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BMO St. Patrick's Day Vancouver 5k RR (Read 62 times)

    I think this is the first time I've started a thread in this place, so here goes. I already shared this yesterday in the daily thread, so don't bother reading it again. Although it has now been updated with placing.


    This was my first race since June 2010 and and after taking a 1.5 year hiatus and re-starting running in May 2012. 

    My warmup was about an 18-min jog with 2 race pace strides. 

    I tried to line up within the first 100 people, since that's where I figured I would end up at the end of the race. But the start area quickly filled with many people and I had 3 grannies in front of me. Oh well, I wasn't going to freak out, since I knew most people would start out too fast anyway, and more so with the downhill start. 

    I had no idea really how to pace myself, since I haven't raced in so long and I wasn't sure how badly my recent 10 or so day break would impact me. I studied the splits from my previous 5ks last night (2 nights ago now), but I didn't gain much insight. So I just hoped that I would tag up with the right racers. I figured go out fast the first mile, maintain focus the second, and then hang on for dear life. Anyway, I set an arbitrary goal of sub-19 and sub-18:30 as a dream goal. 

    1 km (3:33) - It was a downhill start heading down to the seawall. I knew I wanted to start fast, but I didn't want to go out too hard and blow my race. I thought I may chase this blonde in a local club uniform, but she was a tad faster so I let her go. Considering it was a downhill start, I think I did pretty good here. Near the end of this km, I had a guy in a full on leprechaun custom with music blaring out of his jacket. It was funny when the music stopped and his ipod or whatever spit out his km split and pace. 

    1 mi (6:00) - There was a prize for fastest mile, so there was a mat there and I went through in 6-flat. It's kind of funny to see quite a few people who finished slower than me but with a mile time of 5:30ish.

    2 km (3:51) - Just after the end of the first km, there was a tight turn onto the seawall and this is where I felt boxed in a few times as the path is narrow and there were a few groups running together. At this point, I thought I might try to pace off a high school team, but they ended up being too slow and I passed them. Blonde was still in sight, but a little too far off to catch up. I felt like it was still too easy. End of second km and lucky's ipod gave us our split and pace again. 

    3 km (3:46) - Not much going on here. Still running with lucky a bit behind me and just trying to stay focussed, increase the effort level, and get some room as it was still a bit bunched up. Got a final split from lucky's ipod and finally dropped him. 

    4 km (3:46) - Really put my head down now and started to push while others were fading. Split came in the same as the last km, but noticeably more difficult. Getting some room to roam around now and blond still in sight. 

    5 km (3:43) - After the 4 km marker, there was another tight turn to head back up to the Stanley Park Pavillion. I just kept on pushing, but shortly after the start of this km we started to head uphill back up to the Pavillion, then it continued as a slight uphill. I thought this race was flat, what idiot put this hill here? I thought this hill was really dumb and considered jogging it in, but I looked at my watch and realized that while 18:30 was out the window, I could get reasonably close if I pushed it. So I ran really hard up the hill while passing 3-4 runners, then pushed with all my might once it flattened out and the finish line was in sight. I passed a couple more runners into the finish and I felt like my lungs were going to collapse, so I must have been doing it right. I'm surprised the last km was my second fastest split. 

    I didn't really know what to expect out of this race, other than to push myself, get in a good workout, and try to get some feedback on my training. I feel like I left about 5-10 seconds out there. I'm sure 18:30 would definitely been doable had a pushed harder the second km and if I didn't have to contend with that hill at the end. Don't get me wrong, it's wasn't super-steep or anything; just long, gradual, and annoying. I'm just glad I didn't completely screw up the race. On second thought, there weren't any water stations. For sure I would have beat 18:30 had I worn my fuel belt Roll eyes


    With today's race, I now know that sub-40 10k should happen, and 38:30 is not a pipe dream. 


    Result:  18:41

    OA place:  84/1807

    AG place:  7/92

    Sex (male) placement:  68/657


    Something I mentioned in the dailies yesterday was that there were 8 sub-15 and 27 sub-16. Holy smokes Surprised

    Next race: April 7 10k tune-up 
    Goal race: April 28 10k


    Thanks for reading.



      Well damn, with results like this we are expecting many more threads from you!


      That's a great time for your first race back!  And that field is sick with all those sub 15 and 16 finishes.


      Good luck at your next event!


        Nice work on your first race back! You are one fast guy!

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          Good job own your race! Nice splits.

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            Wow!  18:41 after taking that much time off, great job!  Talk about a fast field, that's just crazy. Shocked


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            Go figure

              Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since you raced.  That would have made for a tough adjustment.  As for the opening mile, it sounds like you had a lot of sights to chose from between the blonde and the leprechaun haha.  It's interesting they did that first mile award - almost seems like they wanted people to blow up!  I love that you kept getting splits from "lucky," how convenient.  Awesome job digging into that last hill and keeping it going when you wanted to stop.  Congrats on that excellent race time.  You'll get that 18:30 and sub40 10k very soon.


              And why do I not think of you as Canadian at all?  Splits in miles please haha.

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                Wow, nice way to come back!  How fast were you running back in 2010?


                  LRB - I don't know about this year, but last year this race doubled as the BC 5k championship. Canadian Olympian Gary Reed was the official starter.


                  Nevr & Gustav - Thank you!!


                  D2 - You should come up here and win this thing. We generally do get a few sub-15 guys for races around here. I think the female winner was just over 17.


                  SIAR - I'be been training in miles since I decided my goal was to run Boston (done). So kilometres are a bit of a pain to me now. But I don't auto lap it so you're stuck with km splits. If you want to log stalk my race, I think you'll see the mile pace for each km. I actually set the distance in km and pace in mi, but I never looked down at the pace. I just ran fast from tape-to-tape.


                  This is not the first race where I've seen the fastest mile bonus. The overall female winner grabbed the mile, but the male mile winner came in 9th.


                  Baboon - My previous 5k pr was 19:04. But I'm not a 5k guy. I ran back to back 3:05 and 3:06 marathon in the months before my demise.


                  Thanks for the kind words everybody.


                    That is an awesome come back. You're a runner with natural talent. Congratulations!

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                      Congrats on a fabulously paced, and strategically run race!!    With your smokin' fast time, I can't believe you haven't in more than a year - clearly you have a lot of natural talent and you have the dedication to put into training!!

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                        Dang, Speedy!  Congrats on the 2nd place AG!


                        Vancouver? You weren't freezing up there?  You should get an award for just running in Canada at this time of year!

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                          Since I have been on vacation, I missed the first post about it.  Great job, and congrats!



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                          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

                            Well, I wasn't going to shamelessly bump this up until I had some pics, but I have come up empty-handed.


                            Lily, Pink, & Docket - Thank you. I was quite surprised at my pacing. Maybe I should run shorter stuff more often.


                            Scotty - We don't all live in igloos you know Wink It was 46 at the start, so a tad chilly, but not freezing. I didn't take any AG, but thanks anyway.



                              LRB - I don't know about this year, but last year this race doubled as the BC 5k championship. Canadian Olympian Gary Reed was the official starter.

                              That explains it.  This would be an event where I would be a back of the packer for sheezy...not that I am that far from it now lol!

                                Nice race B! it was colder here in central Illinois this morning than Vancouver,

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