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Luke's Run the Line HM RR (Read 109 times)

Just Keep "Tri" ing


    Actually, my next half will be in Nov.  I will be faster than 1:57:44 though, so you better get busy :P


    You're on sonny boy!LOLBig grin

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      You didn't give up even when it was tough and you met your goal!!! Congrats!!!

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        Congtulations, Luke!

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          Congrats, Luke.. On getting that sub2 and toughen it out at the end..

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            Well done on toughing it out & breaking the barrier!


              Congrats Luke, that is awesome that you went sub 2!

              And very well done pushing through the dark mental place, that can be tougher than any physical aspect of the race.



              But if you just keep going, you don't just keep going.


              ^^Love it.

                Congrats on the sub-2, Luke!!  That is a huge milestone.  I'm so glad everything worked out and you were able to meet your goal!


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                  Great race Luke! Congrats!


                    Nice race!  Congrats!


                      Congratulations! That must feel awesome. I would love to do that in my first half at the end of September.



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                        Wow, Luke.  I'm ridiculously happy for you.  You did amazing, you stuck it out to the end, and you pushed through when you wanted to give up. Amazing, work!  Congrats! Big grin

                        Do you even run?


                          Well done -- way to power through when the going got tough.

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                          5/4/14:  Bucks County Ten Miler


                            Luke - that's completely awesome!!   Way to tough it out and nail an impressive time!!   HUGE Congrats!

                            But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

                            Don't call me Buttercup!

                              Whoo!  Nice job, young Luke! ;-)   Way to hang in there!! Cool

                              Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


                                Whoo!  Nice job, young Luke! ;-)   Way to hang in there!! Cool


                                Well Howdy stanger.  Good to see you....and thanks Smile