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My tendons hate me.

    Hi guys.  I'm having a bit of a hard time right now and I'm hoping you guys can give me a boost. i posted last month about my worst-case-scenario first marathon experience.  I had an ITBS flare up at mile 6, but stubbornly/stupidly pushed to the finish. So here we are, many weeks later, and I still can't run.  It's not the ITBS holding me back.  As it turns out, from over-using my right leg when my left one hurt so badly during the race, I gave myself posterior tibial tendonitis, and that is what just won't go away. So right after the marathon and really through the holidays, it wasn't such a big deal that I couldn't run.  I figured, give it 6 weeks and I'll be back at it, but here I am not feeling much better.


    So now I find it hard to believe that I ran a marathon 2 months ago.  That I ran over 1400 miles last year.  That I ran 40+ miles per week for many weeks last year.  That I PRed a half and a 10k, blowing my expectations away. Now I feel like a lazy, flabby couch potato and like I've been this way forever.  I feel like all my fitness is lost and I'll never get back to where I was.  Or at least that it will take months.   the inability to run has affected me in other ways too.  I feel less energetic, more lazy in general and I'm not eating as well as I was when I was training (though I've been much better since the turn of the year).


    Compounding all this is that I joined an amazing running group last fall and every year they run a half together in February. i was so excited for that race, and now I am stuck reading the planning emails going back and forth and not going on any of their daily runs and, yeah, basically it's pathetic.


    I started seeing a chiro for ART and Graston for both the ITBS and PTT, so hopefully that'll help, but I feel like I'm spinning my wheels otherwise.  Basically I'm looking for commiseration or support or stories of your heroic injury comebacks. And if anyone has any specific info on coming back from these a-hole injuries, that would be great too.   many thanks.

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      Sorry about what you're going through.  I have no specific advice about either but wanted to wish you a speedy recovery.  Hope you get back on the road soon.



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        I've never been sidelined for too long (knock on wood) but I know there are many others here who have.  I know it's frustrating now, but you are doing the best thing you can do for your running career in the LONG term.  I know when you're injured it's hard to "see the forest for the trees" or whatever that saying is.  I know every day probably feels like an eternity, but you have, God-willing, a long life and plenty of time ahead of you to run, and run healthy.


        If you're part of this running club, go to the races or other club events and stay close with the friends you've made.  Take your camera to races and pictures and take pics of the club members racing.  You know us runners LOVE RUNNING PHOTOS!!  Plus, it's a great way to stay involved.  Some people might argue that it's too hard or painful to just go watch other people run but you know how it is when you're running, the BEST thing during a race is seeing a friend or familiar face to cheer for you!


        It's good you are seeing a professional, too.  Have faith, things WILL get better.

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          I am so sorry.  You are entitled to vent - I would be doing the same thing if I was in your shoes. The whole injury thing is so incredibly frustrating.  I have no experience with PTT and my IT band issues resolved pretty quickly, so I am not much help in that regard. I really hope the chiro's treatment works for you so you can get back out running.  ((((hugs))))

            I"m really sorry about your injury.  Is there another activity you can do that won't exacerbate your tendinitis?  Swimming, maybe?  You have not lost all of your fitness.  You'll be amazed at how quickly it will all come back when you are able to get started (slowly) again.  Hang in there.  Letting it heal fully is really for the best and you know this.  You'll get it back soon.

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              i had itb issues-left side, and was having some tenderness in the peroneal area. went to ortho, took X-rays, told me to take a nsaid and run easy only for two weeks. all better and my milage is up.


              please go see an ortho-and be patient!!!!! patient is the hard part

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                Hang in there!!  You're doing all the right things and it's going to pay off in the long run!!  Try to stay active in other ways (bike, swim, weights) so that you don't feel like a couch potato.  Doing whatever activity you are able to will help give you a sense of control during this time and will help you stay positive.   Hugs!!

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                  I have no advice, but I'm about to hit 3 weeks off for shin splints with no clue when I'll be able to start again, so I can sympathize. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills some days, yesterday I literally spent the whole day in bed because I didn't know what to do with myself. I've started cross-training, which helps a little, but it just isn't the same as running.

