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    Anyone and everyone can post your runs, cross-training, abdominal work, rest days, race plans, training questions, etc.. The only stupid question is the one you did not post. There’s a great mix of beginners and veterans, runners and walkers, and maniacs and returners (from injury, to running, to RA). We're all a little crazy here, too! While this thread is a terrific source of motivation for runners and serves as outstanding accountability, you’ll quickly find this remarkable group to be highly supportive of all life experiences. So, come on in, put your feet up, and stay awhile (not literally!) And whoever is up first is welcome to start the thread and we definitely keep some weird hours around here.



      I guess my high school coach was wrong after all:



        LOL!  I've seen that before, and it makes me laugh every time!


        3 miles planned for lunch today.


        What time is it?


        Do you even run?

          Good morning!


          7.4 miles @ 7:56/mile done, gonna get some coffee in me and get to work.


          Hope everyone has a great day!


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            Morning all!

            Can't see your photo Kay, but let's just assume there was coffee in it.


            Plan to run at lunch today, 4-6 depending on much long I can get away for.

            Body is still feeling beat up from a rough LR Sunday, but I think best to get back on the horse & just try to take it easy.



            Wickedly Average

              There's no "Team" in "I"! Smile


              Teamwork - A tool used by management to hide the slackers among the productive employees so that they don't have to deal with them.


              Morning, Dailies! Morning, LRB, Kay, Dave, & Dave!


              Coffee's ready and I've poured us all a cup!


              Looking at a long run today, possibly 10 miles, down along the river walk. Hopefully, the course is open, or at least enough of it is open that I don't have to do "laps". The run will be this afternoon when it's warmer and dryer. Raining right now, and I don't feel like running.


              Dad-burn weight is up after eating like a starving pig in Florida for 5 days! Awesome rich food, but I'm nearing the threshold of clydesdale again. Time to get back to basics here!

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                Morning! I'm going to gym later and then 3 Miles. Have a great day!

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                  Morning!  I have a short recovery run and some strength workout today.  I've let my laziness prevail so instead of 20 pullups a day I ended up with 1-5 at the most a week!  So, today, I shall head to the park and do as many as I can to see how far behind I am now.  Sniff.


                  LRB, very funny.  The bitch does not know what teamwork is.


                  Kay, enjoy your 3.  I cannot see your picture.


                  D2, nice workout.  Any residual pain?


                  Dave, enjoy your lunch run.


                  Tom, have fun with the long run.


                  Sparker, enjoy your 3 later.



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                  It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                    Hi guys. After my big exam today, I'm going to go out for a nice 5-6 mile run. Looking forward to some fresh air.

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                      Mornin' Kiddos!


                      6 miles for me this morning. Kinda quiet out this morning, it was great.


                      Have a fantastic day everyone!


                      Team TJ

                        Good morning folks.


                        5.1 miles done already this morning.  Legs are still a little sore from the weekend but they'll get over it.


                        Happy Tuesday.

                        Running for TJ because he can't.




                          Welp, it's damp, and cold and grey outside.  A rain and snow mix is approaching from the west and we currently have 30 MPH winds with gusts of up to 40 MPH to follow.


                          This is gonna take some balls...


                          Skirt Runner



                            Didn't check in was a SRD and my boyfriend and I laid on his couch all day and watched TV and then I drove back home. Just got back from a 2 mile run. Calves were giving me issues and it was a slow run. I have off my full time job today (we get TWO days off for Presidents Day!), but about to go into my part time job for a little bit. Then I have my first physical therapy appointment this afternoon.


                            Have a great day!

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                                LRB- Nice! Yep, you're gonna hate that weather ... it just blew through Wisconsin and the winds were howling overnight! We just got an inch or two of snow, but it was a blizzard white-out driving to the office this morning.

                                KayPS- There must be coffee in there somewhere but my eyes can't see it ... is this one of those magic eye things? Enjoy those 3 over lunch..


                                Dtothe2nd- Nice job on the 7+ and a nice pace as well. Enjoy your day.


                                DaveP MI- Hope you get in a good run over lunch & the legs feel back to normal after the LR.


                                RunTomRun- Hope the rain lets up and you get some sunshine to brighten up the 10 miles.


                                Sparker1606- Have a good run & time at the gym.

                                Docket_Rocket- Enjoy your recovery run and your afternoon assault on the evil bar of pain.


                                Nevrgivup- Hope your test goes well and you have a great 5-6 afterwards!


                                flarunner- As usual, great job on getting in the early 6 miles. Enjoy your day.


                                Robert31320- Nice job on the early 5.1 this morning to follow up that double digit weekend run!


                                Well, I got my  early 6 recovery miles done already on the TM @ work. Today's a double recovery so I'll add another 4 or so this evening (probably indoors again). I am pretty much sick of winter right now.

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