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    I got a nice circuit of strength training in this morning.  What about you?

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      Happy Friday and wake up already OMG!  8 good miles on hilly roads for me yesterday.  8:45 pace.  It was nice to get off the treadmill and run outside again.  28 degrees and sunny.  Aaaaaand today the crappy weather has returned.


      Looks like I'll be WORKING tomorrow.  BOOOO!  It's going to rain like hell anyway.  Hopefully MBC and I can squeeze in a day of skiing Sunday.


      Go football!


        Mornin' LRB and Phil!  And everyone else!


        Had an outstanding 8.2 miler this morning in my new Virratas, love these shoes!  They feel like my A5 race flats, just with more cushioning, they're super light.  I need to do some long runs in them, but I think they'll be my marathon shoe.


        Hope everyone has a great day!



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          Morning guys!


          11 after work, hoping to make some of them GMP miles. I may have to use the stick before, though. My legs are sore.


          Last day before the weekend, woohoo! (sorry about tomorrow, baboon...)


          Have a great day!

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            Howdy howdy.


            I'm dressed to run. Waiting on my car. they are seeing why the check engine light is on. I know what it is but they have to confirm. It is the evap which is covered under federal mandate since it is emission related and I'm still in the window where it is covered. If they can fix today I can run in the park while I wait. If not I'll go home send run there. I have an appt at the dealership Monday as a back up if our regular place can't fix it.



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              Right now it is 64 degrees in San Antonio at 7 a.m.   We are heading into the middle 70s for a high today.   Yesterday after work I went down to the San Antonio for an easy 3 miles.   Well, that's what I had planned when I started.  It turned into 4.7 miles because it was so nice outside I didn't want to stop.   64 degrees, sunshine, light wind. I wore shorts and a singlet.  Interesting run too, as the River is in the process of being cleaned, so some parts of it are drained and it was funny seeing big trucks and work equipment driving around in the river bottom.   Today is a rest day for me and tomorrow I have a 5K, my 4th race of the year.


              I slept in this morning until 6 a.m., LRB, it was nice.  I am so not a morning person!


              Well, glad you got to go outside for at least one day, Baboon!   Enjoy the skiing, if you get to go.


              Hi again, Dave!


              Will the 11 be inside miles our outside miles, lily?  Is your weather still crazy up there?  Good luck!


              Sorry about your car, Marjorie, hope they can fix it today.   Good luck with your run today.

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                HI all!


                Baysa, outstanding run yesterday!

                1,200 yards in the pool this morning. Had planned 7 miles after work, will see how I feel than.

                Many coworkers are sick and I had an odd tickle in my throat/chest last night just before bed that

                was still there this morning. Feels weird and chest feels a little heavy and breathing is tight.

                Hope I am not getting sick. No time for that. But in reviewing the last week it's been 10 days since

                I took a total rest day from all sports. 

                Probably ready for a rest day tomorrow.

                Have a good one!

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                  Didn't check in yesterday...had left my phone at home and I share a computer with 5 coworkers. Did 40 minutes on the recumbent bike yesterday. Needed to change it up from the spin/upright bikes cuz my butt was really getting sore . Going to yoga after work today for the first time since i hurt my foot. Im excited Smile My phone won't let me delete this clown face that I put in my accident. I don't know why so here....I'm a clown

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                    Morning!  In court all morning, followed by more work at the office.  I have the ever movable 7 recovery miles.

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                      Good morning everyone, I hope most are happy that the arctic storm is dissipating and if you are still dealing with negative temps - sorry Smile

                      Rocky and I got 6.3 miles in this morning, it was slow and a little sore but not bad - of course there was also dodging the temperamental drivers headed to work  I swear they are just jealous that I am out running and being awesome while they have to go to work 

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                        lrb - great circuit training

                        baboon - hope you do get to ski

                        D2 - cool about the virratas

                        lily - good luck on the gmp miles

                        marjorie - hope you get the car stuff resolved

                        scotty - how dare you sleep in til 6am

                        justb - no sickness allowed

                        kristin - delete that clown

                        D - have a good 7 later

                        free - nice 6.3


                        did 7 this AM. another soccer game this afternoon with older son...more football tomorrow...time for coffee now...have a great day all!

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                        Go figure

                          Hey runners.  No morning run for me today...I'd actually be inclined not to run at all, but I want to get a few recovery miles in before tomorrow's 5 mile race so that I don't have any lingering soreness, so I'll probably run 6ish later.  I ended up getting a second run last night with 8x45 second hill sprints with a friend.  The rest of the run was at her easy pace, but the hills sprints were at mine and a good workout.  Then we went to our yoga class too, so it was a busy day.


                          LRB...preparing to look good in a singlet? lol


                          Baboon...Sorry about the decent weather least you got out there for one good run.  We're supposed to get rain too...not good ski weather for sure.


                          D2the2nd...glad you had a nice run and enjoy the Virrata.  I'm always amazed by how two people can have such different experiences in a pair of shoes (as in I feel like one of the forefoot lugs is trying to stab me).  Regardless, feeling like you've nailed down your marathon shoe is definitely a nice piece of mind to have.


                          Lily...11 and gmp sounds like a tough one...enjoy.  I always feel like I should run more MP miles, but since I've been following Hudson I've kind of adhered to his philosophy, which is that doing too much training at race pace before the sharpening period (last 4 weeks) is a recipe for peaking too early.  I'm sure that within a different system those kind of runs have a totally different effect.


                          Marjorie...Hey there!  Good luck dealing with the vehicle stuff and getting your runs in too.


                          Scotty...I love those runs where it's so nice you don't want to stop!  Have fun with that race!


                          Beth...Hope you're not getting sick can be a real training interrupter lol.  Nice job on the swim, and hope you're feeling up to the miles.


                          Kristin...Glad you're starting to get back to some activities and feeling better.


                          Docket...Recover well


                          Freesoul...Nice job on the 6.3 with Rocky.  Some drivers are definitely intent on trying to hit us, I have no doubt.


                          Ric...Glad you squeezed your 7 in with that busy schedule.  About those heel spurs from yesterday...I definitely think the green is more visible than the red, but at least in our area, they're harder to find in the green.

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                            Morning all.  SRD for me.  It's a good thing as my foot is slightly sore this morning after yesterday's tempo.  Not as bad as I feared, but not perfect either.   Off to clean the chicken coop and collect some more eggs.  A couple of chickens are starting to want to sit on the eggs for longer periods of time and may be going broody.  Our new rooster, Little Duke, needs to step up his game pronto.  Only a couple of chickens are willing to accept his "affections" for now, but he needs to woo the rest over.  Can't have the girls sitting on blanks.

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                              Drivers are freaking insane when you're out running, and some seriously hate us runners (and even cyclists) because I guess we are so free and strong while they're stuck behind the wheel headed to work. I miss the trails even more, but sadly the trails in my area are muddy swamps right now - not bad in summer but during weather with temps 40 below I don't want to get my shoes, socks and feet wet.

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                              5k - 24:40 (7:57 min/mile pace) 

                              10k - 54:39 (8:48 min/mile pace)

                              15k -1:24:04 (9:01 min/mile pace)

                              13.1 - 1:56:38 (8:54 min/mile pace) Sub 2 hours!!!



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                                Ric it won't let me delete the clown! I will click to the right of it and press delete and it deletes the text before the clown but not the clown lol. It is stuck there.

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