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    Today was my first run after taking time off. We moved back stateside from Germany. I was doing really well and running 5-6 days a week about 5 miles a run but then life happened and I didn't have time and lost my motivation. Today I start again though. I jogged 2.5 miles this morning with a very slow pace, but I didn't walk at all which is good. I don't know why I stop running, because every time I get out and do it I feel better afterwards. Its just getting out the door the first couple times that is my main problem.


    Anyway, reading the posts on RW kept me motivated last time so I'm hoping to do that again. I'd love to train for a race but I really need to get my speed and endurance back first.

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      Nice job getting out and getting a run in.  Well done!  Keep it up!


        Good job getting back out there!  That first run back after a break is hard!  Just keep reminding yourself that it will get easier each time. 




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          Keep up the great work and you'll be ready for a race in no time!!  Congrats on getting back out there!  It's going to get easier.  Really.   :-)

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            Welcome back!!  I find signing up for races motivates me to keep going, maybe sign up for a 5K a few months out?

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              welcome back, good job getting out there and starting again.