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    Okay here we go!



    Wickedly Average

      Careful with those, LRB - they'll keep you up all night!

      Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

      5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54


        SRD.  I still can't totally walk right and I'm sick, still ultra-satisfied with myself though Smile


        Have a great day guys.







        YAYpril - B-Plus

          Morning! My 6 went well last night. Easy breezy. I also woke up this morning and ran 5 miles. Started with the stars, ended with the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning. Myrtl + core at lunch.


          Skirt Runner

            Wow April you're on fire!

            PRs:   5K- 28:16 (5/5/13)      10K- 1:00:13 (10/27/13)    4M- 41:43 (9/7/13)   15K- 1:34:25  (8/17/13)    10M- 1:56:30 (4/6/14)     HM- 2:20:16 (4/13/14)     Full- 5:55:33 (11/1/15)


            I started a blog about running :) Check it out if you care to

              Good morningSmile


              Rick, would you please warn me before you post a funny? Some yummy tea was just lost, LOL.


              Kay, enjoy your lunchtime three-miler.


              Dave, great run.


              DaveP MI, enjoy your run, however long it is.


              Tom, I hope that you manage to run outdoors.


              Scott, enjoy your time in the gym and your three miles.


              Damaris, have fun with the strength work and the recovery run.


              Hilary, good luck with the exam! And have a wonderful run, too.


              flarunner, bravo running six miles before work. The quiet sounds awfully nice.


              Robert, sweet 5.1.


              kristin10185, brava on your two miles. I hope that PT goes well.


              Dan_The_CPA, I hope that you're OK soon.


              BruceD555, have fun doubling today.


              Luke, a speedy and complete recovery to you.


              AprilRunner, have a great workout during lunchtime.


              Weights, push-ups, and forty-five minutes on the ArcTrainer are done. I used the MuscleTrac on my calves, hamstrings, quads, inner thigh, ITB, and glutes. Aaaah...


              I'm beginning to recover from a bout of unexpected forced socializing on Sunday. I think it'll be a good day for me.

                Okay here we go!



                That cannot be a real product, can it? Looks like one of those Wacky Packs some of us had as kids.

                However I am intrigued by the delicious mocha flavor, and today may be a good day to pop a couple of those.



                  Good Morning Runners!!


                  How is everyone today? Are we ready to ROCK this Tuesday? I think so!!


                  LRB – OMG!! That's fantastic!! I know several people who could appreciate that! That weather doesn't sound good. Take care and stay warm and safe!


                  Kay – Enjoy your lunchtime 3 miler!


                  Dave2 – You in here early, aren't you? Nice run this morning!!


                  DaveP – Hope your run makes you feel better! Have a great day!


                  Tom – Boy! Ain't that the truth about teamwork! It's always the same one or two people getting the crap done and the rest of the “team” does a lot of whining.... Thanks for the coffee! Have a great run by the riverwalk!


                  Scott – Enjoy your gym time and your run later!


                  Damaris – 20 pullups a day? Wow! That would be an impossible dream for me, but I know you can do it!! Have a great recovery run later too!


                  Hilary – A run after a tough exam sounds like just the ticket to relieve stress and any pent up anxiety you may have leftover from the test! Good luck with the exam – I'm sure you'll ACE it!!


                  Flarunner – Good Morning my early morning friend! 6 in the quiet sounds like a peaceful way to start the day! Have a Pinktacular day!!


                  Robert – Nice run this morning! Way to get out there and get it done!!


                  Kristin10185 – Wow! 2 days off for President's Day? I've never heard of that! But, good for you!! Good luck with your PT appointment this afternoon!!


                  Dan – Hope you're able to get back out there soon!


                  Bruce – Wow! Sounds like you had a nasty storm last night! Glad you made it to work safely! Great run this morning!!


                  Luke – I hope you feel better soon!! And, congrats again on a fantastic race!!


                  April – I love to be running when the sun comes up! But, I hate getting out of bed to run when the sun comes up.... ;-) Nice back-to-back runs last night and today! Have a Pinksational day!!


                  Basya – I definitely hope that it is a PINK-MAZING day for you!! Way to get your workout done early this morning!! Are you counting down til you leave on your trip? I'm excited for you!!


                  Jay - From yesterday.....    Bitter?  Party of one....    ;-)    Actually, I'm not a huge Hull fan (though I do know several people who are).   Sergei Zubov has always been my favorite.   He had a vision for the game like no other, and holy crap could he skate effortlessly and make amazing passes!! 


                  I made an impulsive decision late yesterday.   I signed up for the Cowtown HM which is on Sunday.    Yes, this Sunday.   Eeeek!!   As a result, and in consultation with my wonderful Mileage Monster teammates, I've rearranged my schedule for the week so that I can do some kind of taper.   I ran 6.26 this morning - started easy, hammered it (for me) in the middle, and then finished easy.   It was Pinklightful out this morning and I enjoyed the stars and the quiet!


                  Have a completely wonderful day!!   And, may your next run give you a new appreciation for what you can do!!


                  - Sarah

                  But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

                  delicate flower

                    Happy Tuesday!  One PT session down today, two more to go.  I gotta get out of the house today.  I'm starting to get a little nuts here.



                      Kay - good luck with the 3 today. 


                      Dtothe2 - way to go!


                      Dave - have a great run. 


                      Tom - I know rich food feeling. My problem is always night eating right before bed. I still need to kick that habit. 


                      Sparker - have fun at the gym. 


                      Damaris - I'm impressed. I can do five pull-ups if luck lucky.  


