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Art & Orchard Festival 10k Race Report (Read 71 times)



    I completed my third 10k of the year today with a time of 40:47.


    This particular event was a last minute decision after I just happened to come across the elevation profile of my intended race during the week:



    For where I am in the season, I am all about running the fastest times possible so there was no way in hell I was running on that thing, so off to Macomb County I went!


    This was a small race with maybe 300 participants total for the 5k, 10k, and 15k.  It was my first point to point race, and each race group was bussed to their respective start areas.


    We were dropped off and most everyone walked the half mile to the actual start line (I jogged) and once there, everyone in our group was trying to figure out who the leader would be.


    It was weird when the police escort asked me if I was going to be the guy he was to lead, as it was his first time escorting a race and he was curious as to what to do.  I literally laughed out loud at him, poor guy!


    After some brief instruction from a race official, we were off!  I quickly settled into a sub-6:50 pace and as luck would have it, I was the second runner.  The lead runner jetted out at maybe a 6:15 pace.


    At about the 1.5 mile mark, I could sense him slowing and sure as shit at around the 2.25 mark, I caught up to him and ran with him for maybe a half mile before I passed him.  Never really altering my pace in the process.


    Heidi recently said that it was cool as hell being the lead runner and she was right!  My motorcycle escort was literally barking at people through his speaker to get the hell outta the way as we approached each intersection.  I actually got goose bumps running past all the cars who were stopped by patrolmen as I ran through!  It was the best feeling I have ever felt while racing, as I was that guy!


    Everyone was clapping and cheering and I actually had to remind myself while I was running to soak it all in as I may never have that opportunity again.


    After I made the turn onto the main strip just before the mile 6 marker, I could hear someone scream "Here he comes!".  The place went nuts as I approached and at that point, I literally could have run right up into the fuckin sky!


    If I never set another PR in my life, I will never forget how so incredibly cool today's race was!


    In analyzing my performance, I ran a good, strong race but I know there is a faster 10k time in me as I was never really in any serious discomfort today.  Looking at my mile splits, I think it is feasible to target a sub-40:00 at some point this season if the conditions are right.









    For now though, I will relish in my first real overall victory (I won a 1 mile race earlier this year), which ironically came in a distance that I had never even placed in an age group before.


    I know you are only fast because a faster guy didn't show up to race on any given day, but having said that, I am Cloud 9 and a surface to air missile couldn't get me off of this bitch!

    "Training is not always fun, but it should always be rewarding."


    Fear is a Liar

      Dude you ROCK!

      I predicted 40:59 in the Dailies!

      Enjoy Cloud 9 - you deserve it!

      I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!

      Miles to go

        Woohoo!  Motorcycle guy must have thought you looked fast, and he was right!


        I am so happy for you that you got to have this experience, nice job!

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        Chasing Rainbows

          Congrats on an awesome race!  How cool to be the lead runner. Cool

          Once in a race I also had a police escort, but in my case the police were behind me because I was DFL.  I thought it was pretty funny at the time, and in the end I didn't finish last.

          The obstacle is the path. - Zen proverb

            So cool especially the remark from the crowd, "Here he comes"!  You need to post photos if someone snapped a shot of you and the motorcycle cop leading the way.

            “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” - T.S. Eliot

            Jack K.

              LRB, that is so cool. Man, you really kick ass!

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              Go figure

                SWEET!!!  That's super cool, and I'm thrilled for you.  I love seeing people work hard and then get rewarded for it.  Did the exhaust from the bike bother you at all?  I've only had one experience with that, but it was a 4-wheeler and not a cop so maybe that's why it was bad.  You may have had a little more time in you today, but those are great 10k splits.  Nice choice dropping that other race too.  Relish the heck out this one.

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                  Rick, congrats! That was funny about the motorcycle guy.


                    That is so cool!!  Congratulations on the win!  Thank you for describing the experience of being the leader so well as it's certainly something I will never experience.  You must have been so thrilled to hear to crowd cheering for you....the WINNER.  You work very hard and you deserve great races like this one.  Next stop, sub 40!

                      Awesome dude! Way to burn that last mile, pure adrenaline I'm sure.


                      Did not know you originally planned the Kona run, that is right in my backyard. My second year in a row not doing it because of Ann Arbor the next day, but I did run the 10-mile there 2 yrs ago. It did not seem particularly hilly, but it was actually my first race so I guess I didn't have much to compare it to, and had no idea what was going on anyway. Maybe next year though, and I expect to see you there leading the pack!


                      Ball of Fury

                        What an amazing job Rick!!  Congratulations on an overall win!!

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                        Caretaker/Overlook Hotel

                          That's awesome!  That's the stuff dreams are made of!  Way to kill it!


                          Makes my PR, today feel lame, but like you said, there's always somebody faster, just gotta take your own & enjoy!! Wink




                            Great job LRB! It must be amazing not only winning a race, but to be the lead guy for pretty much the entire race. Congratulations!

                              I lived vicariously through you via this RR. Lead runner with an escort?!? Sweet! I bet you are glad you decided to go with the faster course.


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