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Doing low mileage this week (Read 219 times)


    I have a 5k on Sunday, so I'm just doing intense but low mileage intervals and  tempo runs and I'm planning on taking at least 2 days off and doing just short easy runs besides the intervals.  So my mileage this week is going to be less than 20.


    Feel kind of bad about that especially since my mileage has been high for me and I'm kind of on a jones,  but i think it's the best thing for this race.


    BTW it's the Warm Your Heart indoor 5k in Chicago. It's totally flat, no wind, and the temperature is about 68 degrees - perfect for a PR (not for me but for anyone in general, it's probably one of the easiest 5ks to run) Anyone else running this? Don't worry, I won't stalk you if you are, Smilejust want to know if anyone else is running this.


      Good luck with your race!

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        That would be much too warm for me right now.  I've been running in "feels like zero" temps.


        Good luck with your race!


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          Indoor 5K?  Sounds interesting!  Good luck to you!!

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            Good luck, I wouldn't do intervals or a tempo run any closer to the race than 3 days prior, though, especially if you're looking to PR.

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              Anything that will prevent me from running in the cold is my kind of race! And I agree with MJ5, no speedwork too close to race day, with maybe the exception of a few strides, 3 days out... Good luck!

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                For me, a schedule that had a 5K on a Saturday would look like this:


                Monday: normal run...shorter but keep intensity

                Tuesday: normal run...shorter but keep intensity

                Wednesday: same as the other 2 days

                Thursday: strides on a slight downhill to get leg speed up

                Friday: off

                Saturday: warm up with a mile and strides then hit the gas


                Now, keep in mind that I very rarely will break 30 mpw now, but that is because I do multi-sport. When I was only running that Monday run would be around 8 miles or so and I would do 3 at tempo in that run, but I would only do that once that week of a race. Low miles are not a bad thing, just different. I have maintained my speed (even for halfs) doing around 25 mpw after a base built over a few years.


                Have a good race.


                  Thanks everyone for your comments! I will watch the speed work for sure (actually I'm done for the week i guess).  Allie I did go out today because of your advice. I'm going to work out lightly tomorrow and Friday, then either take Saturday off or run an easy mile or two with some strides.