                      Nevrgivup - good luck on the test. 


                      Great run, flarunner. 


                      Robert - nice run. 


                      LRB - stronger men have stayed inside in days like that.    Ouch!


                      kristin - good luck with the PT. 


                      Dan - rest is sometimes necessary. You'll be back. 


                      Bruce - 6 on the TM. Ugh. 


                      April - that's a double in my book. And nice way of describing it. 


                      I've got a five-miler lined up for this afternoon. Would go at lunch but there's a meeting at the office then. Just need to try to clear the decks this morning and hope the rain holds off.


                      Barking Mad To Run

                        Wore shorts and a t-shirt for my run/walk in the 49 degree weather this morning...and had a great run!  Oh my goodness, am I starting to get used to running in the occasional cold weather days we have? Shocked  Joking   The Diploma Dash is a 5K held on the campus of the university where I work. It is coming up March 2, so I did the route this morning.  At a race, with my photo stops, I usually do a 5K in 33 - 36 minutes.  With no photo stops today, just my run/walk routine, I completed the route in 31:29.  What?!! That is pretty speedy for me.  Since the gym is across the street from the "finish line" I kept on going to the gym and ended up with 3.2 miles in 33:28, averaging 10:28 per mile,, which is pretty quick for this old arthritic dog.  Guess my arthritis med is keeping my body happy, lol.

                        "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

                          I couldn't help but to jump in here with today's title. There is way more than just 1 where I work, I guess they're everywhere.


                          I like Tom's analogy of team.


                          Luke, go run a couple, it will help tremendously with your recovery. Or at least it works for me. Hurts at first, but then things loosen up.


                          I just did an easy 5, tough at first, but got better as it progressed.


                            Sarah: You are going to kill it in that race!  NO FEAR!!!  I can't wait to hear all about the race!


                            Phil: I can only imagine how stir crazy you are!  You are making great progress with PT.  Keep up the great work!


                            Hilary:  Good luck on your exam!


                            Luke: I'm so sorry you are feeling so crummy!


                            DC Dan: Enjoy the 5 today!


                            Mitch: I'm happy to hear you are recovering well from your race!  Nice work on the 5!


                            11 general aerobic miles tonight.  This is a light week...lots of recovery or close to recovery paced miles.  I'm heeding the paces carefully this week.  I was hammering it a bit when I found out I got faster quite suddenly to test out my speed/see what I had, but now that I have an idea of what my fitness level is, I need to make sure I stay within Pfitz's paces and recover fully between hard workouts.  I haven't been doing enough slow running in the last couple of weeks.

                            Bad Ass

                              The balls or the caffeine?


                              Careful with those, LRB - they'll keep you up all night!



                              "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                              It's always fucking hot in Miami!


                              Barking Mad To Run

                                Lol, LRB.  What's that other saying?  There's no "i' in team, but there is a "ME".   Good luck with that weather you've got coming!


                                Good luck with the 3 miles, Kay.  What time is it?  Why ...


                                And if you recognize that, you're way older than I thought you were, lol.


                                Congrats on your miles, Dave.


                                Hope you can get your miles in DaveP.  Horses, no thank you...they scare the heck outta me.  Kind of ironic since I live in Texas, lol.


                                Good luck with your 10 miles, Tom.  You have a Riverwalk?


                                Happy gym-and-3-miles, Sparker!


                                Well, shoot, Damaris, 5 pullups is more than I can do, lol.


                                Good luck on your exam, NevrGivUp!  I am sure you will do great!


                                Quiet in Florida, flarunner?  With all those retired people living down there?  Say it ain't so! Joking  Congrats on your miles today.


                                Congrats on the 5, Robert.  Get some Peppermint lotion from Walmart, Target, etc.  Really feels 'rejuvenating' on the ole legs.


                                Dan, why are you resting so much?  Did you get injured?


                                Congrats on your recovery miles, Bruce, good luck with the second set.  Hop on a plane for a winter escape, come down to San Antonio - sunny and 68 degrees today - we'll go sit alongside the river at the Riverwalk and have some beers.


                                Luke, sorry to hear you are still sick.  Jack Daniels cures everything. Joking


                                Nice running for you, April!


                                Nice work out, Basya!  "Forced" socializing?


                                Sarah, the Cowtown is in Fort Worth, as I recall, correct?  You do realize there are some hills along that course, right? If I remember correctly, anyway.  So be prepared for them.   I am sure you will do just fine.


                                Good luck with your last PT sessions, Phil!  What do you mean "starting' to get nuts?  Don't look now, bud, but you've always been a little nuts!  Wink  Anyway, hope you can get out of the house for a while...stir-crazy is quite different from being nuts.  Stir-crazy is no fun at all.


                                Good luck with the 5-miler, Dan!  Yeah, my mom did what you did too.  We lived in Falls Church, she worked in DC, at the Washington Post.  I graduated from Marshall High School.


                                Congrats on your 5, Dan!


                                Do you recall my wife's niece, who went into the hospital a few weeks ago and was in ICU, etc?  Well, turned out the reason she had all this going on was that she was using cocaine and she overdosed and no one found her for several hours and her body started shutting down, etc.  She did get stabilized, then got back to normal, and finally was well enough to be released from the hospital, with a referral to a drug rehab program. This morning, Gail got a call that her niece had died from an additional complication that she waited too long to get checked, she got peritonitis but did not go in right away.  By the time she did, it was too late.  Gail was pretty close to her, I hardly knew her at all.  She was only in her late 20s;  a very sad way for a young life to end.

                                "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt