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Hey There Saturday Penguins, It's Ground Hog's Day (Read 30 times)


    I hope you have fun at the Color Run! We are doing the Mardi Gras Color Run on the 9th, other half is going to walk it with our 4 year old and 18 month old in the double stroller. I got a special rain cover to protect the kids, lol.


    Well it was a good day overall. I am not sure if it should be called a run or not. 95% walkers and is was super crowded. Wife had a good time with her friends. My son was too worried about his buddy who didn't really want to be there, but when he was ready to run we had a good time. My sone ran about a mile of it, maybe a little more. Our baby got  covered with that dust stuff, and we have some good pics of her.


    I am not sure if those 3 miles should count or not, but I am counting em.  Smile  I probably won't ever do another one of those races, but the energy was good and lots of people had a blast. My son said he would rather do a race with a medal than one with the color stuff.


    Hope everyone else had a good day. I am going to knock out 8 tomorrow before the game.



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      4 miles at the track.  Went after lunch and it was very quiet , so the run was thankfully uneventful.  We should have the place to ourselves tomorrow afternoon !!!


      Also, ordered new shoes (Brooks Ravenna 3)  from Running Warehouse a couple of days ago, and they marked them down $20 the day after.  Hope they will give me a credit if i decide to keep them, or I'll have to return and re-order.  Anyone else have this happen?

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        Hey everyone, looks like for the most part we've had a good Saturday.


        Except Dave. I hope you didn't snap anything important. That sounds like it could've been really bad.


        Vance and Atwood, you are much more disciplined than me to go 14 miles on a TN. Ivan only last about an hour (which is 5-6 miles for me).


        Ive had a very busy day. This morning I prepped and put the first coat of paint on the family room walls. Then I went out for a10.6 mile / 2+ hour LR. That's just a little longer/farther than my previous highs but it felt better than my recent 10-milers. Either my legs are getter stonger or today was just a good day. Then I showered, ate lunch, and put the second coat of paint on the walls. I think I'm done for the day...I'm sending DH out to pick up a pizza.


          Happy Saturday Penguins!


          T-rod, glad you had a fun Color Run with the family!  Hope your son can do another race and get a metal next time.

          Philliefan- wow, what a busy, productive day for you!  You owe yourself a pat on the back!


          I have been tired as this has been the toughest week of my schedule.   I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do my whole  MLR today.   So I headed out to the trails and did the whole run there!  It felt great to have finished it.


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          Will run for beer.

            Ginny - movies on my phone via Netflix.  Makes it tolerable.


            Jerry - I've been on one other cruise (2002) and it was pretty pricey to get one the internet.


            Awood - I'm glad I'm not the only one running that long on a treadmill.  Well done!


            AFM - after a little research I found out the track on board ship is only a 1/16 mile track - not very excited about that!  I'll get some work in but I won't be running long on that...  that'd only been 224 laps today!  LOL  I'd loose count after 10 or so.


            Skirt Runner

              My 90 minute massage was AHHHH-mazing. Feel so great after it.


              T-Rod glad you had a good Color "Run"

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              Bad Ass

                I didn't have a good breathing day but I did my 10.  Now I'm wheezing so bah.



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                It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                Bin Running

                  Overtraining and doing too much are two different things.  It does not mean that Pfitz is too much for you but it may be that Pfitz + life stuff are too much for you and that you should adjust a bit.



                  Ah.. that make sense.. Thanks..


                  I think someone with higher power is trying to get this msg to me too..  I twisted my left ankle (the problematic one) 0.3M into my LR today (Sunday as most of you are still in Sat).. I had to go around a walker who decided that walking and spreading his arm like an eagle is a good idea.. Twisted the left on a tiny step and I immediately had to sit down..


                  Stupidly or stubbornly, I stand up and try to run on it.. It felt a little sore and I proceed to run 8M.. Wanted to run 13M but the thought of long term injuries made me swallow my pride a little.. Am icing now and will try to see if the chinese physician could work some magic..  I bet it gotten be sore foe next 2 days at least..


                  Still a 39.7M week.. Tongue

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                  Bin Running

                    Logged 4.9 more miles running to the shop to pick up the car, 11.5 total for the day.  Smile


                    Came very close to seriously injuring myself, stepped right into an open pipe on the side of the road.  It was big enough that my whole size 13 foot went right in, luckily I saw it at the last second and was able to shift my weight enough to just bang the shit out of my shin on the opening of the pipe, instead of my leg going deeper into the pipe and my 7:30/mile momentum carrying my 185lb self forward until something snapped, damn Newton and his laws.  So here I sit on the couch, leg elevated with an ice pack on it, yay. 



                    Felt so familiar.. Sorry abt the fall.. Hope it is ok..

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                      Dave- I'm so glad you are safe!  Glad you were able to adjust on the fly and avoid catastrophe!  Hope the bruise is the worst of it and that it heals up quickly.

                      I took the dogs out for my 5.5 easy today.  They had a good time during the first 4 or so that were off leash, in fact Mia appeared to have tons of energy as right at the end she took off in a full sprint because she saw a dog she liked.  But then as soon as she's on leash and we're running through the neighborhood, she's acting like she's sooooo tired that she needs to belly flop on every patch of grass.  Silly dog!


                      Vance and Jerry- Maybe you guys need a counting rope to keep track of your miles!


                      Bin- Hope the ankle is OK!

                        Dave - good save, glad you didn't get seriously damaged


                        Bin - you weren't so lucky, but sometimes it helps to keep moving, as long as you elevate and ice afterwards


                        Tomas - well, now you know what it's like, and at least you got to spend time with all the family


                        Philliefan - very ambitious, painting and running in the same day, though I suppose the run helped clear the fumes out of your lungs.


                        Shecan - amazing how when you are out in nature, the energy comes pouring in.


                        N-Bug - are there treadmills?  I think running in place would be better than 1/16th mile circles.


                        D - what makes the difference with your asthma?  Weather?  Good for you for getting it done.


                        Zelanie - nice to be able to run with your dogs.  I can't trust Ben off leash at all. He would run after a deer and never be seen again.  On leash he has a bad habit of stopping to sniff every place a dog has marked.  Makes it hard to go fast.

                        Bin Running

                          At a Chinese physician now.  They are using some heat light to shine on the affected ankle.

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