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What's in your home gym? (Read 124 times)


Jess runs for bacon

    My home gym is a work in progress. Looking for ideas on what to put in mine. If you have one, what's in yours?


    I've got:


    -Bike that will eventually have a trainer attached to it

    -iPod speakers

    -TV & DVD player (also hoping to hook up my old Tivo to it eventually)

    -Small weights

    -Resistance bands

    -Jump Rope

    -Various workout videos

    -Plyo mat



    I keep my foam roller and my flex bands up in my room since I'm more likely to do therapy style work when I'm winding down to go to bed.


    Just B.S.

      Our workout room in in the basement. We bring the small items up to the family room a lot because

      that is where the big screen TV is located and we prefer to watch that instead of the 32 inch in

      the basement.



      Weight machine

      Free Weights



      Bike Trainer for road bike

      Resistance Bands

      Foam Roller

      Pilates DVD's

      Yoga Mat

      Stability balls


      We have a recumbent bike that no one uses anymore since we got the bike trainer. I should put that thing

      on Kijiji. And a really really old manual stair stepper!LOL


        A TM in the garage, a pair of 5 lbs dumbells (how do you think I got those huge arm muscles, eh?) and a dusty Jane Fonda tape that I haven't seen in more than 15 years. Big grin


        My oh my! You are well equipped, Lilac! Cool!

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        Better I Leave

          Mine is pretty simple, but I think it's nicely outfitted. I have a Nautilus Smith Machine w/ 400lbs of free weights, a Sole F85 TM, a Cybex recumbent bike, PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells (to 95lbs each), hi-fi stereo AV receiver w/ cd/ipod/usb/video connectivity, Blu-Ray player and flat screen TV.

          Trail Monster


            Bike with trainer

            DVD's galore

            pull up bar

            stability ball

            dumbells from 2-12 pounds

            40 lb bar with 300 lbs of plates

            resistance bands

            medicine balls


            jump ropes


            and we just got rid of a stationary bike. I'm going to add a squat rack and a bench soon. TV, DVD, and radio/iPod player plus our medal hangers and some motivational posters and stuff scattered around.

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              Mine is in the basement and is pretty decent for me.  Not everything is pictured but there is 56" TV and a stereo system present.


              I killed my exercise bike so I need another one of those, and my treadmill is on the fritz so it needs servicing but otherwise, I pretty much have everything that I need/want.


                In the basement:


                stationary recumbant bike

                3 and 5 lb dumbells

                some dvds and videos - Biggest Loser, Leslie Sansome, & yoga

                Stereo & ancient tv with vcr/dvd player


                Chief Unicorn Officer

                  A universal machine which includes a Smith machine and cables, two weight racks, a plate set with plates ranging from 2.5 - 45 lbs, dumbbells in sets of 5, 10, and 15 pounds, a medicine ball, a regular workout ball, yoga mat, regular 45-lb barbell, the smaller wavy bar, a bench, a 50-inch TV, and iPod Stereo. Also my running trophies and medals are stored down there. No treadmill or cardio equipment.

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                    Treadmill and elliptical.

                    Going to get a trainer for the road bike soon and add that.

                    I'd like a pull up bar at some point.

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                    kind of a big deal

                      if by home gym you mean "some random workout crap spread around the two upstairs rooms" then i have two flat benches, a preacher curl pad, 15lb and 20lb dumbbells, and two barbells with a scattering of plates.


                        I have a bosu ball, pushup bars, a foam roller, yoga mat, all of which we rarely use as there is a fairly new gym 1/2 mile away that has great equipment plus those items. Yard sales in the surrounding area feature gym stuff for just this reason.


                        Yet to be determined in a box is an excercise bike. My wife said that we needed to be reimbursed for something via her health plan. So I carried a spare tv downstairs to go with said bike. Last week she joined the same gym so is re-thinking that, and we may send it back.


                        Barking Mad To Run

                          If you have one, what's in yours?


                          My laundry....sad, but true...

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                          Ken WD

                            I live in a condo building, so while I have nothing for working out in my actual unit, I do have a full gym just an elevator ride away. There are TV's mounted above the treadmills luckily.


                            Run to live; live to run

                              Stationary Bike

                              Various size exercise balls

                              Bow Flex

                              free weights

                              medicine balls

                              exercise bands and tubing


                              Balance disk

                              Aerobic step

                              Yoga mat

                              Foam rollers


                                in our big living room we have a

                                -treadmill that my wife and my brother use.

                                - a bike on a trainer that I just got but have only tried once.

                                - a piece of 3" PVC pipe that I use as a roller

                                - a jump rope that my brother uses or my son uses to torment people with.

                                - 42" TV - has netflix to do workout videos.

                                - speakers to attach to the Ipod


                                Garage has a pull up bar that is hardly ever used, resistance bands,

                                shed has some free weight dumbbells that should be used.

                                play room has a stability ball that my son plays with.


                                i have a few pairs of shoes that I use to run outside with Smile

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