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    'Sup yo?!


    Give it to me!

    "Training is not always fun, but it should always be rewarding."



      I got in 6 easy in some wicked ass winds, the last 3 miles of which were run directly into gusts of up to 32 MPH.  It was not overly cold though, and was actually a pretty good aerobic workout so I am not complaining.

      "Training is not always fun, but it should always be rewarding."


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        Skipped the swim last night...the advice of the people here was persuasive. Stuffy nose and pool seemed like a bad idea. But I did do an hour of strength work at home so it was fine. 6:00am spin class this morning. Kicked my butt in a good way!

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          Brrrrr... wind is the worst...


          52 push-ups and 52 sit-ups done. I will dig up the 100 push-ups challenge later today and figure out where to start. I'm on a quest with John. This morning, my shoulders and back were achy from yesterday's sets. sigh... It's called getting old and rusty.


          13 slow miles after work. Last night I went to bed feeling really nauseous, but I woke up feeling well. So maybe it was just something I ate, not really a bug. Fingers crossed.


          Have a great day everyone!

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            Insomnia last night; no problem getting to sleep at about 10:30, but woke up at 1:30, and then I was up. Finally got back to sleep around 4:00, so I was really happy when my alarm went off at 5:00 for my planned 10 miles on the treadmill. As if the promise of 10 on the mill is not demotivating enough. Anyway, I dragged my ass off the couch (where I ended up going back to sleep) and somehow got it done. Now I am sitting at work and feeling very tired for some reason.


            Try to have a good day everyone.


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              HELLO NOW!  Question for everyone:  WAKE THE HECK UP!


              DaveP in Michigan:  Good job getting 10 on the mill done in that mental state of mind.  That ain't easy.  Speaking of which:



              Last night:  8 easy on the treadmill.  8:26 pace.  For some reason, yesterday was a real mental struggle.  I was mentally checked out 1 mile into the run and just wanted it to end.  I struggled to not hit the stop button and go home.  I was happy to get through 8 miles.


              This morning:  8 miles on the treadmill with 6 at GMP.  7:32 avg pace.  A real good run.  No mental struggle today.  I'd have preferred a post-work outdoor run, but my schedule today will not allow that.  Ya do what ya gotta go.


              Miles to go

                Morning!  Today I have 2 x 2 at tempo, 8 miles total, after work.  The track group is doing a time trial for those who need to know their training paces, and that gets done right where I need to pick up DD.  So I will probably run there just for the company.


                DaveP- Nice job getting the miles in!  Sorry that you didn't sleep so well.  At least it's Wednesday already, right?

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                  DaveP: Ugh, that sounds terrible. 10 miles on a mill is a chore, but after a crappy nights sleep it sounds miserable.


                  I completed a 5.6 mile Interval workout this morning on the TM. For some reason the higher speeds on the TM make me feel like I'm going fall off.


                  DW has an appt later, so I'm leaving work early to watch DD. Then probably some shoveling and maybe even a beer later tonight. Smile


                  Have a great day everyone!

                  - Andrew



                    I woke up at 5 with a shitty headache Sad, so I went back to sleep. I am hoping that I can run tonight. 

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                    5k - 24:40 (7:57 min/mile pace) 

                    10k - 54:39 (8:48 min/mile pace)

                    15k -1:24:04 (9:01 min/mile pace)

                    13.1 - 1:56:38 (8:54 min/mile pace) Sub 2 hours!!!


                    Bad Ass

                      Morning!  I have not run in 2 days, yipee!  Will do 7 tonight.  Make me, please.  Stomach is less firey so I have not coughed a lung yet today.

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                        Good morning!


                        Nothing, nada, zip for me today...don't want to do too much too soon (again) haha.




                        Very nice! Next up is week 2 day 1.  Last session was a total of 42.  And believe me, the last 3 were literally done to failure. 


                          lrb - nice 6 in that wind

                          kristin - nice workout, hope you're feeling better

                          lily - fingers crossed too

                          davep - sorry about the insomnia, really sucks

                          baboon - nice way to hang in there

                          zel - you're doing some good, varied workouts

                          brrr - good job and enjoy the beer

                          free - hope you can get out later

                          D - ...we're making you

                          john - nada is good too



                          6 miles this AM. been windy too. escaping early from work today to catch last half of son's soccer game. have a great day all!

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                            Dave, you're a better runner than I. I'd have thrown the alarm across the room and said screw it.


                            As it is, I should have done 10 on the TM with some speedwork today. Instead, I did 7.5 outside in the -1* sunshine. I'll try to add the extra miles into the next few days. As for the speedwork? Eh.


                            Barking Mad To Run

                              Went to the gym after work yesterday and did an hour weight training circuit.  Today is a run day after work.  Sunny and 69 degrees.  On my drive-home from work, I will stop at one of the many local parks I have available to me and run a mix of roads and trails.  FLAT roads and trails, after hills on Monday and weight training yesterday.    While at the gym yesterday I encountered a running friend I hadn't seen in a while, who was also doing some weight training.  We had a nice chat and he told me he'd recently adopted a dog that he found wandering on the grounds (he works for University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, which is a medical school and also a medical treatment facility).  He took it to a local no-kill shelter, got it all examined, checked, shots, etc, and then adopted it - some kind of lab mix doggie, so good running dog for him.  Because he found the doggie on the grounds of a medical facility, he named it "Howser" and told me that means the dog's full name is "Doggie Howser."  Funny... 


                              Nice running, LRB.  Wow, 32mph winds, that'll give you some strength training running into that!


                              Hope you are feeling better, Kristin!  I think you earned some nap time with those two workouts.


                              Sorry about the insomnia, DaveP, congrats on getting the 10 in!  Did you sleep-run for part of it?  Sounds like some 5 to 10 minute powernaps at work are in order; as long as you can do them safely, anyway.


                              Congrats on getting it done, Baboon, both runs!


                              Speed Queen Zelanie!  Have fun tonite!


                              Somehow, lily, I just can't picture you as ever 'old and rusty'.  Congrats on your pushup program and on your 13 miles.  Glad you were feeling better this morning!


                              (((FreeSoul)))...hope you feel better!


                              (((Damaris))))..hope your system behaves itself!


                              Enjoy your NADA day, John!


                              Good luck to our son in his soccer game, Ric.


                              Dang, step...MINUS ONE!  Does the sunshine even help in a temp like that?  You are hardcore, lady, getting outside in that stuff!

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                                Dave, you're a better runner than I. I'd have thrown the alarm across the room and said screw it.



                                Ha, this from the loony dedicated runner who just did 22 POINT FIVE on a treadmill.

                                (And the alarm was my iPhone, so throwing it might not have been a good idea.)