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My dog has a torn ACL (update: RIP, puppy) (Read 247 times)


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    Hugs Phil. It is always a sad day when a dog goes to heaven. Sorry for your loss.

      Phil - I'm sorry for the loss of your puppy.  Cancer sucks.


        I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your gorgeous dog.  I will be hugging my grey extra close tonight.


          I'm so sorry to hear about your doggie.

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            So sorry for your loss.  You are good people and did the right thing by making the decision to let her go peacefully and not allowing her to suffer any more than necessary.


            We lost our Allie 2 years ago this June and we still miss her every single day.  We got a new puppy about 4 months after she passed away and to this day we still sometimes accidentally call her "Allie".  It's so much harder than some people can understand.





              Sorry for your loss, guys.

                (((((((Phil, MtBikerChk, and Bloo)))))))


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                  Sorry for your loss. We have three and they are our kids. Our oldest is 11 years old and he's showing many signs of it. We just exercise with him and keep him as active as possible.

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