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Running for TJ

    I do 99% of my running in the dark.  I rarely see any cars but have been wearing reflective ankle bands.  I've been persuaded to get something a bit more reflective than they were after my dad graciously reported thought I needed something a little brighter.


    I searched the warehouse and decided on a Nathan vest.  It has two red LED strips in the front of it that flash.  I tried them in a dark room tonight and I do believe the flashing would tempt me to actually dive in front of a car to stop them.  The vest is rather bright without the strobing lights.  Here are a couple pictures to show it.  I plan to try it out Saturday morning in the real world.


    The vest I bought:


    Front (without strobes):


    Back (no strobes on back):

    You have to run through the valley if you want to get to the mountain top!


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      Those are great.  I always see people who wear those.  Stay safe & bright!

        The vests definitely reflect well.  The only issue I have with them is that I like to be able to control my visibility.  I do most of my running in the dark as well and felt safe most of the time.  But it only takes one stupid car.  So I got a simple red LED clip-on for Christmas.  I can switch from solid to blinking to be more visible, or turn it off to be less conspicuous.  Easier to avoid the occasional - "Hey, look at that dude in the yellow vest taking a leak in the bushes!"

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          ^ haha


          I was wondering why you would want to be less visible at any point until I got to the last part!


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            I got the Amphipod singlet vest before Christmas. i just got the passively reflective one, they also have a light up one like the Nathan. I wear a headlamp and a blinky red ass light, so I figure I'm good for electric light ups. The vests are nice because you can wear them with whatever outfit you want and aren't tied to a specific jacket or shirt. I have worn mine with all kinds of apparel with no issues. I think it will work with tank tops and sports bras even.

            Oddly enough, I never see any other runners seem to care about their visibility like I do. Heck, the only person I ever run across that has a headlamp is my Tuesday night running buddy, which she remarks that seeing other runners out with lights is a rare thing for her as well. The trails we run on are flat and paved but not well lit once you get behind neighborhoods and by the lakes.


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              That looks cool!  Most of my winter clothes have reflective strips, and I have a small flashing LED clip on running partner also has a clip on light and a wraparound red flashing ankle band.  I want an ankle band like that for myself but a family member got it for her as a gift, so I'll have to do some digging to try to find where it is sold.

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                There is a company called Illuminite in MA that sells all kinds of different reflective items. I discovered them when they had a moving sale so bought some shirts, jackets, and hats etc. plus a dog leash for $2 each. When I run at night with a group people comment on how well they show up.

                  I usually just have my headlamp and whatever reflective strips are on the clothes I'm wearing, but I did buy a reflective velcro arm/leg band at a local bike shop that I plan to start using more.

                  I saw the coolest leash the other night for those who are out with their dogs - it is a series of flashing LEDs. It was definitely useful for seeing the owner/dog, since everything the owner was wearing was dark.


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                    I've got a couple of orange reflective bands that I wear around my ankles when I run after dark, along with a flashing LED light that I wear on my hip, bright colors, and a bright flashlight that I will use primarily as a tool to alert drivers that I am out there running. All that along with whatever reflective stuff my cloths have.


                    I do need more though - One can never be too visible at night. Heck, I've had drivers play chicken with me in broad daylight. I don't think that things would improve after dark.

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                      I light myself up like a Christmas tree! I wear a safety vest like the ones the construction guys wear. It's like a jacket with velcro so easy on/off. I also wear red blinkie lights in front and back up on my hat. I too like the ability to turn them off to go visit some bushes.


                      IMHO, relying on the small reflective stuff on your shoes or running clothes isn't enough reflectivity to be really seen. It always amazes me how I can't see another person out running/walking until I'm about 50 feet away from them, and I'm looking for them.


                      Something to remember about cars/drivers. They are not looking for you the pedestrian, they are looking for other cars. And even then, they're really not looking.


                      Running for TJ

                        I ran with the vest this morning.  It took a few minutes to get use to having it on but overall it seems comfortable.  I did meet 3 cars during my run, I hope they liked it.

                        You have to run through the valley if you want to get to the mountain top!


                        Next goal:  Mad Marsh 50K (November 2014)


                        Run Like a Mother

                          I saw a man running in that vest a couple of weeks ago.  There was NO doubt there was a man running on the road toward us! My 5 year old commented that I needed one of those!


                            I have a reflective belt that I use for the Army.  It is quite visible and I never have problems seeing others wearing them.  I have had a few "creepy guy" occasions when I didn't want to be seen and simply pulled my shirt over it.