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    Hey everyone. I was thinking about how awesome Dave has been with his 8 miles and doing 20 tomorrow!  It got me wondering, instead of following a training schedule to train for a half or full marathon, does anyone just run.  Like go out 5-6 days a week and just run what they feel like, maybe add in a long run once a week? 

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      I'm not in training for anything, but I do plan my mileage.  Mostly because I run on my lunch break.  Plus, when I'm leaving the husband at home with the kids, I prefer to let him know how many miles I'm doing, so he knows about how long I'll be out.  Otherwise, if he expects me back in 30 minutes, and I'm out for an hour and a half, it will be World War III.  I wish I could just go out and run until I'm done.

      Do you even run?

        Most of my easy runs are of the "just run" type.  When I do workouts, I have specific goals in mind but how far I run on my easy runs is dictated mostly by how much time I have.  Once I have a goal race on the calendar though, I start doing specific workouts a few months out to build the physiological systems I'll need to run well at that distance.

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          I've been doing that since May, and will continue to do so until I start training in January for Spring races. Of course, I have a template in my head but no set plan.

            I'm always in training. Always. But that said, now, I always run what I like on any given day. And what I like is a variety of things, such as a fast run, a few race-paced miles, a long run, and when I'm tired, some slow miles. I mix it up by listening to how I feel everyday. Sometimes I do my LR on a Friday night instead of on Sunday, because of family activities. Sometimes I go from 60 mpw, to 30 the following week and to 80 the week after that, because of how I feel, or because of traveling. I've been running long enough (5 years) to no longer make myself be a slave to any written schedule out there. It works for me.

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              Thanks ERLH Smile  That's actually exactly what I do.  I have yet to use a plan or schedule, or even do speed work.  I just lace up and go run at whatever pace feels comfortable that day, I've only consciously picked up the pace on a few runs, but they still didn't even qualify as tempo runs (altho I will be adding tempo runs to my routine next week).  My easy pace has gotten quicker as the miles have added up, and I've been able to add a lot of miles fairly quickly.  But I really like that my running thus far has been very easy and low pressure. 


              I know that I could benefit from a more structured plan, but part of me is afraid to do it, because I don't want my running to become a chore.  But at some point, the competitiveness that has started to grow in me will take over, and I'm sure I'll give in and find a plan that will help me reach whatever my goals are at that time. 



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              Wandering Wally

                I am spending December and January just running.  Back to being serious in February.

                Run!  Just Run!


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                And in the end...

                  It's all I do... just run.  No scheduled mileage or paces.  Until recently, I hadn't logged a run in several years.


                  The GITM is moot.


                    I periodize training, so sometimes just running, cycling or swimming is what is called for.


                    I schedule workouts and stick with a plan because my husband likes to get his training in as well. I am fortunate that we tackle that issue well.


                    That, and I don't mind getting up at the buttcrack of dawn to get things done. It makes life easier for everyone when I don't procrastinate, especially since he is a cyclist. I can run in 30 degrees a lot easier than he can ride in it, so I try to make sure he gets a warmer part of the day and he does the same when I have a ride scheduled.


                      That's pretty much what I do.  But, because of time constraints & my own physical abilities, I run shorter runs throughout the week, and I do a long run on the weekend.  I generally pick my route just before I head out and choose it by how I feel and what the weather is like.  Sometimes I build up my mileage, sometimes I maintain it, and sometimes I taper it down.  I keep a log, but I never follow a prescribed schedule.


                      Right now, I'm doing 3-4 weekday runs of about 4-6 miles each, and a weekend run of about 10-13 miles.

                      Old , Ugly and slow

                        I just try to run as much as possible with no plan.  I have no plans to race. Most of runs are about the same distance.

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                          I just run, based on how inspired I feel and what I have time for and want to accomplish. If I'm running, I'm "in training". I've never followed a training plan for any race. Just knowing that a big goal race is out there in the future is enough to keep me going. I do have a bunch of running goals, and I follow some general ideas on how I want to train to get there, but nothing is ever really set on my schedule in advance except races. 


                          Fatty McFatFat

                            I don't like not having a plan.  So for times like now when I am on break from an official plan I still plan in advance what I am going to run.  It keeps me from saying "yeah - close to two is good" every day. 


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                              To date, other than races I've run in, all of my running is "just running".

                              You have to run through the valley if you want to get to the mountain top!


                              Next goal:  Mad Marsh 50K (November 2014)

                                I mostly just run. 


                                I haven't ran a race in over a year, and since dealing with various injuries over the last year, don't really care if about getting faster/increasing miles or training for any particular race.  I'm just happy to be able to run 3 or 4 times a week right now, pain free.


                                My garmin has sat on the shelf for most of this year, I only started using it again in the last month.  It was actually nice over the summer to just run my old favorite local routes, without concerning myself with time, pace, exact distance.  It was a really great way to get back my love of running.