Beginners and Beyond


If this doesn't capture the spirit of competition, I don't know what does (Read 153 times)


    Both of these guys were 90+ which shows that you don't have to stop just because you get older.  Fits in very nicely with my long term running goal.  There was a 90 year old who ran 6:35:47 in the Marshall University Marathon in Huntington, WV last year.  It set a world record for 90 year old males.  Maybe I can make it my goal to beat that time.  Smile


    For years my uncle would talk about this guy he goes on canoe/camping trips with.


    Turns out that it's this same guy who set the record, Mike Fremont.


    He always talked about him running marathons but then I realized just who he is and what he has accomplished.  I'm guessing you saw his website.  Pretty neat commentary about age group classifications in the 'ideas' section.