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    When I first started running, I was overpronating and Shoe Store Girl said green Superfeet in a stability shoe would be good for me.  That worked for the first year, but I went back and got fitted again, at which point they told me I can move to a neutral shoe.  I did that but kept using the Superfeet.  Now it appears the Superfeet are overcorrecting my overpronation and the lighter, less bulky shoe I am using now shows that in the wear pattern.  The stability shoes can hide that.


    I just stopped wearing Superfeet as i felt I needed extra support, but it's a bunch of LRS marketing crap. You don't need them. Shoe companies don't spend millions of dollars on R&D to not make shoes good as is be it neutral, stability, or support..

    PR's - 5K - 20:15 (2013) | 10K - 45:14 (2011)  | 13.1 - 1:34:40 (2013)  | 26.2 - 3:40:40 (2014)


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    Jess runs for bacon

      Have you run either the lehigh HM or full? How is that course. Cburg is my hometown race and my next race i am training for. very hilly, but I run course all the time as I live 2m from start.


      We have a couple, there's St Luke's in April, that's a half only, and then Via in September which is a half and a full. Then this year they added the RW Half. I did the RW, but haven't done the others. I'm signed up for St Luke's and am considering the full. It's supposed to be an easy course, I've run sections of it and it is very nice. Lots of trails.


      YAYpril - B-Plus

        Have you run either the lehigh HM or full? How is that course. Cburg is my hometown race and my next race i am training for. very hilly, but I run course all the time as I live 2m from start.


        I'm a Lehigh Valley'er as well and I've run all our local HM's - St. Luke's, Runner's World, Via, and D&L. Via and D&L have a full attached to them as well. I plan on running the Via full next year (September 8) but I didn't really like the D&L half that much so I don't think I'll ever run the full. St. Luke's is my PR course and I hope to smash it next year.

          I'm a lazy slob.

          Barking Mad To Run

            Some fun this morning turned out to be!  Angry  Had a small accident on the drive to work.  Ford F-150 in front of me, both of us slowing down to make an upcoming turn, some compact car swerves from the other lane in front of the F-150, she has to slam on her brakes, I have to slam on mine, but unfortunately, I smack into the back of her.  The little dweeb that caused it all didn't even notice, just kept right on going.  We both pull off to the side of the road, luckily neither of us is hurt, and both of us have very good insurance.  Given that I have a Ford Escape, I think my vehicle took a lot more damage than hers did, as I mainly jut hit her right on that big ole F-150 bumper, those things are pretty hard and pretty tough!  All she had was some slight 'bending' of her bumper toward her tires, and a small dent in one area where the impact was.  As for my Escape, the main damage is the bumper really came loose and is dented pretty badly and will probably need to be completely replaced.  Anyway, she was very nice about it and we both had a few choice words for the other driver.  Got our respective insurance companies on the phone and got all our information exchanged and so forth and then we were on our way again.  My car is drivable, but the bumper is very loose, so I drove straight to my Ford mechanic/dealer and left it there;  I don't want to be driving along and my darn bumper falls off into the road and perhaps gets someone hurt.  So I felt it was better to play it safe.  Gail came and got meat the dealer and so now I am at home waiting for my rental car to show up.   I will say one thing, my insurance folks - Progressive -  were very professional and very speedy, they took care of everything, getting the appraiser scheduled to come out, to assess the damage, sent the rental car authorization to the rental car company, and so forth.   Her insurance - USAA - was very good also, and between the two respective agents taking information, giving us instructions, etc.  I don't think we were at the accident scene for more than 30 minutes before we were on our way again.  So now I'm just in a waiting mode until my baby gets repaired.   Poor old Red Rover - that's what I call my car, lol, cuz he and me WANDER all over  everywhere going to running and racing places and exploring - his first accident ever since I've had him since 2005.  He may have 118,000 miles on him, but he's a good ole vehicle, very reliable, the best one I've ever owned and has always run great, and I just want him to get fixed up and back with me.


            Oh well, these things happen and it could've been a lot worse.  I'm glad no one got hurt and I'm just gonna try and stay positive about it all and not let it get me down.


            Well, as long as I'm home for the day - my boss told me to just go ahead and take the day off, nice - I think I will go get in a run.  However, I am going to wait until this afternoon, cuz we had a cold front move in, and it is now a flippin' 35 degrees outside!  BRRRR!  That is cold for we South Texans!  It's supposed to warm up to about 56 for later today, I think I will wait until it gets to that temperature! Big grin

            "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

            delicate flower

              Sorry to hear about Red Rover, Scotty.  I am guessing you're not going to win the Escape vs F150 battle very often. 



                I got in 9.2 miles which resulted in 0 points in the winter running contest. 

                 Never run, if you want to never run, don't start because you'll never stop.

                delicate flower

                  I got in 9.2 miles which resulted in 0 points in the winter running contest. 


