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2016 Half Marathon Race Thread: Post Your Races Here! (Read 1423 times)


    Got another for the the list:


    4/27/13 Kings Mountain Half Marathon


    Got two more events in mind, but I'm not registered for them yet. Will post later if I do.

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      Well looks as if I've got another one I signed up for. It turns out that the NorCal Tour de FIT sponsors events and I'm already registered for 2 events (Davis Stampede and Running Of The Elks)...all I need is one more and I get recognized and awarded a series medal, so I signed up for the Davis MOOnlight Run on July 13th.


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        Swamp House Half Marathon(virtual race) Feb 17-March 17(if you need to enter a date specifically, I was planning on running it Feb 22, we have 30 days in which to run a 13.1 run to qualify as a finisher).

        Run For The Bridges Half Marathon(trail & off road) March 16.



        My DoubleHalf Mary is Sept 7&8. I wasn't sure the date when I first listed it prior. Thanks for updating!

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          Indy 500 Mini Marathon May 4!  Thanks Damaris!

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            Publix Georgia Half Marathon March 17th

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              6/1/13 RunDuvall HM Big grin

              Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

                Austin Half Marathon 2/17/2013 (aka Livestrong Marathon) hoping for good weather and no repeat of the ugly Decker Challenge in Dec 2012

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                  I have not been ignoring the adds.  I have been busy but will work on them tomorrow.



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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

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                    All updated!  Good luck to those racing this weekend!



                    "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                    It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)

                      Swamp House 1/2 Debary, FL March 3


                        3/24 - Runner's Half Marathon Reston, VA

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                        2013 Schedule

                        Run Your Heart Out 5K 2/10 (Reston, VA)

                        Reston 10 Miler 3/3

                        Runner's Half Marathon (Reston VA) 3/24

                        Herndon Festival 10K (6/2)



                          Just signed up for the Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA on May 19. Very excited as it will be my first, buboa bit intimidated by "hospital hill."  Anyone done it?


                          My public goal is 2:20. I'd be far happier with something in the 2:10 to 2:13 range though.


                            11/03 - Battleship half

                              I decided to run the New Jersey Marathon instead of the HM, you can remove me and I'll add to the full.


                              thanks Smile

                                4/6/13 Hell's Hills 25K (Tejas Trails Race) Smithville, TX

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