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    13 mile MLR this morning.  Well, 13.11 actually since I can't run 13 miles without going the HM distance.  5.5 were with my running partner.  He's recovering from the calf issues he's had all during his marathon training and since the marathon which is good.  We'll get his mileage built back up and get him back into the swing of things. 


    Locomote, those winds look wicked.  I hope the race goes well!

    Revenge of the Nerd

      Good day B&B.


      I dropped the car off for service this AM and ran 6.4 miles home.  Probably won't run back to retrieve it but the option remains.  Need to get the holiday lights up before the rain returns.


      Great running by all.  Keep up the good work!

      One of these days is none of these days.

      ~ H.G. Bohn

        Only 3.1 today, but I did it in 20:23 and won 1st in my AG. Wink


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        Goals | sub-18 5k | sub-3 marathon 2:56:46!!


        Not a dude

          Way to go, Dave!! Congrats!! I intended to run 8 today, but I misjudged something and ended up with a miserable 5.27 miles. I think I may not be fully recovered from the half & 5k I ran...or just the gusting headwind and the fact that my first mile was a little too fast into the wind did me in. Either way I am glad it is over.


            Yeah the wind will suck the life right outta you Flip, take heart.


            Got 60 minutes done on the elliptical, time to find something to eat.


            Go figure

              Hey everyone!  I'm back from my pacing experience.  I really had a lot of fun doing it.  I had a great group of about 12 with me for a good bit of it, but as the hills started to come the numbers dwindled.  As much as I wanted to pull back on the hills and help the runners through, I decided that my job was really to be the moving 1:35 target.  The official results aren't up yet, but as I crossed the finish like the clock hit 1:35:00.  Looking at my times though, I'm thinking the course was either a touch long or my tangents weren't very good.


              1 7:16.3    
              2 7:08.0    
              3 7:04.8    
              4 7:14.2    
              5 7:08.6    
              6 7:12.7    
              7 7:14.7    
              8 7:12.3    
              9 7:09.8    
              10 7:08.6    
              11 7:13.4    
              12 7:12.0    
              13 7:13.2    
              14 1:42.2    


              I suppose I was a little quick on the pace (7:15 was exact), but I think one of the biggest things was keeping the first mile under control.  Miles two and three were also downhill, so getting a few seconds quick there didn't seem so bad.  Anyway, I really enjoyed it and felt great when people thanked me after the race.  It looks like the store is signed up to pace 4 races next year, so I may have some opportunities down the road as well.  Oh, and running with a sign, even considering we dropped them at mile three, is a good way to get a sore triceps!


              WorkinProgress...Nice job going 13.  It's nice to have a partner for those kinds of run.


              Planetology...Great idea running while the car gets done.  I've been trying to plan an oil change around a run here myself.  I hope the weather is nice for getting the lights up.


              Dtothe2nd...Hey, congrats on that AG win!!!  Very nice race.


              Flippy...Sounds like an awful one!  The good thing is, 5+ is still great, and those bad ones are almost always followed by a most excellent run.

              Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

              Ball of Fury

                Runningmama:  I am running my first marathon at Disney January 13th.  I am not as speedy as you (not many of us are Big grin) and I am thinking around 4:00.  Have been running for not quite a year and a recent 1/2 time of 1:51:15 and 10K 48:42, so I think I have the speed, but not sure I have the endurance just yet to run sub 4:00.  I am doing a modified HH Int-2 (modified by doing 5-6 miles instead of 3-4 and some speedwork), but still only at around 50 mpw.  I am hoping to get this first marathon under my belt and not hate it, then work on building a better base and using a PFitz for next fall.  What do you think?

                PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15

                Ball of Fury

                  Only 3.1 today, but I did it in 20:23 and won 1st in my AG. Wink

                   Congrats on  your AG win!!

                  PRs:  5K 22:59, 10K 46:54,HM: 1:51:15


                    Woot! Woot! 33 minutes done. But man, 65 degrees is way too hot to run in now that I'm used to temps in the 40 / 50s.

                    Started C25K on 9/6/12. First 5K set for 1/13/13.


                    Go figure

            , that was a night!  I haven't gotten after it like that in a while.  I'm impressed by your efforts.


                      Step...Sorry you're not feeling well.  Hibernation sounds like a great course of action.  I hope the young one had fun.