                  Heh, I've run 43 treadmill miles in the last couple of weeks, thus get a big fat goose egg for points on those days.  Big grin 



                  Not a dude

                    Since I ran at 9:00 last night and then again this morning at 5:00, I ran my first set of doubles and I am not any worse for wear because of it. I had intended to run 6 miles this morning, but cut it back to 4.17 so I could get home. I usually have a little bit of extra time on Tuesdays, but I forgot that I needed to have my son to the doctor for his allergy shots earlier than usual this week. It was a good run, but the "feels like" temp was 11 friggin' degrees! I got some points out of it for the winter running game at least, but I'm not gonna win that anyway. Smile


                    Anyone else having issues with folks still running their sprinklers and turning sidewalks and shoulders into solid sheets of ice? I just about busted my ass this morning!!!!


                    Jess runs for bacon

                      Scotty, glad to hear everyone was ok! Sounds like Red Rover will pull through. Just try to kick back and relax!




                      Go figure

                        Hey everyone.  6.53 miles done for me today, including 6x8sec hill sprints.  Saw the first snow flurries of the year while running, but they only lasted for a few minutes.  Now it's bright and sunny and headed back to the 40s for a week.  So much for winter.

                        Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn


                        Team TJ

                          I got in 3.3 miles early this morning.


                          I've been doing some XT all day now working on a water main repair.  TIRED now!

                          Running for TJ because he can't.



                            Basya: I hope the weights and cardio went well this AM!


                            Weezer: You are CRAZY!  I'm wearing tights in 20 degree temps, fo sho!!!


                            Mitch: I hope the 4-5 went well!


                            Tom: Some speed work on tap?  Yes!  Have a great run this PM!


                            Docket: Yuck - those are some crazy warm temps for December.


                            Phil:  Yay!  You have such a nice wife!  I thought that was so sweet of her to ask.  Btw, I have those pants - the men's XS version - and I love them!  I wore them on my coldest run this year so far and stayed nice and warm.  I figure on the worst - way below zero wind chill days - I can wear tights w/those pants on top and be golden.  I have to change the batteries on those knuckle lights every week.  That's the only downside of those.


                            Eddie: Those are the best kind of runs!  Well done!


                            Shari: I hope the sore muscle stuff resolves soon.


                            D2: Nice job on the 8!


                            Amik: Brrrr - nice job on the chilly 6 today!


                            Hilary: Enjoy the RD!


                            Kristin: Excellent job on the 8 this AM!  Shew, wee - I'm tired just reading about all that you've been doing/have planned to do in the last day.  No rest for Mama!!!  Are you going to homeschool the littles all through middle and high school too?  You are incredible!


                            Jedi: Great work on the 8 today!


                            Lily: You did good - you needed the rest!


                            April: I hope the 5 w/your RP go well today.


                            B-Plus: ummm, I wouldn't ever describe you as either lazy or a slob, you goose!


                            Scotty: I'm sorry about the accident, but happy no one was hurt!  Thank goodness.  I hope the insurance/repair stuff isn't too much of a pain in the neck.


                            Neverrow: Well done on the 9+ miles today!


                            SIAR: Nice job on the 6.5+ w/hill sprints.


                            Flippy:  Great work on your first double!  OMG - those idiots need to turn off their sprinklers - I haven't seen one on for a long time here.  That's dangerous!


                            Robert: Awesome job today on the 3.3 miles.


                            I got yoga, core and Myrtl exercises done today and I'm running 12-13 miles later.  I start actual training on Monday for the next marathon - yay!


                            Wickedly Average

                              Afternoon, Dailies!


                              5 miles today, with 2 X 1 mile intervals at around 8:20 pace. Overall pace of 8:56, including a fast 6:00-ish last tenth of a mile.


                              A little slower than my last 5 mile interval run, but I'm OK with that. I think I'm still a little less than 100% after pushing out my 14 day streak. I think I've learned to value rest days just a bit more.


                              I need to put together a running plan. Since the half last month, I've been just varying my running types (interval, hill, long, easy, etc.). I have a 4 miler in 3 weeks, then it's time ot train for the Gate River Run 15K in March. I think I'm going to take the Hall HM plan and adjust it to meet my schedule and my mileage needs for this run.


                              Oh well - time to shower, eat, and head back to work.

                              Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

                              5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


                                Scotty - Glad neither of you were hurt, and I hope they fix Red Rover up good as new for you.

                                Flippy - Why would people still have their sprinklers on? Sounds like a recipe for a lawsuit, not to mention busted water lines. Roll eyes



                                I changed my mind about running outside when I got to the YMCA's parking lot and almost skated the first four steps away from my car. Went back to the car, grabbed my bag, and headed straight inside to the TM. It would have been beautiful to run outside with a few flurries coming down, but those flurries were creating a dusting of snow on ice from yesterday's melt. Avoiding injury > winter running points. 6 miles on the TM with some faster segments to break the boredom. 9:30 average pace; faster segments up to 7:30 pace.
                                Strength class was good, but didn't do any favors for my neck and shoulder, so I may resort to ibuprofen to get those muscles to relax.