Good luck with the upcoming strength workouts.  You'll do fine.

                          "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                            AmiK, it's always frustrating when a TM does that. Great run.


                            scottydawg, enjoy your rest day. It sounds as if yesterday's run were just about perfect.


                            Eleven weeks from this coming Sunday will be my first HM. It'll be so nice to have another goal toward which to workSmile

                              Good morning everyone!


                              11.2 for me this morning.  2.5 w/u, 3 sets of 2 mile intervals @6:27, 6:25, 6:23 paces w/ 0.62 R.I.'s at 8:34 pace
                              1.45 easy at the end


                              Took an unscheduled rest day yesterday due to the 10 inches of snow we received. Damn I'm ready for spring to hurry up and get here. Got a good upper body workout shoveling though.





                              Barking Mad To Run

                                For Zelanie:  Happy Belated Birthday!  Here you go:





                                And you too, Gustav!  Happy belated birthday!   Here you go:



                                "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt