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I-Challenge RR (TaperBruce Has Left the House) (Read 83 times)



    The group member Taper Bruce needs a permanent account!


    That is a huge chunk off of your PR and a very respectable time.  Too bad you will be setting a new PR in your next marathon, and continuing the move towards rarefied air!


    Congrats Bruce, you really are a funny guy!



      enjoyed the rr. a 17 minute pr is just great. like the others have said, the bq is yours for the taking. nice pics too. congrats and enjoy this one.

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        Bruce, awesome race! The slight fade at the end just means you left it all out there on the course. Sounds like you had a great time!


        Did not know you were a fellow Fighting Illini alum, and I guess roughly similar vintage. We have 4 U of I degrees between us!

        I have not been back to the old alma mater since forever.  Papa Dels was definitely the best pizza on campus, glad they're still there. If you were not so exhausted you could've gone to a show at Mabel's (please tell me that's still around), and late night Taco John's run (OK, I know that's been gone for a long time, but that was where we ended every night out).


          I love these RR's. Great race and tremendous PR! May there be many more in your future.




            Congrats on the huge PR RecoveryBruce. You'll get that BQ next time.

              hog4life- Thanks…PRs are always a good thing.


              Sparker1606- The half course is a nice one with good crowd support AND is pretty much dead flat. It’d be a great race to do for you since you’re less than a couple of hours away.


              Zelanie- Thanks & I did leave it all out there on the course.  I actually am looking forward to getting back into training and if things go well maybe Grandma’s will be my BQ site.


              Docket_Rocket- Thanks and I do hope things continue to go well with training toward the BQ. I figure each race is just a step along the path and I plan on enjoying the journey to the BQ.


              Oski- Yeah, I was kind of shocked by the little boost from the pacer. He kind of looked around while waving the sign and then just stepped it up a bit. I really hadn’t been checking my Garmin much at all – it had problems in acquiring at the start of the race – so I was relying on the pacer to keep us on track. You probably haven’t seen the last of TaperBruce … next race is Grandma’s in 2 months & then 2 more this fall.


              runmomto3boys- It’s so good to see your post and thank you for the kind words! Yep, I’m an Illini alum but finished up as a Badger for my doctorate.  I’m absolutely amazed at how quickly things have come along for me and I really attribute a whole bunch to taking the leap of faith on doing Pfitz 18/70. Yep, the end was certainly not how I would have planned it, but I take it as a learning opportunity to improve for the future.  I’m really looking forward to see what the next training cycle will bring for improvement and can’t wait to see you as well in October.


              lilac_jive- Thanks and don’t worry, TaperBruce will be back soon.


              workinprogress11- Thanks and I’m continually amazed at the progress I’ve made. Hopefully if things continue to go well with training I’ll get to the BQ soon.


              Just B.S.- Thank you and I’m so pleased with the results! I too like to race in orange (2 out of 3 marathons) and you’ll likely see more of that singlet.


              TennisKid1192- Thanks & the Papa Del’s was great!


              So_Im_a_Runner- Thanks for the kind words and I always appreciate hearing your perspective on training & racing as well. The weather on Saturday was beautiful. I could have done with a bit cooler temperatures or more cloud cover, but it was great. The winds picked up toward the second half, but it wasn’t enough to affect racing. I’m really not all that disappointed with not hitting the BQ this time. I had planned to try for it this fall and to be so close this early is actually exciting.


              BasyaSpiliakos- Thanks … but you would have gotten in your push-ups & ab work if you woke up at 2:30.


              Shirfan- Thanks for the kind words & I’m glad you enjoyed the report. Wish you would have been there around mile 25 because I could have used someone to help drag me along. Wink


              kristin10185- Thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed the RR and photos. TaperBruce will be back before you know it Wink


              LRB- What do ya mean I’m funny? You mean the way I talk? Wink Goodfellas  Yep, I’m definitely not looking forward to that PR in my next marathon. Wink Hope you’re right on that one.


              Ric-G- Thanks for the words of encouragement. I do hope things continue to go well with training and I can claim that BQ time before too long.


              DaveP MI- I thought I remembered you saying you were an Illini. I haven’t been back on campus for YEARS and the whole Green street area has changed quite a bit. DocJ’s is gone … and I think Taco John’s was gone as well – though I didn’t look (we used to get pound O’fries there) It was fun walking back down on the quad … strange, but fun.


              Fuzzy-Thanks for the kind words and I too have really enjoyed reading through all the race reports today!


              B-Plus- mmm. RecoveryBruce? That gives me an idea … maybe ReverseTaperBruce? I actually ran about a half a mile today just for fun and my legs feel fabulous. Just a bit of tenderness in the quads but no pain or stiffness. I might just try a couple recovery miles tomorrow as I reverse taper back into the next training cycle.

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                1 year into running.. Very awesome performance.. Hillkiller depends a lot on you.. Big grin


                Enjoyed reading your detailed RR.. You will BQ very soon..

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                  I liked TaperBruce too. Wink


                  You shattered your 3:30 goal. Congratulations!!


                    LOVED your RR! What an extraordinary PR! But I'm really not surprised at all, you trained like a beast for this race, so it was bound to happen. Your next marathon will be your BQ one, that's 100% certain. Take a few weeks to recover and start training again like you've been doing, no need to increase, just take it where you left it and you'll see more speed come to you. Simply amazing that you've been running for such a short time and have already accomplished so much in your training and your races!


                    Your wife took some really great pictures of you. You look strong and relaxed. In a marathon, being relaxed in the first half is essential. You look also so happy! And the pics of you with your family are just priceless. They must be so proud of you... Congratulations, Bruce! You've done us proud. Smile

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                      What a great, detailed RR!  I still don't know how you guys manage to remember so much from your races!  Congrats on the huge PR and I think that BQ is yours in the fall!  Oh, and yes, please bring back Taper Bruce at some point!

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                        Great job, Bruce!  That's a mighty fine PR.  I agree with the others that your BQ is right there for the taking.  One more marathon training cycle and you'll have it.


                        FYI, I've done three marathons and have seen bagpipers on the course all three times.  Big grin



                          Way to go Bruce!  Great job on the huge PR, and huge improvements overall!  I think I'm more impressed tho, by your ability to stick it out with your training through the harsh winter, that takes some serious motivation!


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                            Fantastic race and RR. I have to think that on a flat course BQ would have been yours but either way you'll get there.  Well done!

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                              Wow, congrats Bruce on a great race and huge PR!

                              - Andrew


                                Bruce - WOW!   That was a Pinktacular race!!   You are so freaking fast, and I can't believe that you've only been running for a year!!   Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us - you write well and I felt like I was right there with you!   Love the pics!   I'm looking foward to reading your BQ RR after your next race!!   Keep up the hard work!!

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