                      RMT3b...thanks, race was awesome (though hard not to really race).  Enjoy your ultra jog, and that long one tomorrow.  Christmas decorating should make for some great family fun.


                      Pinktastic...yep, boo, that stinks.  It sounds like you still had a good run though, so I hope you feel good about the effort regardless of the course.


                      Kristin...Great job with the lifetime miles!  That has to feel good.  I love to run where others are too, so I can see why you enjoyed your route today.


                      Easymiles...waiting for shoes?  Christmas come early!


                      Runtom...sounds like a great plan to get the body used to some consecutive days if you're going to be building miles.  I hope the run feels good.


                      OutofBlue...That must have been quite a wet run.  Do you stuff your shoes with newspapers after they get it?  Pretty simple, but it's always worked for me.


                      Locomote...Have a great time at CIM, and enjoy the event with your friend.  What an accomplishment.


             and something sounds like a great day to me!

                      Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                      Wickedly Average

                        Well, I got in a nice 4 mile easy run, overall pace of 9:15. As I'm starting to do, I ran the last 0.1 mile as a sprint, at maybe 7 mm. Hard to tell really since the garmin doesn't react quickly enough to major speed changes like that. It's sort of a guess.


                        I shall heretoforth refer to that end-of-run sprint as the "Moth Maneuver" in honor of Mike on RWOL who gave me the idea. He said it helped him develop his kick on fatigued legs. I think it can't hurt just to get the turnover up a bit here and there.

                        Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

                        5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


                        Run Long, Hard, and Fast

                          Good afternoon fellow runners! I ran 7 miles today. I am starting to get my form back since coming back November 1st. November wasn't a big mileage month for me. It isn't a big deal though as I wanted to come back slowly. The numbness is 90% gone. I have a little left in my feet and lower torso. 


                          I felt great today. I ran 7 very hilly and rolling miles at a 7:40 pace. I chose the course because I wanted a challenging run that would make me work. 


                          Shirfan - I am 70 miles east of you. I may check out the Buffalo race scene. It is slim pickings for races here during the Winter.


                          Run long, hard, and fast! God bless you all!




                          Splits (GPS Interval)
                           TypeDistance Split settingsDurationTotal DurationPaceAvg HRMax HRNotes
                          1 Interval 1 mi 8:19.01 8:19.01 8:20      
                          2 Interval 1 mi 7:41.52 16:00.53 7:42      
                          3 Interval 1 mi 7:50.48 23:51.01 7:51      
                          4 Interval 1 mi 7:36.66 31:27.67 7:37      
                          5 Interval 1 mi 7:29.09 38:56.76 7:30      
                          6 Interval 1 mi 7:26.34 46:23.10 7:27      
                          7 Interval 1 mi 7:15.82 53:38.92 7:16      

                          Jess runs for bacon

                            Gustav, you probably saw me last night. I was at Aardvark (along with April) doing the Light up the Night run. I was going to hit Brewworks for dinner, but there was a line so no yummies for me Sad I did order a pair of Kinvaras though, SO EXCITED!!


                            Pink, sorry to hear the course was shorted. On the plus side, you're going to have a sub 30 in the bag at the next one!


                            I did just under 9 at this crazy run this AM with a local running group. 4.4 mile loop that you have an hour to complete, then you do it again and again. I was good for only two (ran with April for the second lap). This started at 7 am, right now it's 2:30 and there's still people out there from what I understand. I'm going to check in later this afternoon to see how they're doing.


                            It was kind of funny, the course has trees down all over still from the hurricane, so some of the runners started cutting in some sections while they were doing their loop. They were able to cut big branches, then run with those logs for 1/2 mile to the end and still whooped my ass. Ah well.




                              Dtothe2nd - Congrats on the smokin' time and AG win!

                              SIAR - Sounds like you did great on the pacing! I think you do need to have splits just a hair under the "perfect" pace to allow for tangents, etc., especially if you are using the Garmin for distance rather than manually recording splits at the mile markers. And thanks for the heads up on the sign - I will get to share duties, but I think we're supposed to carry it the whole way. (Note to self: Lots of tricep dips this winter!)


                                7 mi done this morning after work @ 8:57 pace.  I started out easy for the first couple miles and then tried to hold around an 8:30 for 5 miles.  Here's how it ended up:


                                1 - 10.17
                                2 - 9.31
                                3 - 8.54
                                4 - 8.18
                                5 - 8.39
                                6 - 8.34
                                7 - 8.20