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Treadmill running misleads you according to this article. (Read 395 times)


      Treadmills do have their time and place. I use mine a few days a week when I work long shifts and cannot run outside because of the dark and for safety reasons. I also love the convenience of having one especially here in New England. The winters can be brutal. I don't care much about what it does for my race times because I figure any run is better than no run.

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        It does not surprise me.  I can run 1-1.5mm faster on the TM than outside in hell.  I never even get asthma issues while on the TM.  Even on an incline.



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          I'm slower on my treadmill... Have a much harder time maintaining my regular pace.  It's strange.


            In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.


            Honestly, that's a pretty good article; thanks for posting.  It is always fun when the treadmill comet topics come up and some old-timers say "well, the treadmill isn't exactly the same..." and get tut tutted and all that.


            Side note.  There's a runningahead dude named DoppleBock.  Go peek at his log.


            A substantial amount of those miles, especially in winter... treadmill.


            No lie.



              I ran a ton of treadmill miles over the summer. I didn't find it detrimental for race training a all.



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                Moth used to log a crapton of miles in the winter on the treadmill.  Happylilly uses the TM a lot and is able to BQ.



                I am sure that for every article and scientific study out there bashing the TM there is another article or scientif study that will praise the use of a TM.


                If the weather is bad and you are faced with sitting on the couch or going to the gym to use the TM, the guy that used the TM will improve his/her fitness that night.


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                  I did a large percentage of my Marathon training on a treadmill, I feel as though my legs weren't prepared to propel me, having found that out the hard way, I hate the treadmill now.

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                    I use my treadmill but find that I can't keep my normal pace on it, either. I run faster outside every time. I keep it at 1% incline (although I've read doing so really doesn't amount to anything) and I've had it set that way since I purchased it. So I can't blame it on that. But it's funny how I can run trails faster than what I can do on that thing. I monitor my heart rate while I'm on it now, so that I can at least have an idea of what my effort really is. Especially when I adjust the pace. Time is a joke, though. 


                    Thinking back, my last treadmill was a bit different and it felt easier. Eh... *shrugs*

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                      Side note.  There's a runningahead dude named DoppleBock.  Go peek at his log.




                      Wow.  He recently ran 46 miles on a treadmill.  That's either really impressive or really nuts.  Actually, it is probably both.  Unreal.

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                          Wow, 46 miles on the TM, incredible! I spend so much time on the TM I created a route for it on my log, so I know which runs are on the TM. 


                          Edit: And he had two months of 500 miles or more!

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                            Thanks for posting the article about DoppleBock SRL, I am very impressed and inspired by his achievements in running! As far as TM's go I have never enjoyed running on them but many people have shown they can be a valuable running aid. Next time I have to use one I think I will have a better attitude after reading the article.

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                              I want a study showing that the difference in treadmill running and outdoors running is the same as treadmill walking and outdoor walking


                                You want unreal.


                                DoppleBock was part of the US team (with Scott Jurek) and helped the US win the bronze medal in the 24 hour world championships in 2010.


                                That ain't no bullshit.


                                Wow.....just, wow.  I'm impressed by great runners who have always been great runners, but to come from being over 300lbs to being able to compete at that level is just amazing (yes, amazing it definitely justified here).  938 miles in one month?!?!  That's four months of running at my current rate, geez. 


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