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Heartwarming story to lift your spirits (Read 120 times)


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    Just saw this on facebook. In the face of all the terrible things happening in the world and the terrible tragedy yesterday, there are some genuinely good people in this world. I friggin LOVE RUNNERS!! Because I know so many runners who would do just this.


    Shared by someone named Laura Wellington (


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    As some of you know, I was 1/2 mile from the finish line when the explosion went off. I had no idea what was going on until I finally stopped and asked someone. Knowing that my family was at the finish line waiting for me, I started panicking, trying to call them. Diverted away from the finish line, I started walking down Mass Ave towards Symphony Hall still not knowing where my family was. Right before the intersection of Huntington, I was able to get in touch with Bryan and found out he was with my family and they were safe. I was just so happy to hear his voice that I sat down and started crying. Just couldn't hold it back. At that moment, a couple walking by stopped. The woman took the space tent off her husband, who had finished the marathon, and wrapped it around me. She asked me if I was okay, if I knew where my family was. I reassured her I knew where they were and I would be ok. The man then asked me if I finished to which I nodded "no." He then proceeded to take the medal off from around his neck and placed it around mine. He told me "you are a finisher in my eyes." I was barely able to choke out a "thank you" between my tears.

    Odds are I will never see this couple again, but I'm reaching out with the slim chance that I will be able to express to them just what this gesture meant to me. I was so in need of a familiar face at that point in time. This couple reassured me that even though such a terrible thing had happened, everything was going to be ok.

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      I love how tragedies like this bring people together. It really says a lot about people.   I saw this on Facebook today and shared it.  Thank you for sharing it here.


        This actually did raise my spirits. Thank you for sharing Laura's story, Kristin. We need people like you, Laura, and that nameless saint. Bless you all.

          Very cool story.

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              Very nice post


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                I'm a man and I don't cry.  That's all I'm saying.

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                  Great story.  This is emotionally exhausting...



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                    Very cool.  Thanks for sharing, Kristin.

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                      I saw this, too. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

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                        Was tearing up reading this.  Great story.


                          This is absolutely wonderful.  I just checked her facebook page with the link^^ and it looks like she has maybe found the person that gave her the medal!

                            Here's a link to the story from the guy's point of view. Very cool story indeed.

                            MTA: The audio is right underneath the little blurb.

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                              I love this.


                                Thank you for sharing!