                    I'm so sorry you're having a tough time. Heal well and get back out there. You'll have a lot of amazing PRs and PBs ahead of you.



                      "In the hierarchy of training, breaks rank right up there with threshold runs, intervals, reps and steady running.  Each has a function, and when placed in the proper sequence, they build on one another."


                      "If it makes you feel any better about taking breaks, add "break training" to the types of workouts above, and then plan a program to follow during this phase.  The program might involve for example, walking, reading, or visiting friends."


                      "Often, a training break offers a great opportunity  to carry out a strength program or to learn more about stretching and relaxation"


                      "In whatever way you visualize your break, remember to look at it as a positive part of your overall plan"


                      These are all quotes from Jack Daniels PhD, from his book "Daniels Running Formula".  It's a concept and philosophy that I followed before I ever picked up his book.


                      It served me well through two periods of not being able to run that totaled three months.  Hopefully it can help you and anyone else who finds themselves on the bench.

                      My tendons hate me.

                        This is all really helpful. I know I need to do something other than sitting around worrying about not running, but it's hard to motivate to cross train when I can't stand it (beyond some strengthening stuff). I also don't belong to a gym, but might have to suck it up and join if it goes on much longer.


                        MJ5 - I've been thinking about going to support my running group during the half.  I might do that. It's a little far away, but maybe worth it just to be with them.

                        Jneilt - I've been to an ortho (to confirm PTT and ITBS). She prescribed PT, which I've been doing also. I'm definitely not skilled at patience...

                        mistyvs - swimming would be perfect, but I don't have access to a pool at the moment. Might have to remedy that.

                        Lauren710 - hang in there!

                        LRB - off to grab my Daniels book now to read up on breaks.  Thank you.

                        everyone else offering support - thank you!


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                        10K - 46:45 (6/12)

                        HM - 1:46:55 (5/12)

                        Marathon - 4:18:55 (Philly 11/12 in crippling pain) 


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                          Hang in there!

                          You haven't lost it, you just have misplaced it(it is always in the last place we left itWink

                          You will get it back. Be better & stronger than you were before! You know what it's like to train, to work hard, get out there day after day after day and work for small gains. Or even seemingly no gains! But you do. You will one foot infront of the other and before you know it, you're all sweaty and tired and hitting the showers after the miles have been logged and the reset button has been pressed.


                          You ARE a runner, not WERE. You have an injury but that wasn't THE END. Oh no, that isn't how you work. Right now, you focus more than you ever have before. Heal and rebuild. Learn & Grow. You've talked the talk and now it is time to walk the walk. Put your money where your mouth is. Bet the house. Shoot the moon. Greatness isn't just made, it's earned.


                          Go earn it!


                          ps....I love your screen name!

                          My tendons hate me.

                            Holy cow, Nakedbabytoes. Are you a professional motivational speaker?  Can you follow me around with a megaphone when i start running again?  Thank you!  I will fight the urge to think of myself as someone who used to run.

                            5K - 23:25 (10/11)

                            10K - 46:45 (6/12)

                            HM - 1:46:55 (5/12)

                            Marathon - 4:18:55 (Philly 11/12 in crippling pain) 

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                              Hi Lexi!


                              I feel your pain.  It has now been 60+ days since my last run.  My MRI came back totally clear and I just started PT yesterday.  I'm slowly losing my mind, especially with my injury coordinating with DST and winter -- my least favorite time of the year.  It's been a rough last few months for me.  But despite it all, we're still runners.  We're both still fighting to get back there.  And as long as you keep fighting, you're no less a runner than all of those people out there on the road.  We will heal.  We will run again.  Drop me a line on FB if you need someone to commiserate with you.


                              In terms of ITBS specific stuff, PM onemile if you can get a hold of her.  She dealt with ITBS issues for most of 2011, I believe.  She had good experiences with Graston.

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                                you have access to a lap pool?

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